Marvin Lewis adds his son to Bengals’ coaching staff

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Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis has hired his son as an assistant coach.

Marcus Lewis is Cincinnati’s new defensive quality control assistant, the Bengals announced today. The 24-year-old Marcus was a college linebacker at Indiana State.

There may not be another profession in America in which fathers hire their sons more frequently than NFL coaches. Andy Reid’s son Britt is an assistant in Kansas City, Bill Belichick’s son Steve is an assistant in New England, Mike Zimmer’s son Adam is an assistant in Minnesota, Jeff Fisher’s son Brandon is an assistant in St. Louis, Pete Carroll’s son Nate is an assistant in Seattle and Lovie Smith’s son Mikal is an assistant in Tampa Bay.

Now we add the Lewis family to the list of coaching combinations.

41 responses to “Marvin Lewis adds his son to Bengals’ coaching staff

  1. Marcus lewis will one day take over the bengals and lead us to multiple superbowls just as he dad did. The nfl will eventually change the name of the Lombardi trophy to the lewis trophy.

    Best coaches ever

  2. It might just be a coincidence that his son is the best defensive quality control assistant in the world. If so you would look pretty foolish if you couldn’t figure that out about your son before some other team did!

  3. As a sign-on gift, he was given a playoff monkey to plant firmly on his back for the next 20 years.

  4. more nepotism in Cincinnati…a GM who has never engineered a playoff win in 23 years but believes he is genetically qualified to run an NFL franchise because his father was Paul Brown keeps a head coach around for 12 years who has never won a playoff game, and now feels his son is also genetically qualified to coach in the NFL because daddy did it…

  5. Don’t forget about Jim Harbaugh’s son Jay, who is an assistant for uncle John.

  6. Good god. The mom and pop shop in Cincy continues. I’m sure Marcus is next in line when Marvin retires at 70 from being Bengals HC. God knows he’s here until he wants to leave. Brown will never send him packing.

  7. How does Lewis still have a job? Because he’s willing to follow the Bengals marching orders, Don’t win to much or we have to pay the players more and get less form profit sharing…

  8. Lol won’t change the fact that as long as Lewis Sr is the head coach the Bengals will never make it past the first round of the playoffs.

    In fact I wonder what the record is for number of times a head coach has lost in the first round of the playoffs. That’s one record Lewis may already own, and certainly will by the time he retires.

  9. Hey, nepotism runs rampant at my job, too. But at the NFL level, why not. You get your foot in the door and what you do it it from that point is up to you. Start at the high 5 figure, low 6 figure area and learn from the best in the biz. Sometimes it makes great coaches. Belichick’s father likely had him on his staff & now (after his first shot failed in Cleveland) he is a great coach. No risk, really.

  10. Gotta love the Bungles. Can’t win the big one and you keep bringing the guys in charge back. Have to think that last year was the high water mark for these guys. The team that we saw get smashed in Pittsburgh is closer to the reality of it all than being a perennial playoff contender is.

  11. I hate this about the nfl. Has anyone here looked at some of the qualifications of coaches in the nfl? You have guys who played quarterback at some small college coaching tight ends in the NFL. The nfl is littered with examples like this.

  12. Don’t forget the great Tony Sparano in Miami hiring his son Tony Sparano Jr. as Offensive Quality Control Coach. And what quality it was…Like father, like son.

  13. A father gets his don a foot in the door. In a good organization where he can learn to be a professional. Why does anyone care because if this was you hiring your son… Nothing would be said

  14. I love how the uninformed fan labels Marvin Lewis.

    Bengals owner mike brown is the REAL PROBLEM.

    mike brown and his cheapness hamstrings the franchise.

  15. Face it fans, sports are a family business just any other industry.Think of all the second and 3rd generation sports writers and announcers in the game.

    From Cosell to Shcaap to Buck, the Albert family… on and on.

  16. Lewis is still coaching the Bengals?

    Wow, that’s a long tenure. Andy Reid at least got to a Super Bowl and some championship games.

    I wonder how Lewis does it?

  17. It’s interesting from a social view-point. Compared to the general population, why is the NFL so much more likelier to have children follow in their fathers’ professional footsteps? Is it because

    a)the kids see their fathers consumed by and passionate about their profession, making them naturally gravitate towards it?

    b) They’re genetically predisposed and wired to have the freakish, OCD work-culture required to be in the coaching business ?

    c) The dads are control freaks who actively/passively encourage their kids to join ranks over the years

    d) All of the above?

  18. Another Fun Fact…Marcus Lewis was 1 year old when the Bengals last won a playoff game. (1991).

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