Brandon Thomas tore ACL in Saints workout

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Clemson offensive lineman Brandon Thomas suffered more than just a knee injury when he tore his ACL.

The injury, which will drop his draft stock considerably, happened on one of his many workouts with individual teams.

According to Mike Triplett of, Thomas was working out for the Saints when he tore his ACL in a non-contact drill.

Some thought Thomas could have been as high as a second round pick, but that won’t be the case now.

The question becomes how soon someone turns in a card with his name on it, knowing he’s a year away from contributing.

The 49ers did it last year with South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore, using one of their extra fourth-rounders to redshirt him for a year.

Looking at the team with surplus picks might provide a clue as to who might use on on Thomas.

The Jets and Rams have 12 picks each, the Cowboys, Texans, Jaguars and 49ers each have 11, and the Falcons and Browns each have 10.

One of them might find it prudent to use a pick on Thomas, and hope he returns to form next year. That won’t replace the money he’s losing, however.

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  1. Well anybody that doesn’t have a lot of picks could easily pick up an extra pick by trading down with another pick. Everybody is eligible to consider redshirting Thomas with a pick. Some teams that have a more modest number of picks won’t even be able to activate all of their picks during the season anyhow, so even a team with 7 picks should have it within the budget to consider using one to stash him on the shelf for next year.

  2. so, when something like this happens is it on the kid to pay for surgery/rehab? terrible situation for him…

  3. How many ACL’s have the Superdome claimed now? You are in the south, grass grows there year round. There is literally no reason to have a turf field in New Orleans, LA.

  4. Former Penn State linebacker Mike Mauti tore his ACL during his senior season. He was projected as a pretty high pick but lasted until the seventh round, and he was ready to go by training camp. Based on that, I doubt Thomas gets drafted.

  5. Do these prospective players take out insurance when they’re between school and a professional football career for situations these?

  6. Surely his agent had insurance on him for just such a thing – right?

    If not, everyone else under that agent should bolt because he obviously can’t think down the line for his athletes.

  7. NFL Pre Draft process needs a “You Broke It, You Buy It” policy. This kid should get a contract based on his projected draft round and a year on IR to rehab.

  8. injury prone. if you get hurt in non contact drills during practice , then your not durible. everyone should stay away from this guy.

  9. The athletes spend their entire life preparing themselves for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and in a flash it could be gone.

    As much as I hate when I see raw talent leave before truly developing, reasons like this make you understand that in there line of work, when the money is available you have to take it.

  10. The NFL needs to stop these workouts. Teams have miles of game tape on these players, they have pro day workouts, they have the combine (for most that are drafted)…they have more data than anyone could ever need.
    That kid SHOULD NOT lose his status as a 2nd round pick because of a dumb workout that wasn’t going to change ANYTHING.
    These kids deserve some protection

  11. added:
    If a player did either a pro day OR NFL Combine teams should NOT be able to do a private workout. Interview sure…but no physical workouts.
    This is destroys this kids opportunity…and it’s not right.

  12. Be it the team’s workers comp, blanket NFL coverage or a policy his agent put in place, the healthcare aspects will no doubt be covered.

    What he can’t get back is the pay he might have made as a 2nd rounder when/if he’s drafted much lower.

  13. The workout was undoubtedly held at the Saints training facility, not the SuperDome. It was a non-contact drill. It could have happened any time and anywhere. It sucks big time and I hope the kid had insurance to cover this possibility.

  14. If I know I am being projected to be drafted in round 1 or 2…..I don’t work out for teams. I meet with them, I talk football and anything else. I keep in shape and do what I need to stay ready for rookie training camp, but I don’t extend myself in a private workout and risk not getting the job I have worked for……..

  15. LOL! Can any smart guys out there tell me why they don’t have natural grass in the Superdome?

  16. The work out was held at the Saints Training facility and that has 2 grass fields and indoor facility. Either way, it was a non-contact drill, which in my book means, he’s soft.

  17. These guys should get bridge insurance coverage to protect their earnings potential between the gap of when their college season ends to the draft.. esp if they are projected to be picked in the upper half of the draft..

  18. Look at how many mock drafts show a guy going in round 1 or 2, but then get drafted later, or not at all. Refusing to workout for teams isn’t the answer, that is part of the “job interview” process. NFL should have some sort of blanket coverage, as has been mentioned in earlier posts. Would be better than relying on the agents to provide insurance coverage.

  19. If you take out insurance and you file a claim on it you are not allowed to return playing football. It’s messed up but true!

  20. As part of the NFL “interview process” the players need to participate in the combine. (Even then, some don’t for certain drills)…..but these private workouts don’t do anything to move a highly ranked player up or down the charts, much. If Johnny Football tears his ACL the next few weeks, who pays him? If he just does interviews will he be drafted? Yep.

  21. Was wondering when the bounty gate comments would start, I didn’t have to scroll down far to find out. really getting quite stale…

  22. Hopefully, Thomas had a decent agent & had a policy. And anyone who decides to blame the Saints, field turf, or whatever is a complete bonehead. The guy had 6 pre-draft visits so far. Now combine that w/ the fact that he is 6’3 & 315+lbs, very explosive, speedy, etc. How many 300+lbs people in the world can move like these guys? Very few. These guys are, in some cases, overstrained, over trained, & putting massive amounts of pressure on tendons & ligaments. Anyone notice the increase in Achilles injuries this past season?

  23. Do these guy get some kind of injury settlement from the team or league or anybody?

    Might be a new CBA topic?

    Poor kid.

  24. And waay too many athletes today grossly OVERtrain.

    The body simply must have rest to recuperate; no drink or supplement can replace simple do-nothing-ness.

    And training too much doesn’t help- it hurts.

    /Cpt. Obvious trainee school..

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