No offer yet, but Browns center Alex Mack visited Jaguars


The Browns bought themselves the chance to match any deal for center Alex Mack when they used the transition tag on him.

Now, they might have to see how much they value him.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mack visited the Jaguars last night.

He hasn’t signed an offer sheet yet, but it’s an obvious display of interest.

The Browns would have the opportunity to match any deal for Mack, though they’d get no compensation if they didn’t.

The Jaguars have had an aggressive offseason so far, but this would be their boldest move yet.

43 responses to “No offer yet, but Browns center Alex Mack visited Jaguars

  1. Wasn’t this guy considered one of the top 2 or 3 centers in the league only a couple years ago? The Jags need as much help as they can get, at virtually every position, so if getting him helps turn them around, more power to them.

  2. merely a ploy by his agent. he went there because they are only team who needs a center who have ample room under the cap. why would any one want to play for that perennial loser that has no talent on its roster. at least Cleveland has some talent Thomas Haden, Gordon, and Cameron, all pro bowlers with lots of good years ahead of them

  3. i’m still confused why the giants didn’t at least bring this guy in for an interview. they signed every free agent on the market that was #2 or below on their former team’s depth chart, but wouldn’t bring a top free agent at a position they are in dire need of in for a visit. curious at the least.

  4. This move makes sense, but it all seems so pointless with Jim Caldwell poised to dominate the NFL from Detroit.

  5. It’s a multi-million dollar game of chicken. Make the offer too low and you won’t get him. Make to the offer too high and you kill your own salary cap. Honestly, I’m thinking now that the Browns are hoping someone signs him to an offer sheet. They know it will eliminate the hassle of negotiating with him. Might be the very reason why they used the transition tag and not the franchise tag.

  6. “sdakota says: Apr 5, 2014 5:17 PM

    merely a ploy by his agent. why would any one want to play for that perennial loser that has no talent on its roster. at least Cleveland has some talent Thomas Haden, Gordon, and Cameron, all pro bowlers with lots of good years ahead of them”

    All that “Pro Bowl talent” helped the Browns win a total of 4 games last year, the exact same number as the “talentless” Jaguars.

    Both teams are perennial losers until they prove otherwise.

  7. Cleveland can achieve offensive line mediocrity WITH or WITHOUT Alex Mack.

    They proved that this past season.

  8. Come join the JETS, we’ll play you at guard until the best centre in the league in Mangold retires to the HOF.

    I’m a jet fan but dude please stop with the commenting. There is no doubt Mangold is one of the best in the league at what he does and may end up a hall of fame player or fringe at the least but you are embarrassing me and other jet fans with these brash comments you are just setting us up to be laughed at if we fall flat on our faces. Sorry Jag fans this guy is a moron and Alex Mack would be a great addition to the Jaguars along side Joeckel.

  9. Jacksonville>Cleveland
    team on rise>team in neutral
    non criminal owner>indicted owner
    no state income tax>state income tax
    sunny skies and Atlantic Ocean>whatever Cleveland has

  10. No one is going to match that $10m tag. He may as well sign a long term contract with the Browns.

  11. Regardless if he signs or not, Gus has the Jags headed in the right direction. They are going to be a sleeper team. They might not make the playoffs this year but they will upset a few teams along the way.

  12. Feel bad for Mack, the Browns are going nowhere. Same for Joe Thomas, he should leave that team. Mack would perfect for NE, there’s no way we can afford him though.

  13. @bkostela

    The reason the Giants didn’t bring him in is because it would be a complete waste of time. The Browns had nearly double the cap space, so it would’ve been very difficult for them to sign Mack to an offer the Browns wouldn’t have matched. The Giants also had many holes to fill and wouldn’t have couldn’t afford to spend so much on 1 player.

    Mack is a great center and the Giants definitely could use him. However, I absolutely love what Jerry Reese did this off season. I may have made 1 or 2 different moves, but overall he filled most of our needs and didn’t give out any long term, ridiculous contracts.

    In Reese We Trust!

  14. Jags were better than browns last year. They beat them in cleveland….they had a much better free agency even before this. Joeckel back from injury, Beadles, and mack…..draft a beast RG next to pasthtor who emerged last year……quickly go from 1 of the worst olines to solid.

  15. Hello, CLEVELAND HERE… we have plenty of cap space and will match any offer.
    He is our man.
    He can go visit whomever, but at the end of the day… he knows what he knows and he has to know what is happening in Cleveland right now is really going to be exciting AND HE IS GOING TO GET PAID.
    He’s a stud.
    Stud’s just don’t walk away.
    He know’s all this.

  16. My Jags have $25 mil in cap space and another $20 mil to carry over – pro bowl OL and an area of need for the team. Funny to read the hater comments – most of you just don’t get it.

  17. No one wants to pay left tackle money to a center, which is what the transition tag pays him, that’s why this is only team to contact him. If Jacksonville wants to over pay for him more power to them. I want him to stay in Cleveland but not at left tackle money he’s not that good.

  18. Alex is good, but no FO in their right minds is going to pay him AT LEAST $2 to $3 million more than the next best paid center in the league. Don’t get me wrong, centers are important, but this like paying $57,000 for a Cooper Mini. I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Cleveland has one year to convince Mack they’re turning the ship around. It may be that he doesn’t want to zone block, or he’s mad he lost his coach, or he’s plain tired of the turmoil. One way or the other, the FO has to assure him – things are getting better. And there’s only one way to do that – WIN.

  19. So funny to hear other towns bashing Jacksonville. Wonder when the biggest scoreboards in the world and pools at our stadium next season make them even more jealous that we live at the beach, shovel sand instead of snow, and have chicks walking around in bikinis instead of parkas. Oh, and with not having to pay a state income tax, 10M/yr here is worth more than 10M there. (Opening the convertible top at 10pm while driving along the beach) I’ll take Jacksonville!!

  20. Please sign an offer sheet. Then the Browns can lock you up long term and they won’t have to deal with your idiot agent again.

  21. I like the Jags, but with how far they are from a Super Bowl I believe they need to look to the draft rather than a $10 million center.

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