Josh Gordon’s basketball opinions upset Kyrie Irving


Wide receiver Josh Gordon has spent the last two seasons with the Browns, which means he’s seen the team change coaches and general managers twice while also getting rid of both of their first-round picks from 2012 without getting much from either Brandon Weeden or Trent Richardson on the field.

That experience with an organization in upheaval may be why ESPN decided to solicit Gordon’s opinion on a rift with the Cleveland Cavaliers last week. Gordon is neighbors with Cavs guard Dion Waiters, who hasn’t been getting along with point guard Kyrie Irving in a relationship that some feel will come to an end in the offseason. Gordon said Waiters has been playing well while Irving is out of the lineup with an injury and that it “might play out better” if the two players weren’t on the same team any longer.

Irving wasn’t thrilled to hear Gordon get out of the football lane and offer his opinions on matters involving the Cavs.

“Guys like Josh Gordon need to stay in his sport and mind his own business,” Irving said, via the Akron Beacon Journal. “Does he still play for the Browns? I’ll continue to root for the Browns, but in terms of this stuff here, what goes on in this locker room, he needs to stay out of it.”

Gordon posted a picture of Irving’s quote on Instagram, adding with a note of gloating that he thinks he “touched a nerve” with the All-Star guard. We can’t offer any advice to the Cavs about how to move forward in their attempt to end Cleveland’s 50 years without a championship in a major pro sports league, but the start of the Browns’ offseason workouts on Monday should leave Gordon with a little less time to hold court on teams other than his own.

32 responses to “Josh Gordon’s basketball opinions upset Kyrie Irving

  1. You know your city is trash when the best thing to come out of it Drew Carey winning the cable ace award. Just garbage man.

  2. Gordon didn’t even take a side so I am not sure what Irving is upset about. Then again, he might not be upset at all and just should’ve chosen better words in his response.

  3. Been saying it for 2 years… Kyrie Irving is completely overrated and doesn’t make his teammates better ….. Sorry cavs fans but you guys are in trouble for at least the next 2-3 years….. No one is going to want to sign to play with this ignorant all about me kid name Kyrie Irving …. At least that commenter James who wanted more articles on the cavs is getting his wish lol

  4. Some people follow multiple sports. You don’t have to be a player in the league to have a critical opinion of a team. Gordon has one and it was fair for him to share his opinion on that, and what’s with his line about still rooting for the Browns, like as if that is being threatened to get taken away if Gordon doesn’t stop freely sharing what he thinks about basketball ideas?

    Gordon seems to know and talk with at least one player that has inside info, so I think Gordon would be in a better position to give advice to the Cavs than most fans of the game who don’t have that extra information. The Cavs sure have done a horrible job for many years now, so maybe Gordon is onto a good idea? So far it checks out that this team has some kind of dysfunction and perhaps his perspective can help the Cavs to win more games in the future, you’d think Kyrie would be appreciative of that. I guess Gordon failed the ego-stroke test the way everybody else treats Kyrie, so I can understand why the lack of worship would strike a nerve.

    Anyhow, I noticed Kyrie’s FG% has taken a hit each year since his rookie year, maybe he should spend more time practicing his shooting on baskets rather than shooting on Twitter. I bet Josh Gordon and his neighbor would agree that it can’t hurt.

  5. Gordon would look great in Vikings gear. Guy is a monster, so silky with horrible QBs tossing him the pigskin. Gordon , Patterson, AP, Jennings, Rudy talk about an embarrassment of riches.

  6. Bang!

    You got it.

    Irving doesn’t understand the game. Doesn’t understand the idea is to win the game, not to get highlights on ESPN.

    Irving is very talented, but so are plenty of guys who never made teams better.


  7. … And as a bulls…. The cavs have completely misused Deng…. I can’t wait for him to leave and go to a team that knows how to run defensive and offensive sets not half ass defense and Kyrie and waiters dribbling out the entire shot clock and chucking

  8. Why everybody bashing Kyrie? He’s right. Josh Gordon needs to mind his business. He’s not a veteran. His opinion doesn’t hold much water…

  9. Calvin Johnson dont go to twitter to bash his friends teammate from another sport. That settled all those questions about Gordon’s place down the list of WR. Twitter gossip is for little girls, but these grown men find a way to play barbies every tie.

  10. This is exactly why Cleveland doesn’t deserve star players. You have 1 in Kyrie and you bash him. The Decision Part 2 coming soon.

  11. These are 2 young kids going at each other, why should we be surprised at how they are acting? They are both 22 years old, Twitter is their world, nuff said…

  12. I don’t really follow the NBA, so I have no idea if Irving is overrated (and I don’t really care either). What I want to know is why Josh Gordon though it would be a good idea to insert himself into the situation and create more drama for his friend’s (Waiters) team?

  13. He answered a question someone asked him about a team in the city that he lives in…

    he answered it. Big deal. If you are afraid of what people are going to say when asked about you, maybe you should re-think your own actions.

  14. Irving is a moron.

    Doesn’t he realize that unathletic people like Wilbon and bill Simmons are still paid to give unqualified NBA opinions?

  15. Gordon was asked his opinion and while some may think he was “out of his lane” that’s as debatable as the opinion itself. No matter how accurate anyone perceives the opinion to be, by definition, it’s neither right or wrong, either A) you agree with it, B) you don’t, or C) you could care less. Since the subject originates in Cleveland, I’ll go with C FTW.

  16. Irving is a star on a bad team. Gordon had 1 good year on a god awful team nowhere knows everything. Go get another tattoo and hush your mouth, both teams are a laughingstock

  17. Gordon was asked his opinion on ESPN and gave it. Anyone who follows Cleveland sports knows that these 2 don’t get along. As a Cleveland fan, I’m getting pretty tired of Irving crying everytime someone gives a negative opinion of him. And all Gordon said is that it might be better for both of their careers if they weren’t on the same team. Don’t even know how that’s bashing anyone.

    And how does Irving ask if he still plays for the Browns and then in the same breath of air, says he’ll still root for the Browns??? How do you not know if the best player on the team still plays for the team. Dude’s an idiot. Go ahead and run to LA Kyrie. You wish you were as big a deal as LeBron…..

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