RGIII hypes Instagram debut, uses it to unveil new logo

Apparently, a Washington Redskins player not named Robert Griffin III has been getting too much attention of late.  After several days of DeSean Jackson overkill, the man known as RGIII announced Saturday that he’d joined Instagram, and he said that his first photo “dedicated to my family, friends & fans” would be posted on Sunday.

And then Sunday came, with Griffin unveiling his new personal logo.

Said Griffin on Twitter and Facebook, “This logo is about GIVING BACK to the people who have helped along the way.”  

He added moments ago, “Giving back is a big part of what WE athletes do. Very excited to share past, present & future efforts of giving back with you guys soon.”

It’s great that Griffin plans to give back.  But without details about how he plans to give back, it all looks like a lot of empty hype for his logo.  Along with, coincidentally or otherwise, a way to get Redskins fans talking about and paying attention to Grffin, instead of DeSean Jackson.

Unless and until more details come quickly regarding how pulling the sheet off a new logo translates to Griffin giving back, it’s hard not to wonder whether this was simply about getting noticed at the end of a week in which his name was mentioned only in connection with the question of whether DeSean Jackson will usurp No. 10.

178 responses to “RGIII hypes Instagram debut, uses it to unveil new logo

  1. WOW. The guy has done NOTHING in the league and he acts all superstar. I am not a fan of this

  2. It’s a nice logo and all….but was it really necessary to blow it up like it’s what we’ve all been waiting for?

  3. I remmember when this fool was actually in the same conversation as Adrian Peterson back in 12 for MVP.AP will be a HOF and retire with a ring or two.rgno knee will be outta the league in two years working at a fast food restaurant.SKOL

  4. I really liked RGIII coming out of college but his ego has gotten the best of him it seems. You don’t have a personal logo unless your ego is through the roof.

  5. “the man known as RGIII announced Saturday that he’d joined Instagram, and he said that his first photo “dedicated to my family, friends & fans” would be posted on Sunday.”

    Nothing says “it’s not at all about ME” more than a new logo, featuring your own nickname.

    Seems like a very productive off-season for Bobby.

  6. It’s a shame everyone bashes a guy who actually is a good role model. What player in the NFL don’t have a ego. At least he don’t have a rap sheet or beats his wife.

  7. I think he should get it tattooed onto his forehead. He is a legend in his own mind. Wonder how many more mediocre seasons it will take for him to gain some semblance of humility?

  8. This Redskins thing is not going to end well at all. If they somehow Drafted Johnny Football, the entire NFL would implode. Since when has a “Team Sport” become such a “hey, look at me”.

    Maybe this is all part of Snyder’s plan… embarrass the franchise beyond recognition and then rename the Team. See, 2 birds with one stone. Pure Genius!

  9. Meanwhile Kirk Cousins can’t even see any logos. All of the targets he has been tossing balls at this afternoon are already on the ground. There’s just no depth perception for fallen markers.

  10. “AP … will retire with a ring or two…”

    Not unless he gets traded or buys one at auction.

  11. Not only is RG3 the most overrated QB in the league, but he’s only the most selfish player in the league. And by a large margin.

  12. RGIII and Manziel care too much about their image and not enough about football. That’s why both will be/are failures in the NFL.

  13. Wow. He has more personal logos than playoff wins. DeJax worries more about his rap company than football. This is not going to end well for the skins.

  14. the logo is kind of cool, but it looks too much home plate to me and he’s a QB so it doesn’t make much sense…whatever gets u thru the day though I guess

  15. Personal logo? YGBSM.

    This reminds me of when I was talking to the CEO of a beer company recently… And I asked the CEO about changes in the workplace as millennials are becoming the majority of employees. And she said,

    “Millennials: Frequently wrong, never in doubt.”

    RG3 never doubts that he should promote himself.

    Welcome to the new NFL.

  16. That’s a sweet logo. Looks like it’s a take on his “superman” name given to him by the media. Although I agree that he is still unproven in the league, there’s no denying that RG3 is already a brand so what better way to solidify that by coming out with a brand logo. Plus I’d rather have breaking news about RG3s logo rather than last off seasons news about him being ahead of schedule or good to go for training camp. We get mad at athletes when they go broke 5 years after retirement but those same people are being hypocritical when said athlete starts making money off of his fame. It’s ok to disagree with the idea that he has a logo but don’t hate him for trying to make a profit off of his fame.

  17. The Colts owner might be buying dead crack hoes houses, but at least the quarterback of his team is a humble, hardworking, TEAM-focused young man. RG3 sees the end is near and is scrambling to cash in before the other (previously repaired) knee blows out. I can’t knock the business plan.

  18. I would have liked it to be designed
    more in the shape of a football sideways,
    then he could have it on his jersey.

