Zach Mettenberger will do all quarterback drills at LSU’s pro day

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Quarterback Zach Mettenberger isn’t expected to be a first round pick in May’s draft, in part because the LSU product tore his ACL in November.

Before the injury, Mettenberger was starting to generate some buzz as a player who could develop into an NFL starter after being drafted on the second or third day. He’ll get a chance to show teams that he’s still worthy of that consideration this week.

Adam Caplan of ESPN reports that Mettenberger will participate in all drills at LSU’s pro day on Wednesday. That’s not long after January knee surgery and Mettenberger isn’t going to be all the way back, but it can only help his cause if he shows he’s able to make all his throws and handle the drills before getting all the way through his rehab.

LSU offensive coordinator and former Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron will run the quarterback drills for Mettenberger. In February, Cameron said he thought Mettenberger was “a first-round quarterback.” That remains unlikely, but Wednesday’s workout should help determine how close he comes to that status.

20 responses to “Zach Mettenberger will do all quarterback drills at LSU’s pro day

  1. This kid looks the part of an NFL QB more than anyone else coming out this year besides Bortles. Mobility concerns would have dropped him in the draft regardless, but the knee thing certainly doesn’t help.

    Strikes me as a 4th, 5th round type of guy who will show enough to stick on the team who drafts him and could get himself a nice 2nd contract if he develops in the right system and gets some opportunities to prove himself by then. At least with him (as well as McCarron and Murray) you know you’re getting a guy who has faced the best defenses college football has to offer.

  2. This is the Pats guy. They’re gonna draft a QB and it won’t be McCarron. Redshirt year.

  3. Top of the fourth round. That will allow him to sit behind a starter for a year to heal and learn the pro game.

  4. Cowboys will draft Zach. Zach is already familiar with the Cowboys offensive system. Smooth transition from Romo to Zach.

  5. This dude will become the most prolific passer in the entire 2014 class. Whoever drafts him will be happy down the road.

  6. If the Vikings do indeed draft LB first, with as deep as this draft is In the secondary, he doesn’t make It past 40. Anyone who actually thinks he’s there in the 4th is drunk.

  7. I would like to see my Cards selecting him in the 5th round. Kid can make all the throws. From everything I’ve read, he is ahead of recovery time on the knee. Fits Arians system but Arians is not a believer in the sit and learn philosophy. He is not going to bump Palmer so I just don’t see it working the way I want it to. Never no though…

  8. He can make all of the throws a pro quarterback needs to make. He can throw the deep out. He will have a great Pro Day and will be a second round pick. Somebody will get a franchise QB in the second round when they choose him and 2-3 teams will get first round QB busts when they choose somebody else.

  9. Cards will take him in the 2nd. Sit behind Palmer for a year and heal. He’ll start in 2015.

  10. People saying 3rd, 4th or even 5th round for this kid are OUT OF THEIR mind…hes the prototypical NFL QB best arm size combination…why do you think Beckham and Landry caught all those balls ???
    ..and the closer we get to draft and the healthier he gets..I GUARANTEE he will be a first round selection and be selected before at least one of the “FAB 4” QBS highly touted….

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