Dan Orlovsky hopes to change his Detroit storyline

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It was the Lionsiest play of the Lionsiest of seasons.

But old-new Detroit quarterback Dan Orlovsky said he can’t worry about returing to the scene of his crime against football.

The guy who ran out of the back of his own end zone for a safety during an 0-16 season said he’s confident in his own abilities, and that things will be much better now that he’s back as the backup.

“There’s not much I can say to unmask the things that happened or erase those things,” Orlovsky said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “My personal aspect of it is I knew I played well. We were just not a good football team. Did I have a part of that? Sure. I wish I played better in certain spaces, but I knew I played well, and I kind of look at it like this: It’s hard to play in this league for four years. It’s really, really hard to play it for 10 years.

“I get the fears maybe with obviously fans and whatnot, but the organization knows what they’re doing, and I know I’m a good player, and I certainly hope to just be part of changing some of that past, whether it’s directly or indirectly.”

That kind of glass-half-full optimism will be useful, although saying he played well makes you wonder what was in the glass.

He said much of the reason he wanted to come back was to work with Jim Caldwell again (after piloting the only two wins of 2011 with the Colts).

But if he can rewrite his own Detroit history, that might be nice too.


12 responses to “Dan Orlovsky hopes to change his Detroit storyline

  1. Maybe this time he could run out the back of the endzone whilst attempting to hand the ball to the RB

  2. Well that’s what Shaun Hill wanted to do last year, but then he was told to sit in the corner and not get noticed after sparking everybody’s attention in the preseason. Good luck to Dan ever seeing the field, so he should focus on those indirect contributions.

    But that’s fine that he said he played well, it’s not like he said he played great and it’s nice to finally get somebody associated with a previous Lions team to just be honest and admit they weren’t a good team. And he did say that in the event that he possessed the magical powers of wishing that he would use some of that towards playing better. It’s a polite way to say to yourself that you weren’t good enough. Maybe he is now, experience can’t be worth nothing.

  3. So, after living through the dreadful 0-16 season, I can honestly say that Orlovesky isn’t that bad for a backup. There were times that he played quite decent that season and he was far from a disaster in Indianapolis. In fact, he was the QB when Indy won their 2 games, if I’m not mistaken.

    While the running out of the back the end zone was bad, he wasn’t terrible.

  4. surviving a 0-16 season will only make you stronger and respected amongst your peers for not throwing any teammates under the bus. no1 wants to see any team go through a season like that. i think everyone was rooting for the lions to win a game that year.

  5. While Orlovsky may have a skill set that wasn’t fully or fairly on display during his first time around, Lions fans worldwide will hope that he never gets a chance to change the original impressions he left during that miserable season. If Orlovsky plays any extended regular season minutes that would mean that things have gone horribly wrong here, well beyond anything he could possibly fix. Let us all hope Stafford stays healthy.

  6. “That kind of glass-half-full optimism will be useful, although saying he played well makes you wonder what was in the glass.”

    This is a terrific line…well played, Mr. Gantt.

  7. oh for god’s sake. he stepped out of the end zone
    how many years ago, during an 0-16 season. people keep talking about it like he blew the super bowl. you can’t measure a player’s whole career by one play.

  8. As long as he’s still collecting a paycheck despite being totally worthless, he’ll be a happy camper.

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