Trent Williams defends DeSean Jackson

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On the first day of his new team’s offseason program, receiver DeSean Jackson was on vacation.  And one of the team’s offensive captains put in a little extra work defending DeSean.

“A lot of the stuff is just he say, she say stuff, and you got to get to know a guy for yourself,” Williams said Monday in a conference call with reporters, via CSN Washington.  “I haven’t had any type of bad feelings towards him, or any type of bad read.  When I met him he was a great guy, a pretty cool guy.”

Williams met Jackson at the Pro Bowl.

“I don’t think he’s a bad guy,” Williams said.  “I don’t think his character is bad. I think he can be a great addition to this team. . . .  In my opinion, we play a game that’s America’s game and there’s a lot of eyes on you.  A lot of people just want to pick you apart.  No matter what you do, they are going to find the wrong in what you do and forget about the good things.”

The Eagles were willing to forget about the good things.  For the Eagles, the bad things outweighed the good things.  For the Redskins, the good things may be coming.  But there won’t be any good things until at least next week, due to Jackson’s decision not to cancel vacation plans made before he was cut by the Eagles.

He’s got every right to do that.  The workouts are voluntary.  But Jackson could have scored plenty of points with the fans, his teammates, and the media by ditching the vacation plans and showing up.  Given Jackson’s recent experiences, the P.R. bump would have dramatically outweighed the sunk costs of a vacation never taken.

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  1. Well this is kind of shocking, after only cursory interactions, some of his new teammates go on the record complementing him. I was expecting them to stand up in public and blast the guy and harm their team in the process.

  2. So this guy met him at the Pro Bowl and says he’s cool? Great

    Sounds like you don’t know him and are just making assumptions off of one encounter.

  3. As a matter of fact you sound like that jerk Esiason talking about the baseball player wanting to be with his wife during their child’s birth. If you missed your son’s birth unfortunate for you and them, some of us have higher priorities than work.

  4. T Williams has a hard enough time defending RG3. This team becomes the talk of the off season with a divisional steal. What happens when they go 6-10?


  5. Trent is a total beast. He had some growing up to do which he did and now he’s one of the best. Lets hope he can set a good example to DeSean about learning from your mistakes and becoming a great player and teammate.

  6. 25cuts says:
    Apr 7, 2014 8:31 PM
    Watch what happens when that team is sitting at 2-6. The circus is in town
    Learn how to spell. The circus must be in your home and mind. HTTR!

    Kiss the rings, bitches.

  7. Now that we have Trent Williams input, I think this matter is settled.

    “You got to get to know a guy for yourself”… says the guy who just met him. I’m sure he knows Desean much better than the teammates and coaches who did not show any support for him after his dismissal.

  8. But Jackson could have scored plenty of points with the fans, his teammates, and the media by ditching the vacation plans and showing up.


    That’s the thing though. Jackson doesn’t care about his image. He’s still going to live his life regardless of what the media or anyone thinks.

    Trent seems like a reasonable guy. I bet he’s the “As long as you do your job I don’t care about your personal life” type of co-worker. After all, Jackson hasn’t done anything to Trent.

  9. The Skins just promised to pay him $16 mil to play football for the next two years and he could not postpone his vacation in order to practice and meet with his new teammates. That tells you all you need to know about his priorities, and why the Eagles feel they will be better off without his considerable athletic talents.

  10. Knew he has to stay in the NFLeast so he could play those pathetic D’s 8 times a year and continue to pad his stats. Of course, he doesn’t get the deadskins twice a year a now so his numbers will suffer.

  11. Of course he was happy and a likeable guy……send me to Hawaii on vacation for a week fully paid for by the NFL, and you’ll meet the coolest dude ever.

  12. Defending a guy you don’t know. That means a lot. Jackson has a reputation of being self centered and not team oriented. This is not a case if he said-she said. Facts are facts. Jackson admitted to not trying his best during a season because he was unhappy about his contract, the first thing he brings up right after a playoff loss was his desire for a new contract, he is cut from a team he spent 5 years playing for and not one player says anything (on the record or off the record) in support if him. Good luck Washington. He will put up good numbers, but he will keep wanting more and more money.

  13. 25cuts says:
    Apr 7, 2014 8:31 PM
    Watch what happens when that team is sitting at 2-6. The circus is in town
    Learn how to spell. The circus must be in your home and mind. HTTR!

    Kiss the rings, bitches.

    Not sure what rings you’re referring to lol. 25 years of trash football. So if that’s the last good memory you have of your team then good luck. Lol.

  14. Wasn’t John Harbaugh just whining about how the new CBA sets strict limitations on coach and player interactions during the regular season? Well this is exhibit A on why it’s needed. When a player who made vacation plans before he was traded to be pressured to attend VOLUNTARY workouts by media and maybe even the team shows why.

