More talk of Jets’ interest in Chris Johnson


The Jets have been linked to Chris Johnson since before he became a free agent, and now that the Titans have officially released the veteran running back, it’s no surprise that the Jets’ interest appears to be heating up.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets really like a potential pairing of Johnson and Chris Ivory in their backfield. Mehta adds that there are no concerns with the Jets about Johnson’s work ethic, which is reportedly one of the reasons the Titans decided to part ways with Johnson.

So it seems clear that the Jets will make an offer to Johnson, and the only remaining question is whether some other team will offer more money than the Jets are willing to offer. The Jets have plenty of salary cap space, but they’ve been conservative in free agency this year.

The Jets have also added Eric Decker as their No. 1 receiver, and Michael Vick as a potential starting quarterback. Bringing Johnson into the mix would give the Jets a whole lot more talent on offense than they had last year.

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  1. Some team should trade a RB to the Titans so that they can free up a spot and some cap room and then take Chris Johnson and say thanks for the trade and thanks to Chris for in effect agreeing to take a paycut so that we could move one of our overpaid RBs, plus pickup a pick.

  2. What would you rather have. A player who had one good year and held his franchise hostage and never lived up to that performance again.

    Or a 7th round running back rookie who’s going to shut his mouth and try to actually learn as much as he can to his position while taking any contract you put in front of him.

    But go ahead Jets……i’m sure this will work out just like trading Revis worked out just like cutting Sanchez worked out just like Geno Smith worked out just like Michael Vick worked out.

    The Jets GM should already be fired imo.

  3. If the Jets get him, the offense is going to be considerably improved from last year. Johnson and Ivory would be a terrific duo. This actually gets me excited for next year.

  4. Bengals are the best franchise in the history of the nfl. We will win the superbowl this season thanks to the red rifle. The other teams shouldnt even bother playing this season. Who dey

  5. I love these new England fans. All those years we had Revis they talked all this smack on how he wasn’t good and that he was a horrible corner and now since he is raping them for 12 mill for one year they think he is a god till next year when Brady is 38 and already showing decline and Revis isgoing to want more money and you wwon’t pay up and then you will be back with no corners and a worn down qb but hey at least you got a 12 million rental for a year you will lose in the playoffs again cause your still not better then Denver or Seattle or san Fran or even the Giants cause they always can take ya but good luck.

  6. If your hopes for the season rest on an aging running back who won’t put in extra effort, your team is in a bad place. The only way he might salvage a good season is with a team that has a good quarterback. He might fit with the Saints but the Jets offense is terrible. Overpaying for a #2 WR did not improve the Jet offense.

  7. Rex doesn’t keep player’s in line. If CJ couldn’t hack it with stern coaches like Fisher, Munchak, and Whisenhunt he will only be worse under Rex.

  8. thestrategyexpert says:
    Apr 7, 2014 6:28 PM
    Some team should trade a RB to the Titans so that they can free up a spot and some cap room and then take Chris Johnson and say thanks for the trade and thanks to Chris for in effect agreeing to take a paycut so that we could move one of our overpaid RBs, plus pickup a pick.

    Your strategy is retarded, since he has already been cut.

  9. jets makes since but why isn’t dallas looking at him. i know they have no cap space but you can just cut another pro bowler can’t you, jerry? Romo with an actual running back could get them to 9-7. all jokes aside.. yeah they cut a lot of their defensive players but seriously weren’t they ranked 32nd in total defense? why are the fans even mad they cut a lot of them…what are they losing out on…another 32nd ranked defense?

  10. The thought of Vick, Decker, and CJ all on the same team is appealing…it is the ultimate boom or bust situation.

  11. finsblood13 says: Apr 7, 2014 7:24 PM

    Are the jets still an nfl team??
    Ask last years almost playoff bound Dolphins.

  12. CJ SHARING carries with Ivory? If you think CJ1K lacked effort in TN, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  13. finsblood13 says:
    Apr 7, 2014 7:24 PM

    Are the jets still an nfl team??

    ?????? Question should be is…Have the jets EVER been an NFL team????

    Last time the jets won a Super Bowl:

    A postage stamp was 5 cents.
    An average house cost $24,700.
    Average wage was $5,572.
    The Dow Jones was at 985.
    A new car cost $2,822.
    A gallon of gas was 34 cents.
    Total Federal spending was $174 billion.
    There were 100 million less Americans.

