Chris Myers on Texans: Everyone needs to be 100 percent committed

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The Texans start their offseason workouts on Monday, giving new coach Bill O’Brien his first chance to work with the entire team he took over after Houston’s dismal 2-14 season in 2013.

A new coach means new schemes and new ways of doing things, something that isn’t always easy for veterans used to the way of life under former coach Gary Kubiak. Center Chris Myers isn’t one of those veterans, though. He called it an “exciting” time for the team and said that he’ll be on the lookout for any players who aren’t willing to buy in to the new approach in Houston.

“Everyone’s committed 100 percent. We expect that. If not, there’ll be some talking to do to some guys,” Myers said, via the Houston Chronicle. “When you’re in the NFL, if you have a close-minded personality – not open to having this new regime come in and implement its scheme – it’s not your spot. You’ve got to be able to have all the openness to be able to learn and treat it like it’s brand new. … I’m treating it like it’s my rookie year all over again.”

There’s a lot of work to be done to turn things around for the Texans, but it will have to start with the team’s leaders in the locker room embracing what O’Brien is selling. If they share Myers’ view, that should be taken care of fairly quickly.

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  1. I wonder if Texans fans are talking about going to the Super Bowl again? They were already crowning themselves as Champions this time last year, after falling into 2 division titles the 2 years before.

  2. I guess we can officially eliminate 16-18 teams right now…

    If your not in it 100% you shouldn’t be a pro athlete said Bryant McKinnie

  3. So if things don’t work out exactly like Chris Myers is hoping, what exactly will he say to those that don’t conform to his vision? And after the talking if things still aren’t better and the team can’t make the playoffs, at what point does Chris Myers have a talking with the Head Coach and the GM, what will those conversations be like, and what would it theoretically have to come to before he stops believing in them? If they go 0-16 and the coach isn’t fired, will he be singing the exact same tune next year and look at it as his rookie year all over again? Or what is the minimum number of wins for him to be singing the same tune?

    I just think it’s better to figure these things out in advance so there’s no chance for possible backtrack on statements later. I see a lot of teams and players that say one thing, but then when things don’t go the way they very much want to believe they will then you sometimes see the story getting modified to explain the stuff they came up short explaining the first time they talked.

    It just seems like Chris Myers thinks he has this all figured out and if there is any issue why they wouldn’t win the Super Bowl then they will talk about it and clear it up. So I just want to pin down why they didn’t win the Super Bowl and who are the names of people to blame just in case they don’t win it. Who could those people be Chris, or is there no chance for you to lose with these bosses that you are 100% behind?

  4. I would have to think it at best premature to think they would be anything other than competitive and go from there,Its never easy when a new regime gets implemented but O’Brien does have some history of success and thats encouraging,The club had kind been stuck in a rut of sorts and Mr McNair shows that he isnt opposed of doing the things it takes to get competitive!Texas deserves a winner and Jerry Jones has shown over the past 20 years since Jimmys departure that he s either lost or just doesnt care about getting back to the big game so we really are excited about the future!

  5. “So what do you think of your team’s commitment, coach?”
    “I’m in favor of it.”

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