  15. If they guy made the decision to book a vacation during off season work outs, I’m already kinda not feeling good about him… Unless the Eagles were off this week & when he booked it he thought he’d be an Eagle. That’s understandable. But to blow it off deliberately speaks volumes, IF that’s what happened.

  16. 3 winning seasons in . . . wait for it,

    wait for it . . . 15 years.

    yes . . . only 3 – try to get a 4th winning season this century, then , , , and only then, maybe someone will listen to Redskin Talk.

  17. Haha that’s too funny, vacay instead of first practice with new team.

    Priority re-alignment after losing job fail.

    “Can’t phase me! See y’all after vacation.”

  18. He gets paid how many million? Sure they are voluntary, but these athletes are professional and they only get these workouts in the summer. Whatever, I hope he sucks for going to the redskins.

  19. “..forget about the good things.”

    Yes, I have forgotten all the great deeds that DeSean Mandela-Jackson has done. Please, remind me of all those “good things” again.

  20. Eagles fans sure talk a lot of trash for a team that has won 0 Super Bowls. Yes you have a empty trophy case that is collecting dust. You barely won the division on what was a terrible year for the NFC east and the Saints spanked Smoothie King Kelly back to the couch in the first round if the playoffs. Face it Eagle fans you are no better than any other NFC east team. At least the other NFC east teams have Super Bowl wins. Eagles well……still stuck on 0.

  21. You don’t know what vacation he booked, why he was going, how long ago it was planned, how much family or friends are looking forward to it, etc. It’s a voluntary work out for a reason. It’s one thing to harp on him for flashing gang signs or missing meetings, its another to slam a guy for taking vacation in the offseason. Washington just signed him. Why would Jackson need to score points with fans and teammates right now? They are all excited already.

  22. Voluntary workouts are voluntary. They are, in essence, meant for players trying to make the team. Typically you don’t see veteran players attending, especially a skill position player, where an injury could mean you job.

  23. Dear Coach Gruden,

    If you truly want to win over the fans we need you to win. But that can’t happen for a few more months. So for now if you want to win us over tell all of our players to shut up and stay off of social media and stop doing interviews. The media is dying to make everything an issue. You don’t hear any sound bites from the Texans, Raiders, Bucs, etc. Shut them all up now!

    A Skins Fan

  24. Everybody has heard that he likes to skip meetings and doesn’t respect his coaches. So when given an opportunity to become more familiar with his team he decides to go on vacation instead. He’s making millions and will probably retire in 6-7 years and he has to go on vacation right now? How about we save his fellow teammate’s evaluations for a season and see how they change.

  25. Hahaha i like how everyone disses djack an rg3. The same people that was hoping they poor team drafted rg3 an or signed djack. Now they mad n dissing them cus they dream didn’t come thru. Nations capital we run this country n u too.

  26. I thought jumping on the airplane and flying to a new city was a vacation. . Lol I would love to fly to d.c. move in a condo stay work out for a couple weeks… jump another plane & fly to California. . It’s there life is 1 big VaKay

  27. “A lot of people just want to pick you apart. No matter what you do, they are going to find the wrong in what you do and forget about the good things.” Yeah, like the idiot that wrote this!

  28. joeflaccoallday says: It’s VOLUNTARY for a reason. Let him live he’s human too.

    What is so hard to understand about voluntary. Of course it’s voluntary. He isn’t going to show up, is he?

    It is his absolute right to blow off his new teammates and coaches to go off by himself, and he is exercising that right to place himself above the team.

    No one is saying he CAN’T go off by himself instead of integrating with the team. We are saying it says something about him, something we have heard before, a word that begins with self and ends with centered.

    He should fit right win with RGIII-XIII

  29. Alot Of Redskin players would like to be on vacation early April yet they are at the voluntary OTA’s trying to get a new standard of excellence set in. DSJ where are you pal? Strong start for DSJ. Right.

  30. The ink was barely dry when MeSean started with the Jersey # BS, now he can’t be at OTA’s because he rented out an island for him & his boys?

    Have fun with him Washington, you should have learned from Trotter & McNabb that when we’re done with a player there’s a damn good reason…

  31. Pittsburgh Steelers says:
    Apr 7, 2014 9:38 PM

    Voluntary workouts are voluntary. They are, in essence, meant for players trying to make the team. Typically you don’t see veteran players attending, especially a skill position player, where an injury could mean you job.

    From a fan of a team that has missed the playoffs the past couple years one can expect a response like that.

    I know with our team and many others all veterans are there because they are committed to winning. There very few instances where complete attendance isn’t achieved. Not sure where you get your info unless that is commonplace in Pittsburgh.

