Jay Gruden: RG3 works out more than anyone I’ve ever seen


New Washington coach Jay Gruden has already seen enough to say he has something special in quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Asked today whether Griffin’s off-field activities like unveiling a much-hyped personal logo distract from the task at hand, Gruden said there are no concerns at all about how hard Griffin works.

“He works out more than anybody I’ve ever seen,” Gruden said on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “If I ever felt like that was an issue, or if he was spending more time trying to create logos than he was working out and getting himself ready to play, then there’d be an issue. But there’s no issue in my mind. I think nowadays, these quarterbacks and these players in general, they have people do a lot of work for them. They have these mangers, these agents, and these commercial people working for them, and they’re doing all the work. I don’t think Robert’s doing any. He’s just signing off on it. Adidas is doing all the logo things for him. So if it’s extra money for him, have at it. As far as dedication and his desire to win and his work ethic, that is not to be questioned. He’s unlike anybody I’ve ever seen as far as that’s concerned.”

Gruden also said Griffin will continue running the ball, and that although there are concerns about injuries, he can’t be so concerned about Griffin getting hurt that he takes away what makes Griffin special.

“I think when you have the ability that he has, I think we’d be foolish not to have some kind of option as far as running the football with him,” Gruden said.

And Gruden is sure that Griffin will be in good enough shape to run hard this season.

85 responses to “Jay Gruden: RG3 works out more than anyone I’ve ever seen

  1. I wonder if Derek Rose’s logo distracted him or prior to LeBron winning anything his distracted him or even Jordan’s Jumpman logo tears before his titles. Interesting food for thought.

  2. No one questioned his work ethic. He obviously did a ton of work to get where he is today.

    We do, however, question how much of a narcissistic, egotistical, attention craving, injury prone crybaby he is…

    Then again, I’m just a “hater”, right Redskin fans?


  3. RG3 works out a ton, all he does is work out his relationship with Dan Snyder to get exactly what he wants. It’s easy to see who’s really running the show in DC, and his name isn’t Gruden.

  4. Good to hear that RG3 is doing well – I actually hope the Skins are competitive this year – it will be interesting to see what Gruden does with this team.

  5. Hats off to coach Gruden! He tells it like it is!
    RG3 has never given anyone a reason to question his work ethic, yet the media took every opportunity to question his resolve as a quality QB! It disturbs me greatly to watch the media hacks eat him up when he carries his team to their first division title in years, and then spit him out when he tries to repeat his efforts, on a bad wheel, mind you, and coming in ice cold, and thrown to the wolves for his efforts!
    Thank you, Coach Gruden, for setting the record straight!

  6. I’ll definitely be targeting RG3 on my fantasy football team. He has a nice group of weapons to work with.

  7. Not even a fan but pretty sure somehow someway – he’s an idiot – even though he went to Baylor and graduated…. People are ridiculous. Miss the days when we knew nothing about athletes besides the sport they play.

  8. Yea, this guy had a chance last season to show what a good leader he was, but every week he’s throw someone under the bus. Mr. Eat sacks and accuracy of an atrocious nature. But that great O line and great D will help him…..oh wait what D? What O line.

  9. You can’t make him quit running, he’d have to learn to read the field as a quarterback.
    I hope some of that work he’s doing leads him in the quarterback direction. Run-around quarterbacks are so 2012.

  10. Let’s be honest.. If you were truly happy with yourself as an individual, you wouldn’t be harshly criticizing a 23 year old man who has already accomplished more than many of us ever wished we could.

  11. RG3 is at risk of being the next Michael Vick (football-wise). Extremely talented but relatively small from the waist down and thus prone to injury.

    Think about it…their games are similar and so is their body make-up. RG3 = 6′ 2″ 217 lbs. Vick – 6′ 0″ 215 lbs.

  12. Rg3 and out is the most overrated QB in the league. Without the read option, he’s basically useless. Also happens be the most selfish player in the NFL.

  13. Looking to have just the opposite type of relationship with the QB then the previous HC.

  14. I don’t blame him. He might as well capitalize on the marketing dollars before he washes out.

    Really sad that Shanahan in essence ruined this guys career. He was a wonder and after the knee will never live up to his full potential.

  15. If the coach doesn’t have any questions about where his quarterback is according to his plans, why should anyone else?

    RGIII has generated a lot of attention and the haters have come out of the wood works to attack him.

    A healthy RGIII won’t be stopped and by the way it wasn’t 2012 when the last mobile quarterback won the Super Bowl.

    Russell Wilson threw the ball while constantly on the run as well as occasionally from the pocket. Check his accuracy and qb rating.

  16. The human body only has a finite ability to recover and grow. If he is working out non-stop then he is most likely overtraining and just grinding his joints into dust for no real reason. Unless of course he is using PEDs, in which case lift/run until you drop and just juice more. Training hard does not always equal training smart.

  17. The guy works his mouth out more than anyone the lesser Gruden knows. Secondly, anyone who had this guy on their fantasy team is keenly aware of what a liability he is.

  18. These are the same kinds of statements from Gruden, that we heard from Shanahan, last off-season. They must be generated by the team itself, not the coaches. The bad thing they do, is build everyone’s expectations up to a point that Griffin himself, can’t meet once the season starts. I do hope however that he has a better season this time.

  19. ARR-GEE-MEE has a lot to prove. And all eyes will also be on DeSean Jackson (the record producer and possible gang banger) and their new head coach Jay Gruden.

    Lots of pressure and I expect 2 of them to not be able to cope with it (ARR-GEE-MEE and DSJ).

