John Harbaugh’s $2.1 million home on the market


In case you ever wanted to live like an NFL coach, here’s your chance.

According to Tim Swift of the Baltimore Sun, Ravens coach John Harbaugh has put his $2.1 million home on the market.

The six-bedroom, five-bath, five-fireplace, three-car garage pad, which measures over 8,000 square feet, sits on two acres.

Since he wears things other than team-issued pullovers and $8 khakis, you can assume plenty of closet space as well.

Normally, houses go on the market when someone’s planning a move.

But Harbaugh got a vote-of-confidence one-year extension this offseason, which carries him through 2017. Plus, a Ravens spokesman said the Harbaugh family has already moved into a new home in the Baltimore area.

So the normal real estate paranoia might not apply here, as sometimes rich people just like to changes houses.

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  1. Usually these mega expensive celebrity houses are very tacky and don’t look like a normal person could live there. This one is an exception. Very well done and very livable. Not sure how you get by with only a 3 car garage though. If I had that kind of money I’d have to have a summer car, a truck, a daily driver and maybe a few others.

  2. A happy wife is a happy life! He’s never home much anyway! LOL! One great thing about him is he’s not a pretentious fella. Seen him in the DC area touring the city and very few recognized him that day. When I spoke to him, he spoke back and thanked for my support. I could only imagine his younger brother. Go Ravens!

  3. And we wonder why it’s getting hard for the average household of four to even afford going to a game? Any sports for that matter. I will just stay sitting in the comforts of my own home and watch on TV. These salaries for players and coaches are out of hand !!!! Diehard Ravens fan here but I guess this is what are society has come to.

  4. i can’t imagine trying to negotiate with him over the contract price. the man would yell and cry like a baby the whole time.

  5. Maybe he’s already hearing Kubiak’s footsteps and is planning on an exit. If I were Harbaugh, I’d be considering other HC options after this season because there’s no way I’d want Kubiak forced on me. It was a very public slap in the face one year removed from a SB title. As a Browns fan, Haslam & Co. tried to lure Jim, but maybe they would have better luck luring brother John. I would have approached him back-door style the day Kubiak was hired. John would sure be motivated to stick it to the Ravens owner.

  6. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, how do you know when Harbaugh moved out of his other house? I actually think they’ve done a good job of keeping it hidden. No one knows where or when he moved. Good for him.

  7. @pmars64 says:
    “Maybe he’s already hearing Kubiak’s footsteps and is planning on an exit. If I were Harbaugh, I’d be considering other HC options after this season because there’s no way I’d want Kubiak forced on me. ”

    Didn’t need to read anymore than that. You are missing the fact that Harbaugh hired Kubiak. Coaching staff is the decision of the coach, not the GM or owners.

  8. I’ve read some of the post and I don’t think most on here know the area, even some that from their comments are from the area. These aren’t celebrity homes, they are executive homes. The property values are high in this area as long as it is on the outside of the beltway. Few places even inside the beltway.

    Reisterstown, Loch Raven, the area between Towson and PA along I-83 are some of the most expensive places to live in the Baltimore area.

    The only areas that compare or beat it for the most part are in Howard, Montgomery, and PG county. Some spots in Frederick county. These places get their value because of their proximity to DC and are among the most expensive places to live in the country.

    Baltimore city is a dirt poor city but some of the burbs are among the richest in the country.

  9. He got a One year extension as a “vote of confidence”? That doesn’t sound like much of a vote of confidence to me really, although the 2017 part sounds fine. But contracts for head coaches really don’t mean much either. As for the house, if you put that house in this area where his brother lives it must be worth several times that amount.

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