Rams G.M.: Trade-up targets not necessarily quarterbacks

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We still have a month before the draft starts (four weeks from Thursday, to be precise), so most of the calls happening now between teams are table-setters.

The Texans own the first pick, so if there was a particular player you had to have, they’d be the first call. But the Rams, with the second and 13th, are open for business.

Rams General Manager Les Snead told Greg Bedard of SI.com that he’s had some “flirtatious calls,” from teams already, wanting to know what it would take to move out of the second spot if a certain player was there.

The Rams G.M. is in this spot because of the bounty he received from Washington in the Robert Griffin III trade. But it doesn’t appear that any of this year’s first-round quarterbacks will command (or deserve) that kind of frenzy, so the market may be muted.

But Snead pointed out that there are trade-up targets who don’t throw the ball.

If you start with the assumption that Jadeveon Clowney is the first pick (which may not be a safe assumption), that leaves tackles Jake Matthews and Greg Robinson, linebacker Khalil Mack and wide receiver Sammy Watkins as the level of player teams will make a move for.

“I actually think there’s more than one player that people would want to move up for,” Snead said. “I just don’t know what they’d want to give to move up,” Snead said. “At the top maybe there’s four or five players who were one step or one notch ahead of the very good and sometimes a team might say we need to get that guy. You don’t know the value of what people would be willing to give. The fact that there could be multiple teams eyeing one of those guys could drive up the price a little bit.”

The Falcons are one of the usual suspects, and they sorely need help on the offensive line and more impact defenders. But other teams could make a call in the next month, hoping to get beyond flirting with Snead.


17 responses to “Rams G.M.: Trade-up targets not necessarily quarterbacks

  1. Yeah he wishes there are more than one player worth trading up for, he’s gonna say that even if he didn’t believe it. Just more smoke

  2. I think there are a few QBs every bit as promising as RGIII. Don’t hold it against them that the Redskins gave up the farm for him.

  3. The Greatest Show on Turf. man were those the days. not a rams fan, but i do respect them and wish Kurt Warner was still playing.

  4. Funny, from what I can tell the Rams front office put the bus in cruise control weeks ago and walked back to use the toilet.

    Perhaps they are hedging and will have the bus back out of the ditch by draft.

    Either way, should be fun to watch.

  5. Rams made that trade not for instant gratification but to replenish a depleted roster. If you can’t recognize they’re better off today then they were before you’ve got no common sense.

  6. Trading up is always a risky proposition because very rarely–or ever–are you just one player away from being a complete team.

    Roster building is always a fluid endeavor and I always believe that the more drafts picks you have at your disposal, the more likely you are to build depth.

    And no team can win without adequate depth.

  7. Keep the pick
    Take Sammy Watkins with it
    Then, take an OT with the second 1st rounder
    Maybe get a RB in the 2nd round

    Find out this year if you’ve got the right QB

  8. I just can’t believe the fleecing of the Redskins (am I still allowed to call them that?) in that trade. So glad that my Browns didn’t make that mistake. Reminds me of the Herschel Walker trade. The Rams still need to play their cards right, but the opportunity to vault near the top of the league is still there. That is what those multi-pick trades create.

  9. the rgIII trade reminds me of the herschel walker trade and the ricky williams trade, another trade that left a team (New Orleans) with very few picks. and to help point out the value of the trade the redskin fans point to a division title (in a very weak division) while the rams who had 15 wins in 5 years prior to the trade now have 14 in the last 2 in the toughest division in football while the redskins did get the division title they have less wins in the 2 years than the rams and we now have brockers jenkins ogletree bailey and zac stacy (all starters) and the same overall pick #2 that we traded away in 2012. even if the rams were unable to get the picks right and a few have been busts (rok and isiah) they still had alot of chances to get it right. my guess is the rams will have more wins than the redskins in the next 5 years as well as we continue to build a solid contender

  10. I am a rams fan and smear and fisher have done well with a team that had a decade of terrible draft picks and bad management, billy devany – spags. That being said I don’t think they should trade this pick unless it resembles what Washington offered them. Grab a dynamic player a game changer I’m wanting Watkins because if Britt does well he’s going to get paid in his next contract. Why not get Watkins and pay him the rookie scale. I’d be alright with clowney as well since long is up for contract

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