Andre Brown visiting the Texans today

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With Ben Tate leaving for the greener wallet and (perhaps) greener pastures of Cleveland, the Texans found themselves short in the backfield.

They’re going to look at a possible addition today.

A league source tells PFT that Giants running back Andre Brown will visit the Texans today. The Raiders had previously shown some interest.

Brown has played reasonably well in the times he was healthy, though that hasn’t been often. He missed eight games last year after a broken leg in the preseason, rushing for 492 yards in the half-season he played.

He’d provide solid cover behind Arian Foster, assuming he can stay on the field.

11 responses to “Andre Brown visiting the Texans today

  1. He’s a good player. Take this insight from a NYG fan here. He would be a great back-up to Arian Foster. I think A. Brown is a 3rd down specialist. Good blocker too. He just can’t be a regular starter. Too injury prone.

  2. Echoing other Gmen fans, this guy has heart and has good football in front of him.

    Still holding out he comes back…good luck AB!

  3. Until he briefly played for the Redskins, Andre Brown was a nobody. After being a practice squad player for the Redskins he became the Giants starting RB. That is one of many reasons the Giants dream of finishing in 3rd place while the Redskins dominate the NFL. HTTR.

  4. “not sure why gmen let him go – when healthy he was really solid; him wilson and r-jennings would’ve been a nice trio”

    Realistically, that’s not a trio. That’s an uno.

  5. This guy battled back from 2 broken legs, amongst other injuries – and still dominated during his short time on the field. Not to mention – the OLines he played behind were bottom 5 in the NFL.

    He will be solid for any team he goes to based on work ethic alone.

  6. He can’t be the featured back but he can help.He can’t stay healthy and he breaks down with too many carries.Glad we got Jennings.

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