Putting the Chris Johnson trade “discussions” in context


On Friday, a report emerged after the release of running back Chris Johnson that four teams had discussed a possible trade of Johnson with the Titans:  the Jets, Dolphins, Bills, and Falcons.

The report used the term “discussed” generally.  It contained no elaboration regarding the extent of the discussions or specification of the progress of the talks.

Per a source with knowledge of the “discussions” had between the Titans and one of the four teams identified, the talks with that team went like this:  (1) the Titans called the team to see if there was any interest; (2) the team said it would think about it; and (3) the team called back and said no thanks.

Technically, does that amount to trade discussions?  Probably.  But it hardly means the team was interested in making a deal.

At this point, it doesn’t matter; Johnson is a free agent.  But the notion that four teams “discussed” a trade creates the impression that those four teams are interested in Johnson now.  That impression may not be accurate.

It doesn’t matter if that impression stirs at least one additional team to make a move.  In the end, however, they may not be enough teams at the table to allow Johnson to get anything close to the contract he had in Tennessee.

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  1. In simpler terms, ladies and gents.

    Johnson is going to the Jets. They can’t win on the field so they should at least get some back page headlines.


  2. This is what happens to morons who think they are better than they are. The guy has played soft practically his entire NFL career and put in scant work in improving his game. He is done. The only person who doesn’t know it yet is Johnson himself.

  3. No surprise there…
    Just as with Jackson, there will be many breathless stories of teams trying to entice him to sign. Just as with Jackson, when the smoke clears, it will be apparent that whoever he signs with is the only team with any real interest.
    Nothing to see here, move along….

  4. grimreaper12 says:
    Apr 5, 2014 7:01 PM
    In simpler terms, ladies and gents.

    Johnson is going to the Jets. They can’t win on the field so they should at least get some back page headlines.



    Would you rather see the Patriots win, or the Jets lose? I think it’s the latter. Did you ever get lost in NY that left such a scar?

  5. The Jets are the only one of those four teams that I can see even getting that far into the discussions.

  6. @grimreaper12 says:
    In simpler terms, ladies and gents.

    Johnson is going to the Jets. They can’t win on the field so they should at least get some back page headlines.



    Bro no one cares you got revis, it’s not he’s gonna win y’all a super bowl or something the white we got revis thing is annoying
    Just wait we play them twice a year we’ll see how good your boy revis does

  7. Titans: Would you like to trade for Chris Johnson?

    Jets: No

    Titans: We’ll pay his salary for this season.

    Jets: Maybe, but only if you throw in two dozen footballs and five sacks of cheeseburgers.

    Titans: How about we pay his salary and give you two sacks of cheeseburgers and one dozen footballs?

    Jets: Sorry, that deal doesn’t work for us. Click.

  8. There couldn’t have been any serious trade talks. If the Jets offered a box of matches and a pack of Camels it would have been worth more than nothing which is what the Titans ended up with. Why would any team (other than Snyder or Jones) offer anything to the Titans and have to pick up CJ2K’s contract when they knew for certain he would be cut and free and clear of any previous contract. If GM’s were that dumb, I could be one. I wonder if the Washington Racial Slurs or Cowboys are hiring.

  9. There is a simple reason you trade for a guy even though you know he will become a free agent and you can get him for nothing. That being there is no certainty he will sign with you after he becomes a free agent. He could could opt to sign elsewhere.

    So a GM would not be stupid to trade for a guy about to be released. They would be stupid to trade for a guy whose salary is way too high.

  10. “Can’t respect a man with a “grill.””

    Nor can I respect a man who doesn’t understand quotation marks.

  11. The Titans definitely stuck it to him on his way out. He probably would have been at least able to get Gerhart or Tate money, now he will be luck to get MJD money. Most of the teams that needed a running back made at least some attempt to address that need moved on and spent their money at other posittions, figuring they would have to get one in the draft. Hes 28, he has a max of 4 decent to good years left. I would expect to sign with someone for around $1 million a year.

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