  32. C’mon Skins you shoulda moved your ota to jaccpot island! The world revolves around Djax after all. And yes these are voluntary workouts but it’s a good bet many coaches don’t feel that way, especially a first year coach looking to implement a new system. Maybe Desean would rather be a rapper.

  33. The Eagles cut D-Jax mainly due to his 10 million price tag this season . Chip Kelly thinks he can plug any WR in D-Jax spot and be productive at a lesser cost. I guess time will tell . This ain’t college football Chip .

  34. When you read these posts here you can see that a lot of the Eagle fans are butt hurt that D-Jax signed with the Redskins. They wanted him to go to the Raiders so they would not have to see him . Oh well now you get to be a victim 2 times a year. Don’t worry about if it will work out cause it’s going to .

  35. It’s says volumes that none of his eagle teammates stepped up on his behalf. The guy is unquestionably talented. But you have to wonder if he is the second coming of TO.

  36. He planned a vacation to coincide with voluntary workouts. I’m not sure if the Eagles and Skins start at the same time but…… Ya know if they do, I wouldn’t want a teammate who schedules a vacation like that

  37. Lets see..MEsean Jackson says he is trying to get his old number 10 back ( forgetting that RgME is the supposed franachise)…then 7 days after getting a contract,,he doesn’t go to team camp..( volunteer or makes a statement)..the word in Philly from players..not the coach was Mesean Jackson had bad work habits..and was a me first player…Everybody knows that the Volunteer camps ( especially for new players) is a must if you are a player learning the team, playbook…Jackson cares about one thing..thats making money for his busted azz Record label…

    Count down till Jackson posts either dumbazz pic with gang bangers or a stupid twitter post blaming everybody in Philly for his failures in DC.. T.O part 2 coming soon to a stadium near you ( Washington DC)…everybody knows you press jackson at the line..he pouts, screams he is open..catches 2 passes for 18 yrds

  38. Jackson gets cut from the Eagles for being a punk and the first thing he does with his new team is not show up for the first OTAs? What am I missing here?

  39. Trent Williams, barroom brawler and Richard Sherman, NFL loudmouth are not exactly the guys I would list as references on my resume.

  40. This is a non issue. Djax informed the redskins before signing he had a vacation planned this week and would not be able to attend VOLUNTARY work outs. But I guess some of you guys would cancel your vacation for a new job. Well… to be you…HTTR

  41. I loved watching this guy play for my Eagles the past 5 seasons minus the season he took off, so I guess it’s 4 seasons. Redskins fans beware, you guys have a rookie coach and an owner that empowers his superstars. That is a recipe for disaster. Also, if DeSean Jackson has a big year do you think he’s going to be happy with $6 million for next season. This guy can be a very special player but he needs to grow up.

  42. Please expand upon the close and long -running relationship between Williams and Jackson, including college ties and having grown up together. What? They only met at a Pro Bowl? Well, I guess that makes Williams an expert. Since he is backing him, if Desean does anything wrong, please hold Williams to an equivalent penalty since he has vouched for him.

  43. I’d go on the vacation & as a vet, let him go before joining the team. He’s a typical Washington free agent spend, but he’s probably sunk a ton of cash into vacation for a lot of family who he’s picking up the tab for. It’s April. He’ll be there for camp & by week 3, do you think anyone will be talking about his vacation he took during a voluntary offseason workout? Best thing that can come out of those is that the players not injured. He’s a pro. He’s going to improvise and with RG me on the move they will do some damage. Won’t start immediately, but by halfway through the season those two are going to pick it up.

  44. He has been on Vacation since January, period. More money, more responsibility. If I was applying at Wal-Mart for cashier I’d tell them I scheduled a vacation. If I were applying at Wal-Mart for a VP position, I’d say I could start this afternoon and call the wife with the good and bad news.

  45. It’s a new coach, with a new team and a new off season with a guy that doesn’t practice hard. Now the Eagles didn’t have any OTA now because this is the special extra OTA you only get if you have a new head coach so it was he probably didn’t consider this when the vacation was booked, but he’s still wrong for not going. Combine with that at least part of the reason why he was cut was his work ethic, which he is aware of – and it speaks volumes. It’s a small thing sure but it the season doesn’t go well, if DeSean acts like he almost always acts, what do you think the effect of missing this will be to his new teammates down the road?

  46. So hilarious to see Redslurs fans bragging about Tent Williams taking a cheap shot at Richard Sherman, just minutes after the Seahawks ended their playoff dreams for the third straight time (in a decade).

    Oh yeah, Trent Williams sure got the last laugh. I’m sure Richard Sherman fumes about it every time he puts on his Superbowl Champion ring.

    I heard Richard Sherman was going to design a personal logo to get over it, but decided that was just going too far.

    But hey, maybe the Redslurs will give up a few years worth of drafts for another subpar QB who can get them to the playoffs where they can be a punching bag for the Seahawks again.

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