  19. RGIII looks more like Timmy II every day. Just can’t survive without the spotlight pointed at them.

  20. RG3 is all class, the greatest pro athlete in history and the best leader by far. That’s why a few years after he retires from the NFL he will be elected President of the United States and he will be a great leader and inspiration to all people in our country and around the world. #RG3andtheRedskinsCannotBeStopped

  21. I like the logo. It’s a pretty good design… Anyone that buys it is a fool though.

  22. Good Luck Lil’ Gruden! Although you do have to question what is more important to RGME and Johnny MEziel, you can’t blame them or their carriers from trying to milk out ever penny they can if people are going to give them that penny.

  23. I’m not sure that having your own logo is how to go about things in a team sport. It worked for Jordan. ….and that’s where the list does and SHOULD end. I don’t dislike RG3, I really don’t, but this will rub many people the wrong way. Do something, anything, of merit in the pros before you do anything so self promoting. The NFL is turning into the WWE. And that’s the bottom line cuz 49erstim said so!…….right brother?

  24. What’s next? Unveiling a new RGIII sock? You don’t see Cam Newton unveiling a superman tshirt or Peyton Manning unveiling a new papa john’s pizza

  25. Is he planning on playing baseball? Because the first thing that came to my mind is the fact the logo looks like home plate.

  26. To be fair, it is a clever logo.

    You can look at it both as “RG3” or “GB” (Giving Back).

    (It could be a way for when people say he’s all about himself, he can just say “no you’re looking at it wrong, it says GB which stands for Giving Back.)

    As someone said earlier, I was a fan of him at Baylor, but I’m tired of him. He hasn’t done anything in the league and all he does is talk about how great of a teammate he is and how hard he works.

    Enough RG3, enough.

  27. I never thought I’d see the day when Bob Griffin would get compared to Johnny Manziel, and my first thought would be, “That’s not fair to Manziel.”

    Congrats, Bob, on that logo. It actually is pretty cool. But having your own logo puts you way out there on the douche meter.

    I know MJ had one, but at last he didn’t pay someone to create it for him.

  28. If I had a personal logo it would say
    ” Better to be silent and thought of as a fool, then speak and remove all doubt”

    That’s what RG3’s Logo brings to mind.

  29. I take it this means his ACL’s “All In For Week One” product line will no longer be fully supported. Sad.

  30. Tom Brady is five years considered one of the top five quarter backs of all time. RG3 in five years would you like fries with that. Must be painful to be a redskin Tom Brady’s wife is a better quarterback then RG nothing

  31. The headline made me think the redskins had a new logo, imagine my surprise to find out something called a “personal logo” exists.

    What’s he trying to take on mikey vick for most hated nfl player?

    Personal logo? Idiot.

  32. Last offseason, it was all about fulfilling his contractual agreement with Adidas as the (financial) motivation to be ready for week one.

    Technically he was ready, but missing all the work with teammates for 2-3 months while he was getting the knee back to shape made him play like junk.

    This season he has more time, and clearly making sure the marketing machine is in full swing to generate the most amount of revenue. Another poor year next year and some of those endorsement deals will start to dry up.

    Playoffs are the worst thing that happened to him, and that’s more of Dallas’ Week 17 ineptitude that year than the Redskins doing anything special.

  33. Meanwhile a qb in ths same draft class is quietly building a more impressive and productive career without all the media attention, the self promotion, and off season distractions. Job well done Mr. Wilson, keep it up!

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, he’s also got a SB ring.

  34. a new identifying logo for other peoples honor?
    how does that make any sense?
    You may as well sell “team stock” & justify it as the fans being “owners.”

  35. learn from Russell Wilson. the dude has won a super bowl, set a rookie QB rating record and still hasn’t lost himself. maybe that is the problem, that this is RGIII and no matter who he pretends to be, it all comes back to him thinking he is greater than he is, or has shown he is…but the man needs to focus on football, needs to spend less time on instagram and more time with the playbook. Playing against him last year was flat out fun for opposing defense, he needs to change that or his logo will continue to be stamped by the defenders who pick him off

  36. @skinsfan91 says: Apr 6, 2014 4:58 PM

    Nobody talks about RGIII more than RGIII haters.
    Wrong skinsfan. RGIII talks more about himself than does either his supporters or haters.

  37. snookau says: Apr 6, 2014 5:55 PM

    Why is it shaped like home plate?

    Because defense run all over him.

  38. RG3 has a long way to go and needs maturing, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a great QB. And besides, Russell Wilson is starting to become more more of a media darling than Griffin (But I’m not criticizing him for that).

    How about everyone shuts up until the end of the 2014 season. Then we’ll decide if RG3 lives up to the hype.

