Irsay’s situation gets more complicated


For Colts owner Jim Irsay, an arrest last month on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and felony possession of a controlled substance (four counts) may have been the tipping point in a series of problems that, at a minimum, justifies careful examination by the league office.

According to Tim Evans and Mark Alesia of the Indianapolis Star, the arrest came less than three weeks after a woman was found dead of an apparent drug overdose in a townhouse Irsay previously had given to her.

Police and the coroner are reportedly waiting for toxicology results before determining the cause of Kimberly Wundrum’s death.  Per the Star, a police report determines that a plate with “white powder, straw, razor” were found in the townhouse, along with photographs of Irsay.

The Star report also raises the question of whether Irsay purchased the townhouse given to Wundrum with money flowing from Irsay’s ownership of the Colts.  Because he’s the sole owner of the team, the decision to divert funds for personal use won’t be a problem — unless, of course, charges incurred for personal endeavors were reflected as business expenses.

Irsay reportedly had $29,000 in his possession when arrested, with the cash in a briefcase, his wallet, and laundry bags.  That dynamic has not yet been explained by Irsay or the Colts, and it hasn’t received the scrutiny from the media that perhaps it should.

Still, there seems to be little disagreement on the proposition that Irsay must face the same consequences that a player would face under similar circumstances.  When it comes to disciplining an owner, however, the financial penalty that best mirrors the standard punishment of two game checks for a first-offense DUI by a player could be a major fine that would take away two weeks of the money Irsay earns during the season based on his 100-percent ownership of the franchise.

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  1. Any updates on the NFL’s investigation into the illegal releasing of Josh Freeman’s private medical information?!?

  2. Well that’s really tampering with the strength of the economy if you start taking away the benefits of being able to create enough wealth to buy get of jail free cards or other special treatment and advantages. Where’s the incentive to be richer than everybody else going to come from? Something just doesn’t sound right with this complicated picture.

  3. I bet he’d like to pack everything into a moving truck and head to Baltimore under cover of darkness right about now.

  4. “…and it hasn’t received the scrutiny from the media that perhaps it should.”

    Really? Why are folks are busy concerning themselves with DeSean Jackson’s alleged gang ties & character issues rather paying attention to the Irsay situation?

  5. The potential problem with fining him 2 weeks worth of profit is the fans may suffer when he comes back and has control to increase prices to his consumers

  6. Maybe Irsay and Haslam can get a cell on the buddy system if evidence doesn’t disappear or get buried or bought off. Nah, billionaires don’t go to jail the way the rest of us do.

  7. A little more jaw and you have Ron Perlman’s double..

    But seriously from a leadership standpoint there should be zero tolerance policy for NFL owners being busted for substance abuse..

  8. Just read that story in the Indianapolis Star that’s linked to and all I can say about that is… Whoa! This whole mess with Irsay appears to have the potential to really stink up the NFL.

  9. Can the NFL force an owner to sell? They need to approve a new owner, so if that owner doesn’t meet certain standards of conduct, they should lose their right to own the team.

  10. He’s rich enough, he’s smart enough and darn’t people like him.

    Jim will send in his high priced legal team and receive a minor slap on the wrist from the judicial system. As far as the NFL and Roger G. its time to make an example out of him, that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated in the Billionaire’s Club.

  11. Peyton Manning leaves and the whole organization goes to pot, er uh, maybe some other illegal substances too.

    Look out Denver, may the same fate not fall on you when Peyton retires.

  12. I hope I’m not the only one who’s kinda missing Mr. Moneybags AKA Uncle Scrooge McDucks’ intoxicated tweets

  13. $29,000 in fun money for the night. Does anyone else think either there’s something wrong with the income difference in this country or should we all stop paying rich turds like this with Personal License Seats and $12.00 watered down beers?

    Not to mention guaranteed multi-million dollar contracts for NBA players that coast for the rest of their careers, absurd money for the Biebers and other no talent entertainers.

    That’s a years salary for half the population.

  14. It’s his team.. You cannot fine the owner/team for something that had nothing to do with the operations/ongoings of said team.

    Not a Colts fan by any means but the notion that owners who pay the contracts of their employees should be held to the same rules/regulations/set of standards as people beneath them is wrong.

  15. I can’t decide if I am more dismayed by rich people rigging the judicial system (see DuPont heir getting probation for molesting his own 3 year old) or by wanna be’s reveling in schadenfreude whenever one of them is arrested. We in Baltimore have no love for the Irsays but it’s been a long time. He should be dealt with fairly by both the judicial system and by the league. In light of his previously clean record, he should be given the same opportunities for redemption that anyone would get and the league should fine him a substantial sum to reflect their displeasure with his conduct. That’s it; until next time, if there is a next time.

  16. It’s not complicated. There’s the way is should be, and the way it is. The way it is, he won’t serve a minute of jail or community service, we won’t ever get details about the girl in the condo, and GODdell won’t discipline him. At least not of any real consequence.

    We all know the way it SHOULD be.

