Johnny Manziel visits the Raiders


Johnny Manziel is on the way to Oakland.

Manziel is heading to a pre-draft visit with the Raiders which will begin tonight and extend into Monday, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Most people don’t expect the Raiders to use the No. 5 overall pick on a quarterback after they traded for Matt Schaub and declared him the starter. It seems more likely that if the Raiders draft a quarterback at all, it will be a mid- or late-round pick to compete with Matt McGloin and Trent Edwards for the right to be Schaub’s backup. (Terrelle Pryor appears to be unlikely to remain on the team by the time the season starts.)

But the Raiders often do things that no one expects. The 32-year-old Schaub is the starter right now, but maybe they’ll fall in love with Manziel and make him their franchise quarterback of the future.

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  1. IDK. If Manziel is the starter, wouldn’t Prior make more sense as the backup? I’m not sure Shaub and Manziel would be running the same offense.

  2. I believe Oakland is a perfect fit for “Johnny”. He can sit a year behind Schaub because Matt wont make it 16 games.

  3. Personally I think #5 is way too high for Manziel but he and the Raiders would be a good fit. The Raiders desperately need a reason for fans to keep coming to their games, and Johnny Football would provide that.

  4. I have no horse in this race so this opinion is objective. Manziel may be a risk to draft early on but he is definitely a worthwhile risk. The kid has a gun, is accurate, and embraces the pressure of big games. He just reminds me of Drew Brees.

    While I like Bridgewater, he just looks like another Geno Smith, a QB with all the tools but can’t handle the pressure.

  5. I like Manziel and I think it would make perfect sense to have a veteran start ahead of him for the season. But, there are more pressing needs right now. I’d continue to improve both sides of the line as the top priority.

  6. Oy Vey. As a Raider Supporter since Nov’87, I don’t need to see us Win. I just want to have fun watching the Game. Schaub is boring. Johnny football at the Top of RD 2 would be a briese like move. Or as Marcel Reece says, “a Raider Ass MOve”

  7. Whatever the worst possible decision is, you can bet that’s what the Raiders will do

  8. Raiders should pass on Manziel, they have bigger needs. Schaub is good for now, and probably next year. Draft Mccarron in the 3rd/4th but don’t cut him like they did with that Arkansas QB. Let AJ sit back and learn from Schaub….

  9. Unless Jerry Jones can swing some kind of Romo trade for the first pick, Manziel will be going to Houston.

  10. Johnny has a certain type of swag to him. A pure passion for the game. Something that Oakland has lacked for years. I’ve never heard or seen reports of Johnny being a bad teammate. The players at Texas A&M followed him and fed off of his passion for the game that he shows on the field.

  11. While I really hope they don’t take a QB with the 5th pick, the only QB I would want them to draft there is this guy. He just seems to be a lot more special than the other QBs in the draft.

    But I hope they draft Mack/Clowney and exhaust l trade possibilities before drafting a QB.

    And to the guy who is so thankful for the Raiders not tagging Houston, enjoy paying a whole lot of money to a guy who can’t sack the QB. He can stop the run, but is that really worth all that money?

  12. No. It still smarts thinking of Jamarcus. Albeit everyone had him #1 going into that draft. Perhaps the uncertainty of Manziel may be a plus. Regardless, draft a QB in the later rounds.

  13. They’re doing their hw on all the top picks. If Manziel falls a team could try to trade up with Oakland. Oakland would be in driver’s seat and demand a certain amount based on what they perceive his value to be.

  14. Well I think Watkins, clowney and even Mack could be off the board by the fifth pick… If Robinson is there do we take him…if we did it’s a safe boring pick.. If those guys are not there it’s a good time to go after a QB!! I’m ok with Manziel or Carr at the five spot

  15. You’d think Oakland would learn to shy away from quarterbacks that wear #2.

  16. Drafting Manziel as a QB would be a bad choice, in any round. Watkins or Evans(W/O) if available, and a QB in the second or third round. If Oakland was planning to draft Manziel, why didn’t they pick up Vick? Manziel skill set is closer to Vicks than Schuabs. Two different offensive schemes.

  17. JFB seems like a classic old school Raider. Party it up all night but is ready to play the next day. The guy seems to have a passion for football.

  18. I agree with the guy that said the Raiders are bringing him in to evaulate his value ala a trade. Some desperate team is going to want Johnny if he slips to the 5 spot which is very possible. The Raiders have much more pressing needs on the line, defense in general and also at WR esp since we decided not to bring DJ in. Signing a QB with that 5 spot would be too much of a luxury pick.