  20. RG3-13 doesn’t even work out the most among the QBs of his own draft class. That honor goes to Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson.

  21. Gruden only got concerned when the RGIII who was showing up for workouts got his teammates names mixed up, and appeared to be wearing a prosthetic denture to make his teeth appear more prominent.

  22. Who cares about the drama queens; I’m happy DJax is onboard, RG is healthy, the o-line looks better and the draft is just around the corner.

  23. I believe Jay when he says this. But only because his only material time in the NFL has been spent with Andy Dalton. Pretty sure RGIII is working harder than him and all of the has beens and wannabes Gruden coached in the AFL and UFL.

  24. I don’t get why so many people hate on this guy, he tore acl and mcl, because he didn’t want to bail on his teammates. People spin everything he says into something negative. His rookie year was amazing NOT including his rushing stats. 3ints I believe? Almost 70% completion %? Prove all the critics wrong RGIII!!

  25. “He works out more than anybody I’ve ever seen,”

    Ego stroke, ego stroke, ego stroke…. Oh, and the super bowl winning players he coached under his brother might have something to say about that.

  26. If RG3 was on the Vikings, he would’ve won nine Super Bowls already and be a 14-time MVP because Vikings. Bow before the supreme Aryan NFL franchise of the frozen north.

    #SKOAL #winteriscoming

  27. “he can’t be so concerned about Griffin getting hurt that he takes away what makes Griffin special.”
    …and running backs have a 4 year shelf life. He will “RUN” you out of a job.

  28. Ya no, I don’t care. Dude is selfish… I wanted to like him but I just cant straight up. Shut your mouth and play. Not even 3 years in, you haven’t accomplished anything and your treated/acting like a 10 year vet annual pro bowler.

  29. Say what you want, we true skin fans are loyal almost to a fault. This nonsense doesn’t fade me or anyone else. Httr! Hail hail hail, that is all

  30. Whats wrong haters? I know you hate to hear this stuff but its true. Don’t forget his rookie season… was that a fluke? NOT

  31. A coach from Cincy, it is saying much. They’re one of the fews that haven’t missed the playoffs since 2011. Yes they haven’t gone pass the 1st round but in the NFL, it’s hard to repeat.
    As for Jay Gruden, i found him annoying because he put Dalton in difficult situations. We know Andy doesn’t have a great arm, yet he went with a pass heavy offense..that didn’t work.
    He should do well with RG3 though

  32. It gets really annoying when the media smears a guy a couple of times and all of a sudden everyone else jumps in and comes up with cute nicknames like RGME. Good job everyone, how long did it take you to come up with that one? Clever.

    RG3 is a phenomenal athlete and has all the right personal characteristics that you would want in a young quarterback.

    So the guy had a lousy season last year because he had just come off a major injury. Any player who comes off something like that, especially one who uses his legs for so much, has to go through a physical and MENTAL recovery to become the same player they used to be. I remeber Rodney Harrison relate and talk about his ACL, MCL, and PCL injury that he sustained in 2005 (Age 33). during a Redskins pregame show. Physically you can be fine, but mentally you can’t stop thinking about the injury. The mental portion is far more difficult to overcome than the physical.

    That all being said, be prepared to see a renewed and invigorated RG3 this season. He’s young and motivated and he will bounce back. He’s only going to be smarter with his play and more confident this year… especially with the new weapons he has on hand.

  33. I really hope RG3 turns out to be a Super Star and I’m a Dolphins fan. The guy is just good for the NFL and I enjoyed watching him play so far but I just can’t see him staying healthy with that frame and all the running he needs to do to be successful.

  34. I am a Skins fan and I too would like to see less of marketing of Robert and more Franchise QB Robert, with that said; why are so many people rooting for him to fail. One down year does not erase the previous year. For all the detractors, I would be interested in seeing what your posts looked like from his previous year. Additionally, unless you have Manning, Rodgers, Brady, and Brees, and maybe a handful of others, I wonder how many of you wished either in private or publically that your starting QB was more like Robert before last season.

  35. Stroking RG3’s massive ego is a requirement to be the Redskins’ coach. Gruden is no dummy.

  36. And what is a new coach suppose to say about the starting QB of his team??? Seriously??

    He doesn’t know a thing about RGme yet. But he will. He will learn that if he doesn’t do what RGme wants him to do, RGme will run to Snyder and make daddy punish the bad head coach.

    RGme will never lead any team to a super bowl.

  37. That’s what they say about all the great QB’s. Guys like Manning, Brady, and RG3, they work out more than anyone else. Oh. Wait.
    Working out is great, but for a QB that is not the measure of work ethic, it’s not a predictor of success, and it should not be the first thing you think of when asked about their work ethic. The first thing should be film study.
    Sometimes even apparent praise should raise red flags.

  38. Without an offensive line, God him/herself wouldn’t be a good QB. It’s that simple. Get RG3 some protection and he might do some good things. Otherwise, he’ll be running for his life and will probably get hurt. I’m betting on the latter.

  39. This is nothing more than the Washington Professional Football Team trying to rehab RGMe’s image, as well as their own. Can’t blame them. They still have a lot of problems. The defense is still no good, and the offense is an unknown. It was a disaster with RGKnee last year. They do have Jackson now, which can’t hurt…but what else? Their receivers are still extremely weak. They have a mediocre if not poor OL. I’d put them at 8-8 this year at best.

  40. I hope he’s working on making reads and runs less. He’s been hit hard and the offense needs him to throw the ball with the occassional run to keep the chains moving. He has the weapons now, so use them. He hurts the team when he’s recklessly running and gets taken out. Be smart.

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