Mike Williams admits he has some growing up to do


Going back to the place he grew up is going to give Mike Williams a chance to do just that.

New Bills receiver Mike Williams said he was excited about being traded to his hometown team, acknowledging he needs to mature if he’s to remain successful in the NFL.

“Yes, I think I do need to grow up a little bit more,” Williams said, via Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News. “I think with me having a son, it made me realize things a little bit more and how important it is, and what type of future I have for him and my family. A lot of people are depending on me, so you’re right, I do have to grow up.”

Williams said he had a 1-year-old son in Buffalo, who hopefully presents less of a risk to him than his brother in Tampa.

Being stabbed by his brother last week appeared to have been the last straw for the Buccaneers, who offloaded him for a sixth-round pick. There were other incidents along the way, and Williams gave a vague defense.

“Two of those stories was actually made up,” Williams said of his Tampa past. “They don’t want me to talk about the stories, so I’m not going to get into that. But all cases was dropped.”

“I think one of my big mistakes is really trying to take care of too many people and trying to make too many people happy. Instead of me going out and doing what I have to do first, and then whatever after that.”

Williams has been a productive receiver in the past, and if he is willing to say no to the growing crowd of old friends, he could give the Bills an explosive complement to Stevie Johnson in the passing game.

As long as he doesn’t take a diaper pin to the eye or anything.

19 responses to “Mike Williams admits he has some growing up to do

  1. Buc fan here, Williams is coming off a serious injury, off the field troubles before the NFL and since he’s been in the NFL. He takes his rap career more serious then his football career. While he’s a talented player, the negatives outweigh the positives. In an extremely deep draft that is about to happen, an early six rounder is much more valuable then other years. Could be some steals in the later rounds.

  2. “I think one of my big mistakes is really trying to take care of too many people and trying to make too many people happy.”

    Called it. Anybody with half a brain called it. This is the down fall of a lot of people when they get money, athletes especially. The signs are almost always the same.

  3. I have some growing up to do………
    A grown man, with a son, who signed multimillions dollar contract,
    Just realize he needs to grow up.

  4. Listen to his comments and check out DeSean’s comments. Problem players have perfected the art of telling people what they want to hear, when they feel like they are getting a fresh start. They have thinks like, “I’m just ready to turn a new page”, “I’m looking ahead”, “I need to do this”, etc.

    Your actions over a given time reveal your character. If you keep letting them get away with things, they will continue to let you down. They will also continue to fall back into their real self. For the time being, Williams is “optimistic about the future”…

  5. For crying out loud, give the guy the benefit of the doubt. If he denies everything and says events were “taken out of context” he’s not accountable, and if he tries (convincingly or not) to openly admit he has to grow up, he’s hung out to dry too.

    Can’t win.

  6. Step 1: Learn to say no to free-loading homies, hanger ons, posses, family members, etc.

  7. It’s the luck and tradition of the buccaneers to let a player go and they turn into a star with another team. He will probably turn into the #1 receiver for the bills and make the Pro bowl. The guy has some of the best hands Iv seen in the NFL in along time

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