  19. Id say the only qb that fits the raiders franchise build, and has all the intangibles, and needs to sit a year is blake bortles. Only if watkins, clowney, and mack are gone already would I consider a qb really tho,

  20. Don’t know if the Raiders need him or not, but Johnny Manziel would certainly fit right in and harken back to that swagger they had with Rich Gannon, and especially Kenny ‘Snake’ Stabler, wouldn’t he?

  21. alshonbrandontandem says:
    Apr 6, 2014 10:08 AM
    BTW: Thanks Oakland for not tagging Lamarr Houston.

    Not much of a pass rusher. They replaced him with Tuck who has twice the number of sacks last season.

  22. It would be hilarious to see what a freak show Johnny Football would be in Oakland. Between the freak show in the stands, it would be great to watch him in Oakland, good or bad. If he is successfull in Oakland, it would be great. If he stumbled in Oakland, that would be entertaining also.

  23. If Manziel is still there when the Browns pick, look for a trade between the Browns and whomever wants Manziel bad enough.

    I believe the Browns would either draft Manziel or trade the pick for a later QB and another pick.

    However, I believe the Texans will take Manziel and the whole issue is moot. Rams go OT or WR, Jax takes DE Clowney. Browns take Watkins (if he’s still there & since Manziel is gone) or OT Matthews (T A&M), if Watkins is gone. (Browns put Matthews at RT, move RT Schwartz over to RG) The question will be if Rams trade down or not.

    I see either OLB/DE (hybrid) Mack or RT Robinson for the Raiders. Both are monsters at their respective positions, and just smack “Raiders!” Get a QB later or even next year.

  24. What’s the purpose of the trip? Did the Raiders miss the combine? Proday? If I was Johnny F, I would tell Oakland to get lost!

  25. Traditional football suggests that Johnny Football’s scrambling style would not fit the Raider’s offensive scheme since they brought in Schaub and will retain McGloin as a backup. I have seen enough of McGloin that I think he is the future at QB. He has a quick release and his pocket style abilities will only get better if the O line can protect him. Therefor, drafting a QB with the 5th pick is highly unlikely, especially since the word is that MD wants to win now leaving RM no choice but to go after starters.

  26. babygaga19 says: Apr 6, 2014 7:21 PM

    What’s the purpose of the trip? Did the Raiders miss the combine? Proday? If I was Johnny F, I would tell Oakland to get lost!
    Every team is allowed to bring in 30 draft prospects. Learn more. Talk less. Everyone wins.

  27. As a Falcon fan, hope somebody drafting in the top 5 falls in love with Manziel and pushes a blue chip guy (Mack or Robinson) down to Atlanta’s pick….without Dimitroff having to spend extra picks to move up.

  28. Cousins comes in and runs the same offense as RG3
    Foles comes in and runs the same offense as Vick
    McGloin comes in and runs the same offense as Pryor

    We are not going to make a special offense for Schaub
    He just wont run any Pryor type of plays.

    You add plays for a Dynamic QB,you dont have to change the whole offense,jeez are you people serious?

  29. It makes perfect sense for Johnnydeepball, to sit behind Schaub, if we were to draft him.(Not saying that we are) but learning behind a true pocket passer is what he needs.He doesn’t need to learn how to improvise or run, that comes natural.

  30. Manzel will not be good unless he falls far enough to understand he needs to change his game. He threw up so many prayers to a big ass receiver. Most of those would be pics in the NFL. If finds a team with a running game & a Defense, and he learns how to throw the ball away, a short, smart, quick Quarterback can win the superbowl.

  31. Would be even dumber than the DJ Hayden and Menelik Watson picks combined!

    If Reggie has half a brain, he’ll be trading down like a good boy and get more picks to flood this team with some youth. Also, he wouldn’t have to answer for a possible dud pick at #5 if he trades down.

  32. Oakland isnt going to take him…he’s Houston bound, but let everyone think they want him..
    If Oakland takes a QB it will be Carr…and trading for Schaub freed us to do a few things and not sweat QB.
    and I concur with not tagging L. Houston and allowing him to drift.

  33. Oakland? Johnny….get away from Raider Nation. They’ll get you killed out there…legs broken, arms broken, ribs bruised, etc etc etc. They just don’t protect their QBs and you WILL be running ..not for yardage…but for your life. Secondly, you’ll hate Oakland. Everyone else does…including 31 other NFL teams. ( almost as badly as the haters hate Dallas). Get back to Texas and take your chances. You’ll do fine.

  34. blkwlfmoon25 says: Apr 7, 2014 2:04 PM

    Oakland? Johnny….get away from Raider Nation. They’ll get you killed out there…legs broken, arms broken, ribs bruised, etc etc etc. They just don’t protect their QBs and you WILL be running
    Flynn got killed because he was sleepwalking, and Pryor got killed because he kept running into Chiefs defenders. Considering what the Raiders had to work with on the O-line last year, they did a decent job.

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