Steelers raise ticket costs, introduce variable pricing

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Ticket prices in Pittsburgh are going up overall, but down for preseason games.

The Steelers are the latest team to join the growing trend of variable pricing on tickets, which means the best games will cost the most money. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Steelers season ticket holders are seeing their overall prices rise by about 2.5 percent to 4.5 percent over last year, depending on where in the stadium they sit. (The U.S. inflation rate for the past year is 1.1 percent.)

But the prices will no longer be the same for every game. Prices for preseason games are going way down, with reductions of 20 percent or more, while prices for regular season games will go up. Steelers president Art Rooney II said the team recognizes that fans didn’t like paying full price for preseason games.

“We understand the fans’ perception of the value of the preseason games, and we think it’s something we want to take a look at and try to be creative about it,” Rooney told season ticket holders in January.

The exact prices for each game aren’t known, but it will probably cost more to see the Steelers play marquee opponents like the Ravens and Saints, and less to see the Steelers’ home games against the Texans and Buccaneers. Individual game tickets will go on sale after the schedule is announced.

44 responses to “Steelers raise ticket costs, introduce variable pricing

  1. Considering an overwhelming amount of revenue comes from TV deals and advertising, why can’t the NFL listen to fans in this one situation? Lower ticket prices across the board, otherwise season ticket holders are paying the exact same price as before if not more. All this does is allocate the same amount but spread it out differently.

  2. I am having trouble understanding this. There is a waiting list for season tickets. Besides a few individual game tickets that they sell each year, you must buy season tickets to go to the games (unless you buy them second hand). So, no matter what you are paying the full season ticket price for all games. What is the difference if they mark the preseason tickets cheaper or in season games more expensive. You are still paying a bulk rate for the whole season. I guess it’s just to make people feel better about paying for exhibition games.

  3. Lol. . The Steelers are saying that they know they can’t raise prices to watch the bad product they have been putting on the field.
    Let’s charge fans more to see other good teams to come to Pittsburgh and beat down the hapless Steelers. Lol

  4. Doesn’t matter. NFL ticket prices don’t matter, because the in-home experience is better. I bought a 60″ TV for about what I’d spend for two people to go to one decent Bears game (when you add in parking and concessions).

  5. The Steelers have to gouge the fans while they still can. The arrow is pointing down and with Bottom Third Ben and Honest Mike “Twelfth Man” Tomlin “leading” the team there are no playoffs in the foreseeable future.

    Once Hall of Fame defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau retires the Steelers won’t be able to give tickets away.

  6. The picture says it all…….I wonder how hard bungle fans are going to cry if they ever win a playoff game. The steelers are who teams strive to be. To bad no team in the afcn comes close to their success.

  7. Tomlin got praise when he took Cowhers team to the super bowl, he should also get critisizm for driving that team straight into the ground. No clue how he’s still employed as HC.

  8. Stiller fans who shout on here 6 rings, classy and all the other crap will say this is genius while they wait for mom to make them another hot pocket….”

  9. I have had season tickets with the Texans for 4 years now. The ticket prices went up in years 2 and 3 (roughly $10 total per game) when they were winning but stayed the same this year coming up due to a 2-14 season.
    It is more cost effective for me to buy the tickets for the season opposed to buying individual game tickets.
    It is not only the NFL that jacks up prices for games the fans do it as well. Go to NFL Ticket Exchange or Stub Hub and look at how much the fans resale their tickets for.
    If these teams wanted to have their stadiums filled they would cap the resale prices at the face value of that game ticket.
    The Houston Rodeo does a great job at preventing people from scalping their tickets for outrageous prices as it deters people from going to the event and the rodeo to lose money.

  10. Higher player costs have led to higher ticket prices. When players take more reasonable salaries, then ticket prices will come down b/c owners will have less overhead.

  11. I blame the players (and their union), THEY are the direct cause for the increase in the price of tickets and merchandise.

    It’s funny how the Steelers use pro-business models yet they helped vote into office an extremely anti-business communist President.

