PFT on NBCSN looks at the best fit for Johnny Manziel


Johnny Manziel made a few more waves in recent days, but not deliberately.

The Raiders have invited him to Oakland for a visit (The House That Built A John?), and John McClain of the Houston Chronicle has issued a mock draft projecting the Texans to take Manziel with the first overall pick.

So since we’ll be talking about both developments on Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, we’ll also look at the best fit for Manziel.  And you’ve got a voice in the process.

Pick a team from among the quintet below.  And if you think we’ve missed a team, let us know about it in the comments.

Or just call me an idiot in the comments.  As if you needed an engraved invitation sealed with candle wax to do that.

23 responses to “PFT on NBCSN looks at the best fit for Johnny Manziel

  1. The Vikings? Who is going to catch the football? The Packer reject Jennings and Patterson? The Browns have Josh Gordon for Manziel to chuck the ball to. Young QB’s need solid wide outs to assist their development process.

  2. Of the options presented, it would probably be Houston though Manziel is not necessarily the best fit for them. Bill O’Brien obviously has the New England background and won’t have that infrastructure and talent in Houston, but was thoroughly impressive with what was left at Penn State. Having him as a coach would be a big plus. The offensive line is not terrible. Arian Foster is a quality back. Andre Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins, and Garrett Graham are good options as pass catchers. It is much more appealing for any of the qb prospects than bad o-lines, underwhelming receivers, Dennis Allen, Jimmy Haslam, and everything that is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

  3. the Jags they need a QB bad and they could use someone like Johnny football to put butts in the seats and some added star power in the stands with all the high profile people who want to c him play I would tune in I hope the browns don’t take him bcuz its way to brutal in the AFC north for a running QB but him and lebron r good friends if that means anything he would do well in the jags division for sure

  4. He’s headed to the browns, they have been smokescreening to the max to act like they have minimal interest in him. They scheduled him last to workout for them for a reason. Book him at #4 then the browns will select a stud WR at #26 to give him another weapon along with Gordon, Cameron, Hawkins, Tate etc. Look for the Brownies to make the playoffs in 2014 and take the AFC North.

  5. As long as it’s not Oakland, I don’t care where he goes. This kid is a complete jackass with an over inflated ego that’s going to land him on IR with whatever team picks him. The more I see of this kid the less I like him. Personally, I’d rather see Oakland take A.J. McCarron or Aaron Murray in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  6. no matter who drafts him he better have a sit down with the coach and find out if they plan to run a offense that fits his style of play. you can’t run what he ran in college but you can’t expect him to run a straight pro style offense and have the results he had there either. he is screwed if drafted by tampa and Lovie’s get off the bus running offense for sure, and why would he want to play for a coach that feels the way about him that zimmerman does?

  7. People are going to say the Texans, but this kid needs to get ripped away from his college haunts and comforts, for his own good.

  8. I see Manziel being like Romo.

    He will Wow you 3 or 4 plays a game, sometimes wondering how he pulled it off, or what was going through his mind when he made that stupid throw.

    I don’t really think any of those places would be a really good fit as all those teams have had trouble developing QBs in house. I am not a fan of his but for the Texans would give him the best chance at being a good pro in my opinion.

    I would rather see him go to the Vikings though, just for the LOLs

  9. He better hope the Rams take him or that he falls to one of the better teams in the first round because he does not strike me as having the patience or composure for losing.

  10. I would suggest 2 teams are missing from the list:

    1) Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo is 37 or 38 tears old, coming off back surgery. They need to start thinking about the future…and Jerry Jones is crazy and dumb (in the football sense) enough to do what it takes to get him.

    2) Arizona Cardinals: Same situation as the Cowboys, with an aging starter and a coach who is confident he can fix any QB given time.

    I honestly cannot see him going in the top of the first round and I really don’t understand how anybody who watched him in college and understands NFL football would think that he is suited for the NFL. I have 2 friends that are scouts for NFL teams (Saints and G-men) and another who is an OC for an SEC team. None of them have high opinions of him as a QB.

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