Holmes likely will wait until after draft to pick next team


Of all the receivers available in 2014, only one owns a Super Bowl MVP trophy.  And he’s still not employed.

Per a league source, receiver Santonio Holmes likely will wait until after the draft to pick his next team.  With a deep class of receivers in the draft, it makes sense to see where the needs are after needs are addressed via the seven-round selection process.

A first-round pick of the Steelers in 2006, Holmes was traded by Pittsburgh little more than a year after making a catch for the ages to deliver a victory in Super Bowl XLIII — and in the aftermath of a four-game suspension for violation of the substance-abuse policy.

Holmes spent four years with the Jets, but had lackluster numbers amid injury issues and attitude concerns.

27 responses to “Holmes likely will wait until after draft to pick next team

  1. He should work out a pact with Chris Johnson to sign on as a pair to the right team that can both make the money right for each and really wants to win and needs a couple of extra weapons after loading up on Defense, OL, or QB in the draft. Some team might want to really load up on those areas and need to save a few extra picks to do it.

  2. Some of the free agencies moves have not been kind, here is one for sure.

  3. I don’t think this is a case of ‘wait[ing] until after the draft to pick his next team. If I’m searching for a job, I’m not going to wait for other companies to have a chance to fill their open position and then see what’s left. Sounds like no one wants him.

  4. I think this might be more of a case of teams waiting to see who they can draft before taking a chance on Holmes…

  5. Tone , you might just as well go back to where it all began, in the Pitts, with Pig Ben you guys can wallow in mediocracy at the bottom of the AFC north for the next 3 years, then ride off into the sunset of retirement in Ben’s Motorcycle side car, knowing you came full circle. Both of you winning rings early in your careers (thanks to a great defense) , then tarnishing your careers with scandals, etc. Only to finish off your careers on a declining non-playoff team, but at least you will have those long ago Lombardis to think about, and those ever popular Towels all the Pitts fans wave around and cry in at times. Choose your swan song carefully Holmes.

  6. He’ll end up a Raider after they fail to Draft Sammy Watkins (he’ll be gone before the Raiders pick at #5)

  7. Pick a team? REally? It’s like musical chairs, and when the music stops, there won’t be a seat for him.

  8. well, im sure its safe to say ot will either be Denver or Washington.
    very true. Washington would’ve done it years ago, but Holmes wanted to stay in New York. Carolina makes sense if they dont draft two WRs and if he accepts a very cheap deal.

  9. Steelers gave him away in return for a 5th round pick from the Jets.

    That 5th round pick? The Steelers used it to select Antonio Brown.

  10. And he used the ball as a prop in his TD celebration which would have put AZ in FG range in the end. Eff the steelers! Stole that trophy like Ben stole those buns!

  11. And I’m waiting until after the draft to decide if I’m going to start dating Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlet Johannson, or Mila Kunis.

  12. Greatest catch in the history of the Super Bowl. Even greater than Swann’s catches against Dallas.

    Would have liked Santonio coming back this year, but oh well.

    Did I say greatest catch ever, Steelers-haters. Love it.

  13. One of the clutchest catches in sb history. Tone will forever be a steeler after that catch. Just too bad he couldn’t finish his career off in Pittsburgh. Him and Big Ben could have continued to do special things.

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