Buccaneers bring Bridgewater aboard for a visit


The Buccaneers bought themselves a quarterback for the future when they signed Josh McCown.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not looking for a quarterback of the future.

The team confirmed that Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater visited the team headquarters, one of their 30 private visits before the NFL Draft.

Not every team is so forthcoming with such information, and frankly, the only purpose it serves is to cloud their intentions.

By letting the world know they’re looking at Bridgewater, the Bucs are making other teams factor it into their own evaluations of the top prospects. Whether they’re interested in adding a first-round quarterback with the seventh pick or not, creating the impression they are can’t hurt.

20 responses to “Buccaneers bring Bridgewater aboard for a visit

  1. Smokescreen.

    The Buccaneers are just trying to get the Vikings to trade up ahead of them and waste picks to make it look like they want Bridgewater.

    Bridgewater will come the the Vikings.

    We will have the most potent offense next year.

    And we will hoist a Lombardi trophy.

    These are all guarantees.

  2. Well you really don’t want to draft a QB in the Top 10 if he’s just going to ride your bench and so old man McCown can play instead. Lovie already anointed McCown as the QB and he wants to stick it to the Bears by having success with that, so they are probably hoping somebody will want to jump ahead of MIN to get a QB so they can get more material to surround the chosen one. That was probably one of the questions on Jason Licht’s entrance interview, “you’re not going to undermine Lovie’s McCown Maneuver right?”

  3. The Bucanneers do understand that Marshall and Jefferies didn’t come as part of the acquisition, right? Might be a good plan to have a backup in place and ready to go.

  4. Am I the only one who wouldnt be mad if they took him at 7 if Watkins is gone? The draft is deep in wide outs. Take Bridgewater and let him sit and learn for a year or two. Its not a reach for him at 7 when a fair amount of people still have him as the best Qb in the draft

  5. I feel sorry for any of the top qb’s if they get drafted by the bucs and Lovies get off the bus running offense. don’t kid yourself I do not care who he hired as the O.C. see it will be the same awful offense he ran with the bears. he will take these guys and make them adapt to his offense and not run one that plays to their strengths. this the same guy who got Cutler when he was one of top young qb’s in the league and refused to run a offense that resembled what he did well in denver. this the same guy who traded for a guy who is the definition of journeyman qb in McCown and paid him big bucks based on 5 games he played last year over what he had done his entire career. he benches a young qb who played well for a dysfunctional team last year and wants to draft another qb to ruin? have fun with buc fans.

  6. The guy is the most pro-ready of the bunch and I will weep tears of fanboi joy if the Bucs get him at #7. Smart, accurate, good mechanics, great decision-making, plenty of arm. Him, Clowney, or Watkins make me happy.

  7. I’ve had thoughts of the Buc’s moving up to #2 to grab Bridgewater ahead of JAX. I doubt that will actually happen, but it has crossed my mind. Bridgewater seems like a Lovie Smith kind of guy and he is a FLA native. They might move up to #2 and grab Watkins though.

  8. Rex Grossman played at Florida and took Lovie to a Super Bowl. Plus he’s an unrestricted FA and I think he’s younger than McCown. He should be the veteran mentoring Glennon. McCown and a rookie qb is a joke. Lovis should stay on the other side of the ball.

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