  39. Not a soul..except his fans would have known about this until this article was posted. Which in turn provides more exposure,which Mr.Florio has done while trying to dismiss the topic he just wrote about. It sounds ridiculous to hear a Skins game called and RG3 being repeated. If I knew 1 and 2,it’d make sense I guess,but how about using his name or at worse RG.

  40. I’ve never hated someone more than I do this selfish, egotistical fraud. Oh, this vane logo all about me is about giving back to all the little people. Maybe if he was somewhat good I could at least say, well, he can back it up but this guy is terrible. I hope his head just keeps inflating and he just floats away into obscurity.

  41. “Pride cometh before the fall”…. in this case it seems the fall came first (3-13) and now the pride followed. Fascinating case.

  42. greatest logo for the greatest player on thee greatest organization in the history of professional sports.

  43. Hilarious, this guy thinks he is some sort of superhero or transformer, with his personal “logo”. What his ego will not allow him to realize is that 90% of fans outside of D.C. think he is more like the Rupaul, of the NFL.

  44. I’m praying he stays healthy next year.

    That way when he falls on his face again the media will have one less ready made excuse for why he is clown shoes. As a QB, as a “role model” and as a human being.

    Anyone who says otherwise should be forced to get that logo tattooed on their forehead.

    Sterilize them too while you’re at it.

  45. I think this is an indication he’ll be concentrating more on his new clothing line than the NFL during the coming season.

    Now he can sell RG3 jerseys and the NFL doesn’t get a cut.

    The fact that he thinks he needs a personal logo, sad and pathetic.

  46. Has any player ever had a LOGO ?

    Ever in any era?

    Must be the D C influence !

  47. My new logo……………………………


    Thanks for the inspiration RG3.

  48. I’m giving back by you buying my crap w/my logo on it. What a tool. Hopefully his rookie contract is his last contract with the Washington Redskins.

  49. At least RGIII isn’t getting video taped saying racial slurs or Getting arrested for knocking out his wife, or getting caught with drugs in his car, or suspending for PEDs, or failing drug tests, or getting charged for murder. This guy actually takes the role of being a role model seriously and everyone wants to hate. Well I bet someone you root for on your team has done one of the above mentioned things. Think… Is that what you want your kid to imitate.

  50. As a Redskins fan I am not happy that this guy has 100% as many “logos” as Russell Wilson and 0% as many Super Bowl rings. Gruden had better sit on this guy from day one, or he is going to be keeping Mike Shanahan company somewhere.

  51. Giving back or getting more? It’s nothing more than his branding for consumer goods.

  52. jadmakaveli says:
    Apr 6, 2014 4:07 PM
    waits for the RGME. RGKNEE, RG3-13 ignorant comments.


    All those are correct, but this has ARROGANT written all of it, the kid Robert is just filled with negative characteristics and this screaming proof of it.

  53. Does Andrew Luck have his own logo? Does Tom Brady? Peyton Manning? RG3 does and he can teach all of them something about marketing a franchise QB. Hopefully Robert can do a better job than the slightly underwhelming 3-13 record last season or there may be limited places to display the pretty logo. At least Daniel had the sense to fire Mike Shanahan as Robert suggested.

  54. So RGME and MeSean’s egos walk into a bar…

    wait they couldn.t fit through the door

  55. Of course RG3 did all this,not Adidas..they didn’t have nothing to so with it.LOL You really think RG3 just decided he needs an Instagram account?

  56. Russell Wilson said that he’ll be the best quarterback of all time. I’d rather have a qb with a logo than dimentia.

  57. Not defending griff, bc he sucks, but yea, Tom Brady has his own logo ugly dingo.

  58. Is any personal merchandise for public sale, adorned with the new logo of course, to follow?

    Clown shoes, clown nose, and a size 9-1/2″ fitted cap.

  59. DC better look at improving the OLine and, getting RG III to make quicker decisions, if they expect anything positive to happen with DJax.

    Should get interesting when DJax isn’t seeing the ball thrown in his direction often enough.

    Logo or not, it still comes down to winning games.
    All this self promotion might get headlines for a time but, it doesn’t mask the stench of losing.

  60. The guy needs to actually do something in the NFL before he gets a cute nickname, much less a logo.

    Did Joe Montana have a logo?

    Get over yourself, Bob…

  61. I’m sure all of the people who helped him along the way were super thrilled….to get to see his new logo.

  62. I don’t know why but this reminds me of KW2 (Kellen Winslow Jr). He came into the league believing he was a super star TE. Declared “I’m a soldier!” which was an insult to real soldiers and declared himself the best TE in the league.

    He then hurt himself doing stunts on a motorcycle (which he was forbidden to do in his contract), missed the entire season, and never came close to fullfilling the hype.

