After Friday’s developments, DeSean disconnect grows

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When it comes to DeSean Jackson’s departure from the Eagles, few clear details have emerged.  On the day his release came, in the immediate wake of a report suggesting gang ties via carefully-selected words that bore the oily fingerprints of a lawyer specializing in the defense of defamation lawsuits, the Eagles provided no details.

Overall, the Eagles have said nothing specific about the reasons for the decision.  Not even, “All he does is catch touchdowns.”

A week after the release happened, some details emerged.  But not from the Eagles.  At least not officially.

An item posted on the local CBS website quotes unnamed sources who talked about the things that allegedly happened behind closed doors.  Most of the new information was fairly obvious stuff, given the widespread understanding that coach Chip Kelly cut Jackson because Jackson wasn’t willing to buy in completely to Kelly’s approach.

“You see little kids and how they cry and whine when they don’t get their way, that was D-Jax,” one unnamed source told CBS Philly.  “I don’t think [Jackson] gave [Kelly] the respect he deserved.  Kelly tried to reach [Jackson] plenty of times and [Jackson] tuned him out.”

That same day came Jackson’s interview with Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, who showed appropriate gratitude for the exclusive! by serving up an arsenal of slo-pitch softballs.  Which meant that the promise from Jackson’s camp that the interview would “clear everything up” wasn’t fulfilled.

There was no probing of the things Jackson may have said or done that may have caused Chip Kelly or anyone else with the team to choose to move on.  No mildly incredulous recognition that something had to have happened in the two years after the team signed him to a deal that already had paid out $18 million.  No sense that Jackson may be in any way to blame for the Eagles’ decision to part ways with a guy who had a a career year in 2013.

Only two issues came up about DeSean’s own behavior.  First, he denied flashing a gang sign at Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall during a 2013 regular-season game.  Second, DeSean admitted that he has been late to meetings, and that he has missed “probably” only one meeting during his six-year career.  (Then again, that’s old news.)

While the whole truth regarding the decision to cut Jackson may never be known, it’s clear that the head coach — who has final say over the roster — determined after a year with Jackson that he didn’t merit $10.5 million for 2014, and that the Eagles would be better off by spending that money elsewhere.  It’s also clear that the head coach hopes to not inflame a delicate situation by offering a quote or a quip that could make Jackson even more determined to prove Kelly wrong in 2014.  If, as Kelly sure believes, Jackson doesn’t get it, it’s far better for the Eagles that he continues to not get it, since they’ll now play him twice per year.

Moving forward, the question becomes whether there’s anyone in Washington with the ability to make Jackson get it.  By giving him $16 million fully guaranteed on signing, the Redskins already have told Jackson, in a roundabout way, that he already gets it.

Which means that, sooner or later, the Redskins likely will be getting some of what Kelly got.

63 responses to “After Friday’s developments, DeSean disconnect grows

  1. It was an unpopular move to the common Philly fan but you won’t be able to win a Super Bowl with this dude on the squad. He won’t sell out for his team, he’s selfish and he’s someone else’s problem now.

  2. Just Chip Kelly trying to make a mark in the NFL. Showing he knows best. Only time will tell, because that offense took a HUGE hit letting him go.

  3. Anyone who thinks that Jackson’s behavior is going to change, can look at his first statement as a Redskin regarding his desire to wear his former number 10. Does he really think that the face of the franchise, RGIII, should even be asked to give up his number much less expect him to. And the saga continues.

  4. Stephen A Smith did himself & ESPN a disservice conducting an interview that would have been soft, even on the “The View”.

  5. If I were Washington, I would be more concerned about the story that came out on than Jackson’s alleged gang affiliations.

    If the stories about him being a bad teammate are true, what are the odds that he will be able to admit that he, not Chip Kelly, was the problem in Philly?

  6. Starting to think Jackson really was a “cancer” in the locker room more and more now…

  7. Well of course the Redskins will be able “to make Jackson get it”. Why would someone think otherwise? After all, they had so much success helping Albert Haynesworth “get it”.

  8. Kelly is building a Super Bowl contender. He isn’t a babysitter.
    He gave Jackson a full season to prove his value outweighed his cost and Jackson failed to prove that.

  9. I have worked in 5 large organizations over the years. There are always the total jerks that are disruptive, often in subtle ways, but with significant impact. Fortunately for me, the companies always figure this out and give them the ax.

  10. If DeSean can’t get them over the hump and on their way to 4-12 I don’t know who can.

  11. sml1950 says: Apr 6, 2014 8:31 AM

    Anyone who thinks that Jackson’s behavior is going to change, can look at his first statement as a Redskin regarding his desire to wear his former number 10. Does he really think that the face of the franchise, RGIII, should even be asked to give up his number much less expect him to. And the saga continues.

    That was said in a joking manner in an interview..He was not serious at all…Dang the dude cant even make a joke without the world on his case ..geez

  12. ziplock10 says:
    Apr 6, 2014 12:38 PM
    How many games did Chip bench DeSean??

    Great point…

  13. More unnamed sources. If you’re not man enough to talk, you don’t belong to be paid attention to

  14. We can only speculate as to the reasons Philly didn’t feel compelled to keep their #1 receiver. However, I have failed to read one single report made by any ex-teammate or coach with regard to Jacksons positive value as a member of the Eagles. The lack of positive comments/well wishes from the Philly camp says a lot about Jacksons impact as a teammate. Regardless of his productive play, his overall value did not outweigh the maintenance required to deal with him. Jackson is an adult professional, even though he seems more comfortable behaving like a troubled teenager. Good luck with that one Washington.

  15. Has anyone stopped to think the reasons why his former teammates would not step up for his behalf or side with the franchise?