  17. If the league wants to punish Irsay all they have to do is take his phone away so he quits sending stupid tween type tweets

  18. Anyone who even ever remotely paid attention to this guys behavior knows there was something seriously wrong with him. I’m a Steeler fan and respect the heck out of the colts fan base but just seeing the stories on his tweeting habits made me embarrassed for ALL real Colt fans. My 14 year old daughter has more common sense with her twitter account. This problem isn’t something brand new I guarantee you that. You’re not a Rock Star so stop partying like one, and you’re not a teenage girl so stop tweeting like one. Idiot.

    Good luck Colts fans…

  19. To a billionaire like Jim Irsay, having $29K in cash on him is the equivalent of you and me having $7.39 in our pockets.
    Have to remember that everyone in the entire Colts organization was on his payroll and all told him every day what a great man he is and what great decisions he makes every day since he became owner. He was brought up getting and doing whatever he wanted. The only exception being sometimes when he played teams owned by other billionaires.
    We may be the fans who follow the teams but we have absolutely no idea of the lifestyle of these guys. Senior NFL owners like Mara and Rooney along with Goodell, have probably engaged people behind the scenes to sanitize the Irsay matter to protect the image of the shield. This is beginning to smell.

  20. It sounds like Irsay is trying to test the league to see how far an owner can go before he gets the boot.

  21. I agree, why hasn’t this story not received more attention. This situation isn’t even close to being resolved and there is still so many questions that haven’t been answered. This is such a compelling storyline from a variety of angles which makes it absurd why a week has been devoted to talking about the DeSean Jackson thing (while noteworthy), when this will have far more impact on the league, it’s image, the commissioner and how he handles it and the Colts organization.

  22. Irsay is a billionaire with the personality of a teenager with a drug habit and no parental guidance. I am glad I’m not a Colts fan

  23. “Per the Star, a police report determines that a plate with “white powder, straw, razor” were found in the townhouse, along with photographs of Irsay.”

    Thing’s that make you go Hmmmm……??

  24. There should be term limits on NFL team ownership. Except, of course, for the Packers, Stillers, and Jints.

  25. How does a person having a picture Irsay make him a party to her overdose death?

    Irsay should be treated the same as anyone by by the legal system. What the NFL does is their decision. I fully expect that most, if not all the owners do not condone Irsay’s behavior.

    However, I doubt that they want to subject themselves to random drug testing, and as the owners of the league, they don’t have to.

    If either Irsay or Haslam are convicted of felony offenses, I hope that the league has a mechanism in place to buy out their franchises.

  26. Wow, talk about a bombshell. This is ugly folks. Its about time owners of the most profitable sport in America are held to the same standard as their players. But he’s a BILLIONAIRE so he’ll get a slap on the wrist like every other wealthy person. Hell, if guys like Ted Kennedy, OJ & Ray Lewis can get away with it, who is to stop Irsay? Google “millionaires who committed murder”. You’ll get the phone book.

  27. Deshaun Jackson’s supposed gang ties get plastered all over the news… while Irsay’s CONFIRMED issue, barely a whisper…

  28. nothing to see here, however, d-jax may have gang afilliations and in case you have not heard Richie incognito bullied johnathon martin and made him cry to his mommy!!! Those are the things you should be looking at!!

  29. You have to love the foolish “take away their draft picks” people. Irsay deserves his punishment but Mike Tomlinson did something that actually affected a REAL GAME and Pittsburgh didn’t lose any picks. The Colts franchise as a whole can’t be held responsible for what Irsay did on his own free time.

  30. Leave the guy alone, he obviously has a drug problem like millions of americans do. Let him get the help he needs without the media breathing down his neck.

  31. Roger we need a lot more distractions from Jim Irsay’s little snafu. Any more players bullying or using the N word? Tim Tebow making a QB comeback, or is he on a mission? Vernon Davis – Dancing with the Stars? DeSean got any gang ties?
    Jerry Jones wants Johnny Football in Dallas?

  32. Yeah well he’s wealthy so we know how this is going to end.

  33. Oh yea..he was whining,about only 1 Super Bowl…he really cares more about the stuff in the Sugar Bowl..the list of dysfunctional owners sons grows….only 1 Super Bowl poor guy!

  34. ‘Irsay reportedly had $29,000 in his possession when arrested, with the cash in a briefcase, his wallet, and laundry bags. That dynamic has not yet been explained by Irsay or the Colts, and it hasn’t received the scrutiny from the media that perhaps it should.’

    What’s so sketchy about having money in laundry bags??? Lol.

    It’s impossible me for us to know what he’s involved in but I promise you it’s something very bizarre.

  35. “It’s his team.. You cannot fine the owner/team for something that had nothing to do with the operations/ongoings of said team.”

    Tell that to Eddie DeBartolo…

  36. What an embarrassment to the NFL and the Colts. What a circus this league is sometimes. The media likes to target teams like the Raiders and Bengals but in reality these so called ‘clean cut’ teams are dysfunctional but they just do a better job at hiding it at times.

    What a joke, Colt are a joke and NFL should drop the hammer on this team and its sad little owner.

