Report: Yeremiah Bell likely to retire


Yeremiah Bell has started every game in five of the last six seasons (and 15 in the one year he didn’t start every game) for the Dolphins, Jets and Cardinals, but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be trying to extend the streak in 2014.

It’s not because the Cardinals don’t want him back for a second season in the desert, however. Mike Jurecki of FOX Sports 910 in Phoenix reports that the Cardinals have made an offer to Bell for a return next season. According to Jurecki, though, the 36-year-old is leaning toward retirement.

If he does retire, it will bring an end to a career that started in unlikely fashion. Bell was working in a steel mill after high school when he hatched a plan to pay for one year at Eastern Kentucky University, walk onto the football team and earn a scholarship. It worked out, although Bell tore his patellar tendon before his senior season. He overcame that, got picked by the Dolphins in the sixth round in 2003 and eventually made the Pro Bowl with Miami.

Assuming his ACL rehab goes well, the Cardinals have Tyrann Mathieu at one safety spot. Reshad Johnson and Tony Jefferson also started games at safety for the Cards last season and former Cardinal Adrian Wilson is a free agent after getting released by the Patriots should they have interest in a reunion.

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  1. From working in a steel mine, to walk on, to NFL player that included a Pro Bowl. Its called hard for some slackers, who have the potential but don’t put in the time or effort. A great success story.

  2. Bell is a great guy off the field. He just couldn’t cover a tight end for nothing last season. Not sure how much fan favorite Adrian Wilson has left in the tank plus he has 0 ties to Arians. I would love to see A-Dub back though. Cards need to address the safety spot in the draft reguardless of bringing Bell or Wilson back…

  3. @beardinals… I normally agree with what you say on here as I too am a huge Cards fan and you seem to be one of the more intelligent regulars on here, but how can you honestly say that he played solid last year? He was assigned to cover the tight end more times than not and almost all of them had career games against the Cards. He made a few good sticks. I remember the Jags game that he blew several coverages and made costly penalties. That was the Jags. I liked the signing when they let Wilson go, but I was really disappointed with his performance overall on the field…

  4. Cutting Wilson/Rhodes was pure Cards politics as they got the job done for Whisenhunt/Horton and Arians/Boyles have not found replacements that were better. Darren Urban has stated that Wilson would not be on the roster again although he might sign a one-day deal (preferably not this year) to retire in Cardinal red. Arizona is rich in Corners and Tyrann Mathieu has been speculated as sliding into the Safety position when he returns. Considering the Cards didn’t really start coming together until about the 4th or 5th game, I thought Bell did as well as others learning a new scheme. Certainly he was not the only one to miss plays and would be an asset to our depth should he decide to stay. If not, best wishes for a satisfying retirement and thanks
    for memorable season with the Cards!

  5. @beardinals…I totally agree. While Arians/Keim/Boyles did a great job in putting together an explosive defense last year, they seem to have a blindspot for the position of Safety. Let’s hope they can fix this in the coming weeks.

  6. @cardsfann1
    I have re-watched a few games and he laid some nice hits and played well at times. There’s also a lot of speculation that the scheme is the problem in covering TE’s.

    You have valid points, though.

  7. If he does, happy retirement to one of the classiest, hardest working guys to ever don an NFL uniform…

  8. Pats fan here! And the man got my respect age or not he still got great football left in him an I’d want the pats to take him! A great example of what a person and professional football player should be! I wish the best for him…

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