Cyrus Kouandjio gets another chance to prove himself


Word has already been sent out on Cyrus Kouandjio’s behalf that his knee is fine.

Today, he gets to show it.

The Alabama left tackle will be among a group of players having a second-chance pro day in Tuscaloosa today.

He needs the image repair, after a bad combine and reports that he had an arthritic knee. Dr. James Andrews sent a letter to all 32 teams dismissing that claim, but the letter didn’t address that 5.53-second 40 he ran in Indianapolis which sent up red flags.

“I’ll go into track stuff and tell them how good of a track athlete I am,” Kouandjio said, via Andrew Gribble of “My goal is to show a dramatic increase from the last time I was timed, and show a lot of increase.”

If he can run well, it would ease a lot of concerns about his condition. He’s still expected to be drafted fairly highly because of the need for pass-protectors, but could buoy his stock a bit if he shows well today.

6 responses to “Cyrus Kouandjio gets another chance to prove himself

  1. Because the 40 yard dash is so important for a Left Tackle… how quickly can he kick backwards 3 steps?

  2. Yeah the 40 isn’t that important for a left tackle, but a 5.53 is a legit concern. Is he going to move fast enough to block say Von Miller or other speed rushers coming off the edge? This also eliminates him from any zone blocking schemes since it seems he doesn’t have the quickness to get out and set the edge.

  3. “This also eliminates him from any zone blocking schemes since it seems he doesn’t have the quickness to get out and set the edge.”

    – The 40 Yard Dash is not a very good measurement of quickness. I’m really not sure why an OLineman would be measured on that. How fast did he run the first 10 yard interval? Does video show him getting off the line quickly? If he gets up to speed quickly but just doesn’t have a kick in the last 30 yards, then somebody is going to get a steal as this guy slides down the board for workouts in performed in underwear.

  4. It is also about a $500K difference if he is a 1st Rounder vs 2nd. He is about the 5th ranked now and a good ProDay can make all the difference. It could also drop him to the 3rd rd, but I doubt it.

  5. While true, one could have a quick 10 yd split but not be able to finish strong, that is not often the case and even so it wouldn’t be this dramatic of a difference. Also, if you’re going into the NFL not being able to sprint for the entire 40 yds, that’s a problem. Oh by the way his 10 yd split at the combine was a 1.87, which is still pretty slow.

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