  37. leave the guy alone, People just jealous because he is rich.. The dude loves percocets, I happen to know this just from looking at him. He is in no danger though. He has enough money where he can;t go through withdrawls..
    Percs are fine.. As long as you know you own tolerance then ur good. Irsay has been sniffing blues for years he knows his deal

  38. I’m willing to believe that for a guy worth $1.8 million, $29,000 IS actually pocket change

    It just reaffirms what a megalomaniac he is/was for having his press corps send out a press release every time he gave $5k to some local charity

    They sure have been quiet lately, as has been Irsay’s twitter feed

  39. I’m puzzled as to why anyone on this list even knows what this guy has “Tweeted.” Who spends time following him on Tweeter? What a goofy way to waste your life….

  40. Take away a third and sixth round pick, and make Peyton Manning shave “I built This house” on Irsay’s head

  41. “I bet he’d like to pack everything into a moving truck and head to Baltimore under cover of darkness right about now.”

    We don’t want him. We want the horseshoe and the blue and white retired as they should have been 30 years ago.

  42. Irsay is grateful for DeSean Jackson. It’s no wonder the NFL has said nothing about the Jackson situation. How can they with their deafening silence of Irsay?

  43. Yup. It’s all good though, as long as you don’t dunk the ball through the goal posts.

  44. Forget facing the same punishment that players get, how about we start with the same punishment that a normal person would get for a crime like this.

  45. What he does with the profit he gets from owning an NFL franchise is his business. If he wants to buy a condo for a friend that’s his business and what goes on inside that condo is none of yours. If he wants to roll around $29K deep, that’s his business.

    But when he’s cruising around lit up out of his mind he absolutely should be punished just like the rest of us would be. He should also be punished by the league just like one of his players would be if they were to get a DUI and felony drug possession charges. If it were one of his players, they could even be cut if the font office considers them replaceable. So he should face the appropriate discipline. He is not above the law or any rules the rest of us have to live by.

  46. It’s such a pain to cary $29,000 with me. I totally feel for you, Jim. They just don’t make wallets big enough nowadays.

  47. So sounds like Irsay provided the townhouse (drug den), the alleged white powdery substance, girl found dead in said house. Suddenly the DUI, possession charges don’t look so bad if investigators dig deep enough, willing to be he might have a few ladies put up in townhouses around indy. He makes Jimmy haslam look somewhat decent.

  48. Why does anyone think the same rules apply to owners and players? Players unionized to get the same treatment. Sorry but the only ones bound to that treatment are the employees who agreed to be treated this way.

    Life is not equal. Not everyone deserves to be treated the same when it comes to their voluntary employment.

  49. Those on here advocating that owners should be treated differently than the players must have owned a plantation in a prior life and supported Robert E. Lee & the Confederacy.

  50. All sorts of questions…why so nice to that (now dead) woman, getting her a house? Little Jimmy get her pregnant on one of thier drug induced hazes, and then had to make it right by feeding her addiction and paying her bills (by bringing cash to her via laundry bags)?

    All speculation, but probably not that far off.

  51. Enjoy fellas, this is whose side most of you took during the lockout. Putting that extra money he squeezed out of the players to good use!

  52. When Big Jim gets his twitter account back, this will all be explained away as a terrible misunderstanding. No time, no penalties.

  53. Have him live with Miami owner Stephen Ross as punishment. He must dress the same comb his hair alike along with wearing the same glasses.

  54. We will wait and see what direction this takes on the criminal court side, but I smell civil action in the near future with the woman’s death.

    I am sure Irsay’s favorite attorneys are thinking “future business prospects sure look promising.”

  55. Funny how the Colts always seem to be the franchise refer to as “classy”. Well, clearly the franchise is as tied to the saga as Irsay himself. Scumbag owner of a scumbag franchise.

  56. If I was worth almost a billion dollars, I’m not sure that I would think it’s a big deal to carry 29K in cash on me either… It’s dumb, yes, but I’m sure that it’s not out of the ordinary for the filthy rich.

  57. @drrustbelt,look no further than Josh Freeman’s own agents for the leak of his medical files. The stories in Tampa about what he and they did to get out from under Schiano are semi criminal (purposeful game throwing) and would and could land people (Freeman) in jail. Irsay, dude, is partying on slightly less than the median income of a family of 4, want proof of income inequality on this country there it is…

  58. Not sure what the league can do here. It’s absurd to speak of docking draft picks for something that isn’t football related, happened off the field and in the off season.

    And honestly, it sounds like he’s in enough legal trouble as is. He’s going somewhere for awhile. Either rehab or jail.

  59. Wait. Is that Jim Irsay in that picture? Or is that a photo of Ron Perlman from his stint on the Sons of Anarchy TV show?

    Maybe it’s the circumstances that make me think of that now, seeing as Perlman played a felon and Irsay might turn out to be one.

  60. In the final analysis, who ended up with the better situation. Indy with Irsay, or Baltimore with Bisciotti and the Ravens ??

    Now even close. Jimmy didn’t fall far from the nut tree….

    They’re all yours Indiana.. LOL

  61. C’mon he gave money to Harry Reid and John Edwards are we really surprised at his decision making skills and I’m not a genius but sure seems like he found a way to transport drug funds

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