    Happy 45th anniversary jet fans

  14. Question with CJ is which version you’re getting. If Tennessee had any faith that he’d regain his Pro Bowl form, I think they would have tried to redo his contract and kept him. If they get him cheap enough, it wouldn’t be an awful signing for the Jets or any team really, but not if he’s coming with that same attitude that he’s had for the majority of his career

  15. Im a diehard Titans fan and WAS a very big CHRIS supporter, however it was before he signed the big deal. You can look at his numbers and say not bad a 1000 yards or more every season he’s been in the NFL , however the last three years he was a work horse and its showed in his game. Hes lost a step and doesn’t even come close to having the explosives he once had hitting the whole. Hes very durable, prob one of the best pass protecting rbs in the game and still can make people miss. However I don’t think his pros out way his cons. His ego is all what its hyped to be, his longest run last year was less then 30 yards and he didnt miss a game. People who say he’s a good catcher obviously don’t watch Titans games because he’s a below average with his hands, he does get open and once and a while he might break one. All the Jet fans reading I think you guys have really improved offensively this off-season and I think you might surprise some people this year and if you land Johnson I think its a upgrade over ivory and Powell but its not your savior. At the right price I think its a great move but IF Johnson wouldn’t take a pay cut from 8 million I see it hard for him signing one for less then 4. Hes still one of my favorite titans and it seems such a short while ago he was running wild, unfortunately small running backs wear down especially playing under fisher and his student Munchak.

  16. Funny how there is always a dolphin fan ragging on the jets, in a playoff or bust year fins go 8-8 in a rebuilding year jets go 8-8, yet fins fAns always busting on jets

  17. The Jets have been wary of signing expiring-contract free agents because you get extra draft picks for not signing them. With the money they had already invested in Decker and the depth of this year’s WR draft class I don’t blame them for not getting DeSean Jackson. Chris Johnson, however, was cut rather than playing out his contract and would not count against the Jets calculating free agent draft pick compensation this year and provides the Jets with someone who the other team has to focus on, regardless of what his output actually is to start the year. Also, if the Jets sign Johnson to a 1-year deal, as they did with Vick and has been rumored Johnson is looking for, then they have will have another contract expiring next year which willboost draft compensation the following year. I think the Jets will get him at $4.25m per year plus $1.75m in incentives with $2m guaranteed.

  18. @jolink, if you are Chris Johnson, you wouldn’t rework your contract with the Titans unless you felt that you were going to get more money and more carries than you would elsewhere, otherwise you can become open to the entire market and can get the highest bidder.

  19. I’m generally not a fan of marble-mouthed, me-first players, but if Johnson signed a one-year, sub 4M deal in Oakland, I would not only welcome him aboard, I would dedicate 10 minutes per day in a sincere effort to learn his language. He’s a good bet to bring 60 points and 1,300-1,400 yards to almost any offense this season.

  20. Why would the Raiders sign him? They already have McFadden and MJD adding CJ2K would just be stupid. Like Raider fans…

  21. The Jets won the OffSeason Super Bowl… Here is why- they have a clueless INT master rookie QB, signed a slow #2 WR who was a product of Manning, Welker, Thomas etc. as a No. 1, now going to take a disgruntled, lazy, aging RB who thinks he’s worth $8M and is going to get under $3m with a crappy OLine still missing starters, a Dog Killing QB who might have been a good signing in say 2006… Yeah this ends well.

  22. The Jets are becoming the Raiders of the East. Where washed up older talent goes to get overpaid…

  23. I wonder why he gets a bad rap, all he did was start every game rush for 1000 yards every year except the year he went for 2k smh

  24. I thought the pipercubs had all the average performers they could stand–Chris has not been effective in a while–but have at it the jets have been pretty good evaluators of average tALENT.

  25. YES please sign him! As a Jet’s hater I would love this! They’ve already added a #2 receiver(Decker) that they are relying on to be a #1. A selfish, brittle, and former felon to be their QB. Now adding a RB with the worst worth ethics and attitude in the NFL would be the icing on the cake for failure and implosion. Jet’s are the new Raiders of the NFL!

  26. Just read the trailer: #WEGOTREVIS #THEISLANDISINBOSTON

    I really don’t think it has sunk in to Pats fans, or Jets fans for that matter, that Revis is a Patriot. The Patriots have always had depth but real stars on the defense have been few and far between over the last five years. They have a better roster now than they did in any of their Super Bowl years. They also have speed on the defense. Everything changes with injuries but wow, just wow.

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