    The team just cut it’s most offensive dangerous weapon who had a career year.

    Of course players in Philly are not gonna defend him…They are still employed with the franchise! DUH! If they are willing to cut Jackson, players sure as hail are not going to speak against the hand that feeds them.

  16. Why are the Redskins blamed for signing him? Did people expect no one to sign him? If Eagles’ fans thought that, then they’re the stupid ones. Skins can cut him after 1 yr if it doesnt work out. Simple. No big deal. It’s football.

  17. it never ceases to amaze me how these ‘ pro’ athletes have a good year and instantly are the saviours of the century. What about the quitting and the hold outs and the general distractions this guy has caused? As far as teammates not speaking out, it is not because they fear getting cut, anyone who believes that hasn’t been watching the news much. the NFLPA would scream bloody murder if that happened.

  18. Not one single teammate has spoke up about Jackson’s departure. Not one. Maybe their scared to rock the boat, but I doubt it. Also, why has not one single teammate wished him well? That’s not rocking the boat. I’m guessing nobody is sad he’s gone, and that speaks volumes!

  19. What if Kelly’s system doesn’t work? Everyone is just assuming its going to help make the Eagles better this season or next but what if it doesn’t? The Redskins will be the winners on Sundays this Fall.

  20. Cut a 2013 ProBowler?? Eagles will be pitiful next and after facing the Redskin’s 2 times next season REGRET cutting Jackson.

  21. all you philly fans loved him when he was the only one scoring TD’s, now that he is staying in NFC east and he is gonna run over your sorry secondary twice a year so you have to bad mouth him, when you don’t even know the truth! Get a life fools!

  22. Any BLACK player that SPEAKS his mind is considered a troublemaker, and is DISCREDITED in one way or another, labelled DAMAGED goods! Another PLAYER on the TEAM who used RACIAL epithets who had an inferior season is REWARDED!! The Eagles didn’t deserve Jackson’s talent, and definitely didn’t respect the SEASON he had in 2013!!

  23. @rjack58:
    Not a Riley Cooper fan or apologist, but he apologized profusely, showed contrition, showed remorse, and had counseling. All Jackson showed was defiance.

  24. The fact that Jackson doesn’t understand that he could have done anything to cause the separation is proof that Kelly did the right thing – Jackson just doesn’t understand the consequences of his punk behavior. Yup, you’re the athlete, but your coach is the boss…give him and your team the respect your employer deserves. If you don’t you get cut. Major respect for Kelly and the Eagles organization to have the satchels to drop him. This guy doesn’t understand how to be a part of a team, and will never be part of something great (unless it’s done in SPITE of him). Good luck Redskins, you’re gonna need it.

  25. Jackson is just a mini (size wise) Terrell Owens. As a Cowboys fan I believe the Eagles are heading to a Super Bowl in the next few seasons, and they won’t need Jackson to make it. When my team misses the playoffs I have always pulled for an NFC East team to make it to the big dance. The Cowboys won’t be heading in that direction until long after Jerry Jones dies, so I’ll be pulling for one of the other three NFC East teams for many years. Jackson won’t help the Skins land a date in the SB.

  26. Take from this what you will:

    Current Eagles player:
    “It pisses me off that [Kelly] comes off looking like the bad guy here,” the player told Santoliquito. “It wasn’t just [Kelly] that wanted him gone. [Kelly] got a lot of feedback from guys that felt we were better off without [Jackson], too. [Kelly] is very much a player’s coach. His office is open to anyone. Now [Jackson] is the Redskins’ problem. We have something good going here and it’s going to get better without [Jackson]. He had to go.”

  27. I’m not a 20 something or 30 something black man who doesn’t know any better. I’m civil rights era senior citizen black man who’s worked in corporate America and has seen all of the dirty tricks perpetrated against blacks. Kelly could’ve BENCHED Jackson if he was that devicive. I know for a fact that WHEN a black person speaks up and asks questions the MASTER doesn’t like it and will consider that black guy a troublemaker that has to go just to set an example for the others who remain.

  28. Even Rev. king was considered a troublemaker and jailed stoned and obused for speaking up. Yes I’m talking about Martin Luther King who has a national holiday in his honor

  29. “Skins can cut him after 1 yr if it doesnt work out. Simple. No big deal. It’s football.”
    Try reading. The Redskins GUARANTEED his contract’s first two years. They can cut him, but they’ll still have to pay him.

  30. 5 years from now we will know if this was a bad move by Washington and Philly……I am betting that time will show that Philly made the mistake.

  31. Why is everybody going at Jackson? Why couldn’t it be that the Eagles just didn’t want to pay him 10 mill? Why does it have to be something wrong with Jackson and/or The Eagles or Chip Kelly? It’s a business….Chris Johnson just got let go by the Titans….not because he was a ‘problem’ but because they didn’t want to pay him his money. When CJ is the only reason anyone would go see the Titans. It doesn’t have to make sense to you or me….it made sense to the 1s who make the decisions. Deal with it…Move on. Really the messed up part about ALL of this Jackson news is that someone (could’ve been the Eagles) put out a report that Jackson had ‘gang ties’…whatever that means…when the guy (like many people do) just grew up with and around people who in gangs. SMH

  32. They are scared of what he going to do to them when they play the Redskins and im not even a Redskin fan. If he had went anywhere but the NFC East they would be wishing him well. But its like having a tornado warning but not knowing when its going to hit. If Cooper had not had the year that he had they would have never got rid of him problem or not. So all you Philly fans stop bad mouthing him because you weren’t for six years. Chip Kelly comes in and in 1 year he’s the worst player ever.

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