PFT: Steelers need to replenish WR core

The PFT crew predicts the Steelers’ draft strategy. Mike Florio believes Pittsburgh has to think about replenishing their WR core by taking someone like Marqise Lee.

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  1. Once again another ex buc doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Shaun King needs to think about overhauling his waist line. Whether its wr, cb or dt, the steelers grab a dominant stud player in the first and keep marching back to the top of the division.

  2. Donald would be a waste of a pick being an undersized 3-4 DE coming from a 4-3! I agree with the Dennard pick overall. If you want a nice luxury pick if #31 isn’t there is Eric Ebron.

  3. Now is the time to draft a CB in the first round. If still available, Darqueze Dennard would be a great pick for the Steelers. If Darqueze is not available, Justin Gilbert would also be a good pick for the Steelers. With adequate coaching, Heyward-Bey could be a potential long threat, and it is time for Wheaton to step up as a receiver. Steelers need to upgrade the secondary, and the 15th overall pick is that solution.

  4. I think the Steelers might well double up on both wr and cb this draft, with one of each making the active roster, the others going to the practice squad. It’s a deep draft for both positons. Who they draft first will depend on who gets drafted before they pick, and there will probably still be a trade or two before the Steelers are on the clock. Considering the passing league the NFL has become, I think they go cb first if given a choice. As running backs have become devalued, wrs and cbs have become more valued.

  5. I think Heyward Bey is the only 1st round reciever on the roster right now. Point being is that 1st round receivers are often over rated. Good G.M’s can find them larer. (A. Brown for example).

  6. Steelers need to think about replenishing at QB. Has-Been Ben will become the boat anchor, if not this year then certainly next.

  7. It’d be a luxury to get a good WR, but DL and secondary a priority. We’re set at the skill positions – Bell, Brown, Moore and Miller are better than most teams.

    Invest in D. Or a trade package to get Keenan Lewis back. Al Woods too while you’re at it.

  8. The offense played well last year, especially the second half of the season. The defense, our staple, fell to the middle of the pack. The development of Wheaton and Moye and the acquisitions of Moore and Heyward-Bey is enough this year to offset the free agent losses Big Ben makes receivers better. Two cbs and 2 dl and then best athletes available in the areas of ol, lb, wr, or te.

  9. Defense is and has been the heart and sole of the Steelers, the first pick should be a great defensive player before i look at a wide receiver unless a special WR is available at #15 pick, but head to head choice must be a defensive guy who can help the line get much better and put the defense up front like the Steelers are well known for,

  10. I’ve seen some mocks that have the Steelers taking an offensive tackle with their first pick and I’m of the opinion those people are ridiculous. Munchak was the probably the best acquisition they could have asked for going into next season. The top 8 spots on the line are already under contract and more than enough high picks have been thrown at the line already. I see no reason to throw any more with so many other needs. Besides: That line gave up mere eight sacks in the last 8 games. They also finally got the run game going enough to keep defenses honest, even with their 3rd string center. I think they give Munchak a chance to make the current linemen even better.

  11. My mistake, the Steelers had four different starting centers, right? Their final first string left tackle was the original second string center. That line has a lot of versatility to it, the recent years’ injuries have given it a lot of experienced depth, and its position coach has been improved by several orders of magnitude. I don’t care what any haters think, I think going into next year it might the strongest area of the team.

    Remember: If you have a good qb and good wrs, you might be able to throw the ball; and if you have good running backs you might be able to run the ball. But if you have a crap offensive line, you won’t be doing either.

  12. Recent injuries have given the O-line experienced depth? The entire depth from 2012 is gone. Velasco hasn’t been offered a contract, and Pouncey is an injury waiting to happen. Other than that, lookin’ good.

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