LeSean McCoy: Adding Sproles will make me “more productive and more deadly”


After the Eagles parted ways with wide receiver DeSean Jackson, some people pointed to the addition of running back Darren Sproles as a move that would help the Eagles deal with replacing Jackson’s production in the offense.

That may turn out to be the case, but that’s not the only way that Sproles can help the Eagles offense. Running back LeSean McCoy is coming off a year that saw him pile up 366 touches and feels that having Sproles on the squad will cut down on that workload, a change he thinks will lead to more production as games wind down.

“Signing Sproles helps me out as a running back,” McCoy said, via FOXSports.com. “I can go in a game even more fresh because I’m getting less carries and less attempts. I had 366 touches, which is a lot. I think me having less attempts can help me be more productive and more deadly. Being fresh in the fourth quarter, things that you don’t think matter really do make a big difference. Now defenses have another guy that they have to prepare for. They have to watch out for so many different things, and it’s hard. They only get a week to prepare for us.”

While the Eagles will likely look for more help at receiver in the draft, a more productive season for McCoy (who gained over 2,100 yards from scrimmage last year) would make it much easier to swallow any loss associated with Jackson’s departure.

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  1. If philly gets cooks that offense will be better than last year. The division will be ours again. Haters keep hating, you’ll be watching chip Kelly build something nice. Eagles! 11-5!

  2. As much as I love Jackson, he had to go. I’d much rather see him leave now than have another TO situation in our hands. Im really not worried about who fills Desean’s shoes but what worries me is if the defense is truly fixed?

  3. who has it better… philadelphia eagles and 76ers(LOL) or cleveland browns and cavaliers? im glad im not a fan of either.

  4. Fully agree with Lesean. On the other had, without Desean there will be additional defensive players hovering around the line of scrimmage.

    Not sure when this is ever good for RB’s.

  5. How will there be more people around the line of scrimmage? Teams didn’t double desean. Run a te up the seam and the safeties can’t come up

  6. You got to know nothing about football to make a statement that the Eagles are the by far the best in the division. Look at the facts. You almost lost the division to the Cowboys who had the worst defense in team history, you let your best player go to a division rival, you did nothing to fix you terrible defense, your receivers are ok at best, and your QB is overrated who is terrible under pressure, and your coach is a 1 trick pony who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else in the NFL.

  7. Chip Kelley’s arrogance in this situation is going to come back and bite him in the butt. Having Desean around helped Cooper and Maclin become the receivers they were. Without that threat they will be average at best, the running game will suffer and Foles will sink with the ship. Just my thoughts.

  8. Trading Jackson was only about money $10.25million. The Eagles didn’t want to look cheap so they added a little Salt and Pepper. Just say, we didn’t want to pay Jackson that amount of money and move on. If you need an example of how it’s done…. see Chris Johnson and the Titans.

  9. McCoy had an awesome season and really doesn’t need any help. Like a lot of NFL players, I believe McCoy wants to extend his career for as long as possible and 366 touches is only shortening his career. I’m not saying I blame him but McCoy is looking after his own interest here.

  10. Sound like a great idea…until LeSean falls down and goes boom…again…and is out for 5 weeks, then your new starting tailback will be Sproles…that’s why Philly is looking to sign Sproles.

  11. Dingus…

    10 wasn’t our best player. You have zero credibility if you believe he was. Ds game planned for 25 first and foremost. And that one trick pony you referred to finished top five for coach the year. And that gets voted on by those people who, you know, are in football.

    But your opinion is your opinion I guess. Even if it smacks of sour grapes.

  12. Dingus in the nfl it doesn’t matter if you win by 1 or 50. Desean was not the eagles best player. Foles didn’t play the whole year and was still in the MVP race, the defence was more than ok in the second half of the season in the first year of a 3-4. Anyone who has ever watched the eagles knows if maclin is healthy he is better than desean. I know that’s a big if but it’s 100 percent guarantee that desean is a bad influence in a locker room. And why do people say McCoy was helped by the thret of Jackson? Maye it was the other way around considering McCoy is the eagles best player

  13. LeSean was the focus of the Offense last year. Nothing has changed. #1 Rushing Offense losses a deep threat and everyone is ready to jump off the cliff. 160 yards per game, almost 20 more than anyone else.

  14. eagles fans cease to amaze me the eagles most likely not making playoffs there is not a team out there now that doesn’t know how chip Kellys offense works they will be defeated this year bank on it

  15. RGIII was a MVP candidate and Shanny was a coach of the year candidate in 2012 . What did that mean for 2013? Nothing. Skins didn’t retool and paid for it. Face it other teams are now going to stack the line to stop McCoy. Maclin and Cooper are not deep threats even McCoy admits they will miss DeSeans deep threat. Legion of Boom and the NFC west will destroy Chips offense so count 4 losses for the eagles. The Skins have retooled their D and have DeSean and Pierre to take the top off your weak secondary and mediocre pass rush.