  63. He’d done a much better job keeping a lower profile this offseason, but I don’t understand the reasoning for this. I’m as loyal a Redskins fan as you can find but this makes me scratch my head. He has a ton to prove this coming season!

  64. I am SO SICK OF THIS DIVA. ME ME ME, I am not to blame for anything. Please break your other knee so we can say, you were full of it then, your full of it now, and will be full of it when we run you down years from now as we remember you as the most self centered loser QB to ever put on an NFL uniform. Maybe if someday he grows up and wins something he will be seen in a different light people may start to respect him, but I doubt it.

  65. Count all these hypocrites screaming about a 24 year old Black man’s ego while they spew their own egotistical self-righteous hate about how he lives his life.

  66. What can I say? His rookie year, I enjoyed watching him; his second year, I defended him, but this looks terrible.

    I don’t even mind that he has his own logo (something Payton and Tom Brady don’t seem to need.) What bugs me is that he thinks his logo is all about ‘giving back to the people’. How?

  67. Ummm yeah Joe Montana did have a logo… and a football game.. and commercials… and Saturday Night Live…etc etc…. as does Brady, Peyton, Rodgers, yada yada. The kid is having fun, let him live. He puts in the work on the field. This hurts no one. Get over yourselves.

  68. LOL yeah, I’m sure RG3 only put all this together in the last week because DJ was getting too much attention. No way he had the wheels in motion before last week, right? You’re so bitter its pathetic. I wish everytime your name was mentioned, people responded with as much cynicism as you had. Like how this site is engineered just to get web hits and throw stuff against the wall. You love RG3, it drives up your traffic and gets visitors. Plus this is hurting NO ONE. I love how Griffin gets more hate for thinking about his supporters than Rice does for beating his wife. Pathetic.

  69. I would love to see Dave Chappelle do an RGIII impresson. He could just put on his little John wig and grille and instead of Saying What All the time he could quote shakespeare.

  70. No wonder why he likes Desean, they are cut from the same mememe cloth. He could’nt give more of a reason to hate him if he tried and put a target on his back. This has lebron written all over it.

    My guess is Andrew Luck will continue to let is performance do his talking while Bob (whom I used to respect) and root for will continue his love affair with himself. I can only wonder what desean and bob will be doing for their TD dance together.

    Now we know for sure why Luck went first. Just another piece of the puzzle.

  71. “Now we know for sure why Luck went first. Just another piece of the puzzle.”

    Just like every Colts first quarter – Luck got picked first.

    That and Irsay is a druggie drunk.

  72. Oh no RGIII has a logo so he can have his own revenue stream and you people act like that makes him the worst person the NFL. You people are nuts.

  73. Talk about being WAY too impressed with yourself.

    Hey, all you Cam Newton haters that decided Cam saying he wanted to be “an entertainer and an icon” meant he was the most evil human being to ever walk the Earth… after seeing this Bob Grffin logo junk, you owe Cam an apology. Now.

  74. And these are the same people that hate on Lebron. Go figure. Yet they wear tats which are body logos. Russell Wilson you say? Oh, the dude that was drafted in the 3rd round and inherited a great defense and beast RB? Nah, how about RG3 be himself. Excuse me what was the last quote RG3 made publically? “We haven’t won anything yet.” Hi haters.

  75. “Nobody talks about RGIII more than RGIII haters.”

    No doubt about it. They build him up just to break him down. But that is society today. Humans love to hate. Love it! just look at any comment section on any article written ever. We are a sorry, hateful bunch of life forms.

  76. Perfect way to set the tone for pulling the team together for 2014 under your leadership….unveil your new logo after being benched the previous year.

  77. I think RG III should concentrate more on learning how to better throw the football from the pocket than revealing an ugly, childish personal logo. All he can do is run and that will mean more injuries.

  78. This guy goes does this kind of tacky self promotion and then skins fans wonder why he gets ripped apart in every thread. This guy has got to be the most overhyped player in all of sports history. Just look at his stats-the ones that count like 23 turnovers in less than 2 full seasons. Someone needs to come up with a mock logo using RGMe, rgknee or whatever. It would probably be cooler.

  79. This looks more like the old Green Bay “GB logo” made by the guy that did the artwork for Transformers. Ridiculous. Next he’ll be changing his number like that is the reason he’s stinking up DC.

    The middle icon making up the “G” looks like a knee going the wrong direction…

    Too soon?

  80. Get over yourself dude. He goes to great measure to seem mature but it’s clear he’s still got some growning up to do.

  81. What a load of crapola….it’s no wonder Shanahan couldnt get along with this prima donna.
    I thought it was supposed to be about the team, and now advancing your personal intrests.

  82. I wonder how long he doodled on paper during meetings or film sessions, when he shoulda been paying attention to other stuff, to come up with this logo.

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