Jake Locker considers this a make or break year


The Titans gathered for the start of their offseason workout program on Monday and quarterback Jake Locker delivered some good news about his recovery from foot surgery.

Locker declared himself ahead of schedule in rehab when meeting with reporters in Nashville and, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, said that he plans to throw some passes in the coming weeks. Being cleared for May OTAs remains Locker’s goal and it sounds like he has a decent chance of reaching it given the current trajectory of his rehab.

That’s a good thing for Locker because he acknowledged that this is shaping up to be a make or break year for him. The Titans have given no indication that they plan to pick up the fifth-year option on Locker’s contract, which would leave him as a free agent at the end of the 2014 season. Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt has said that the team is going to look at quarterbacks heading into the draft, though, and that suggests Locker’s feeling about the stakes for this season are well founded.

Should Locker remain healthy and play well, his future will look bright whether he’s in Tennessee or somewhere else. Anything else will leave things looking much murkier for the 2011 first-round pick.

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  1. The players that give 100% all the time, don’t ever worry about a “make or break” year.

  2. he started last season really well, but got hurt again. last year was make or break, now its hope and pray you get another legitimate shot to start and aren’t replaced at the second you show a sign of failing.

  3. Dude was disappointing when they had the threat of Chris Johnson forcing 8-9 men in the box. Now if defenses can sit back and play normally, it’ll be a long-ass year in Tennessee.

  4. He wasn’t ready to start in the NFL when they handed him the job, and he didn’t look good. Since then he’s developed and matured but his injuries make it impossible to say how much. He shows signs of being a quality QB, then he gets hurt again.

    If he can stay healthy, big if, he could be a decent NFL QB. If not, maybe it’s time to look for another line of work.

  5. I can’t help but wonder what the comments section would’ve looked like here if PFT had been around during Steve McNair’s first five years. Well, actually, we had office water coolers and Nashville talk radio, so I CAN imagine. A lot of “intelligent” football fans declaring his demise … for years. Yep, it’s the late 1990s all over again.

  6. The guy was broken last year and it cost his last Head Coach his job. The only reason this is news is that the new coaching staff is as dumb as the old one for believing in the guy.

  7. Here are two QB’s.

    Career completion percentage

    #1 58.5

    #2 57.2

    #3 56.2

    INT percentage

    #1 3.4%

    #2 2.7%

    #3 2.8%

    Career QB rating

    #1 81.2

    #2 81.1

    #3 80.9

    QB #1 is Eli Manning

    QB #2 is Jake Locker

    QB #3 is Michael Vick

    Eli throws a LOT more INT’s than Jake.

    Eli has had better teams around him.

    But, Eli has remained on the field too…

    It would be nice to see what Jake could do if he is able to remain on the field.

  8. I like Jake but new regimes mean new quarterbacks. I’ve said this since they hired Whiz and now that they’ve filled almost every hole, their biggest need would have to be QB. We could argue about some positions needing upgrading like CB or pass rusher but QB is now the most glaring obvious need. Whiz is an offensive minded coach and he wants a brand new toy to mold.

  9. As a lifelong Huskies fan, I got tired of hearing this same stuff every season and every game. Jake is a great person, good work ethic and good attitude, but he’s just never had “it” as a starting quarterback. Too bad cuz we were all rooting for the kid, but in the long run, he wasn’t even as good as Keith price.

  10. As a Husky fan, I am pulling for Locker to do well. However, I can certainly understand why TN fans want to move on.

    Up here in Seattle Percy Harvin is our china-doll.

  11. Who’s to say Jake Locker doesn’t follow the career path of someone like Steve Young. Let me be clear I’m not saying he’ll win a Super Bowl or be one of the best QBs of his generation, but it’s obvious the kid has talent. Injuries are his issue. Much like Young he has excellent mobility, a quality arm, and was a high draft pick. Even if he doesn’t succeed in Tennessee I could see him going somewhere, possibly holding the clipboard for a little, then taking over a job. It took Young 7 1/2 years to become a true starter. If he’s cut loose he’d be a nice fit in Philly, even if it’s behind Foles.

    The guy’s 25, his career is far from over.

  12. You Titan Fans better hope they draft another QB, because if Jake get’s hurt and Clipboard Jesus has to come in, you are in trouble. During the strike, he was surfing, while Hasslebeck who was just cut was running workout with the Hawks. All that guy wants is to collect a check and hold a clipboard. He could have come in, and take the job that was just about handed to him, but he didn’t. It is too bad Jake has been so fragile, he played QB in HS, and college like a LB’er, and it has caught up to him. Great guy, but the body has taken too much punishment. If he doesn’t make it this year, he could come next year back to Seattle, and be the back up. TJ is there now, but it would be nice to have a hometown guy end his career here,

  13. Morons on here don’t know what they’re talking about. The kid can play & has a terrific attitude & work ethic. Just gotta stay healthy to prove it.

  14. Locker kind of reminds you of Ben Roethlisberger, but with one big difference. Ben has taken a lot of punishment…until the 2nd half of last season, that is…and has pretty much stayed on the field and of course been a franchise QB for the Black And Gold. Locker hasn’t been able to do that, and that’s been the big difference. Jake Locker has talent, and plays with toughness and ‘moxie’…he just hasn’t been able to stay on the field. He has to show that he can do that this season…or else.

  15. Interesting if Tennessee decides to use a high draft pick on a QB. Their patience in waiting for Locker to excel may be evaporating.

  16. People better hope Locker works out.. Perhaps everyone is forgetting the disasterous handling of qb’s in AZ when Whiz was coach. He fluked into Warner and thats about all you can say for him.

  17. It’s definitely a make or break year. If he can’t hold the clipboard right while the rookie they draft plays, they’ll find another vet who can’t hack it as a starter to hold the board.

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