  16. Chip Kelly is going to finally taste the reality of NFL football. Finances and individuality. I’ll wager my meager paycheck that guys he recruited to Oregon had gang “ties” or didn’t buy into everything he was selling. If he didn’t like a kid he could kick them off the team and recruit his replacement. It’s not so easy in the pros. Sproles fit the personnel in NO. They had Brees running the offense, a TE and WRs that forced teams to cover them. Cooper is a good WR opposite Jackson, and Maclin…folks need to really take a look at his stats. So expect a lot of stacked fronts Philly.

  17. @campcouch: I guess i disagree, you see he had a kid on the EAGLES he didn’t like and he kicked him off the team. what’s different ?

  18. “Eagles fans please tell me how cooper and maclin are a good wide receiver duo?”

    here ya go:

    1st 35 games:

    Jeremy Maclin – 149 catches, 2,138 yards, 17 touchdowns.

    DeSean Jackson – 139 catches, 2,300 yards, 13 touchdowns.

    IDK, Cooper looked pretty good last year. 4.5 speed, big, fights for touch catches, YAC. excellent blocker. He’s not Megatron, but he’s a solid starter.

  19. The whole thing about Cooper and Maclin stats is that teams were playing deep to take away DeSeans deep game. That is a fact stated by current Eagle players. Face it Eagle fans losing DeSean was a major hit to your passing game and running game. And talk about locker room distractions what about Coopers comments on video. Sickening! And Eagles sign him back to a extension? You guys miss Andy Reid. He made you into a respectable team and Chip is breaking it down with his arrogance. Mark my words Chips back in college in 2015.

  20. So the eagles miss Andy? The same Andy that wouldn’t take a chance on Jackson. If Jackson was so good you’d think Andy would’ve jumped on it. No respectable coach was going to make Jackson an offer.

  21. The Fecals will come in 3rd place at best. This joke of a team won last year with smoke and mirrors and this year opposing defenses have the same mirrors. Die filthy bird die!!!!!!

  22. Looks like a lot of comments from Deadskins and Giant fans above. Cowgirls fans don’t comment, they have Romo and Jerra to puy up with.

    Calling Kelly a one trick pony is senseless or plan stupid if you know anything at all about his coaching history at New Hampshire and Oregon which continues to shine now in the NFL.

    LeShane McCoy has been above average at Pittsburg and all pro at Philadelphia, barring injury there’s no reason the loss of a fast receiver will slow him down.

    Jackson has been taken out of every big game the Eagles have played his entire time there. Whoever replaces him has an even chance to come up big in, let’s say half their big games. In the event the replacement is a complete bust, well the second year tight end will handle it. Or it might be Sproles, Maclin maybe even McCoy.

    Bank on it NY, DC and Cowgirls.

  23. I agree mccoy is the eagles best player…we will get a replacement for jackson…if maclin doesnt get hurt last season before it even started jackson wouldn’t have had the year he did. Hes a better reciever than jackson is….maclin runs better routes and he blocks on run plays. Jackson is only good on fly routes. He won’t go across the middle often of at all. Yes he took alot of attention from the othet recievers but the way chips offense is set up is if u guard the pass the run is open….put 8 in the box and we burn u with tight ends or recievers….nobody can see the future so we have to wait and see how everything goes in the teams second yr with a new coach….I think we’ll be fine. And when we play Washington dont forget we know d eseans strengths and we also knows jis weaknesses….he cant get off the line of scrimmage if u jam him. He wont have a big game vs Eagles if we play him close.

  24. iamdinguskhan says:
    Apr 6, 2014 9:17 PM
    The whole thing about Cooper and Maclin stats is that teams were playing deep to take away DeSeans deep game. That is a fact stated by current Eagle players.——————————————————————————————————————Watch the coaches film. Jackson was doubled on 10 plays all season and none in the last 6 games. It’s my contention that Cooper on he other side and the emergence of Zac Ertz in the second half of the season is the reason Jackson had his big year.

  25. If D’s were “playing deep” all the time scared of Djax, I guess they were just playing up on all the plays that Cooper caught deep balls?

    I think chip coaches to put the ball where the d isn’t, wherever they are. But we can find another guy who runs fast if we need d’s to “play deep” to make or O run like people say…

  26. Even Theisman said the Eagles r easily still the class of the NFC East. All u need is a set of eyes, there’s nothing to ponder abour

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