  12. Who cares about variable ticket prices when you are a season ticket holder! The cost still went up..that’s called political mathematics…. I went from. 4 seats to 2 here in AZ and will drop after this year… 70″ screen, concession prices, drive home and overall value is no longer there… Thank you NFL you just killed another in-house seat

  13. Joj. 2 8-8.. Get your facts straight hater… Name a team in last 10 years with 3 trips to Super Bowl and 2 titles. Thanks for playing

  14. Some of the posts I read here are funny yet make me proud to be a Steeler fan.
    For any Bengal fan to attempt to slam any team, yet alone the Steelers, is absolutely pathetic. Second, we have a couple of mediocre seasons and the rest of the league’s fans think the Steelers are done. To make the point, a Steeler’s 8-8 record is basically equivalent to your team going 5-11 (or 2-14 for Bengal fan). Right?

  15. The ticket prices are high for a very simple reason that every seems to overlook…they are still filling stadiums. As long as fans continue to buy them, the price will go up. However, the NFL out priced me years ago. I refuse to go to games anymore. If enough others do the same, the stadiums won’t fill and the price will come down.

  16. The Steelers have sold out every home game for years. They were not the first to use variable game pricing. This is the first price increaxe in 2 years. 3.5% over 2 years is not huge. I have been on the season ticket waiting list for over 10 years. If any season ticket holder wants to get rid of their tickets I would be a buyer. Watching at home is great and of course cheaper, but you cannot beat being at the game. I see NO NFL QB rating that puts Ben in tne bottom third. Please be real.

  17. Reason they can raise it is same reason u can resell ur tickets for higher price because its ur right

    Just watch games on TV u have better view n u saving on parking fee

  18. The Pirates did this for this season. Tickets to see say the Red Sox come to PNC Park cost more per game than the Cubs. This however does nothing for the season ticket holder to get a break on the preseason games like everyone is complaining about. Nothing like screwing your fan base. I’m sure other teams will follow this model in the future.

  19. You should try being a Cub fan !

    The organization fields a Tripe A ball club and sell tickets at a higher rate for what thy call “Premium game tickets”….how pathetic !

  20. Yea… beware Steelers fan. They have a HUGE rip off here in Cleveland with the Indians where they will NOT sell you anything but the most expensive seats if you walk up to the ticket window on game day and can buy a seat.
    The Indians game today with 3/4ths of the stadium empty, the CHEAPEST seat they would sell us was $38.
    $38 to see an Indians game?
    It’s a total rip off.
    Make sure you have tickets before you go to the game or they will FORCE you to pay.
    Trust me.
    Today’s game in freezing cold weather was no where near $38 a ticket.
    Not with 3/4 of the stadium empty.
    I was shocked.

  21. which means the best games will cost the most
    SO when they are out of the hunt half way through the season again, how much will the rest of the games cost?

  22. I’ve been to 4 Steeler super bowl games and been a season ticket holder for years. There’s nothing like being at the game for the experience to see “Steeler Nation” dominate the stadium on the field and in the stands whether home or away. For any of the thousands of fans on the waiting list that want to go to all the regular season home games this year I will be making my 3 seats available for full season cost. Let me know if you are interested. But not because its not worth the experience.

  23. Tool .. How can they get away with that ??? What if a young guy brings his kid and was planning on cheaper seats ??? So wrong… I swear these teams are run by people out of touch with reality. For an early season April game seats should be discounted big time

  24. Ravens just poured tens of millions into the stadium and didn’t raise prices despite a rediculous streak of sell outs, some of the highest appreciating PSL’s in the game, and a Superbowl.

    Steelers dont always sell out, stadium is falling apart, and they’ve got 6 Superbowls. Ticket prices increase.

    Enjoy Steeler nation. What a joke.

  25. One home game and one road game per year. That is all you need for in stadium experience. The rest of the games enjoy with friends and family in the comforts of home.

  26. God-del has changed the way the NFL does business and it is time for fans to step up and stop attending games at the overblown prices that the fans he cares about have to pay above and beyond the price on a ticket. He pushes stub hub yet allows the tickets to be priced at whatever. I see each day that a certain owner of the Dallas basketball is smarter than football fans thought.

  27. Andy Dalton is the new Mark Sanchez who is the new Ryan Leaf who is the new Bubby Brister who is the new…..

    You get it – he will be out of a job before the season is over.

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