Jay Gruden: We wanted to act fast when Eagles cut DeSean Jackson


Washington coach Jay Gruden wanted to act quickly when Philadelphia cut DeSean Jackson.

“He got released by Philadelphia, and as soon as that happened, it was, ‘Wow,’ for us,” Gruden said on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via CSNWashington.com. “Because obviously people around here have played against him a couple of times a year. Guys like that don’t come around very often and when they do, you have to do your due diligence, and you have to do whatever it takes to get the guy if you think he’s a fit. And we felt like he was a fit for us. So Bruce Allen [was] all systems go and made a play for him and [it] ended up working out to get him.”

Jackson made his first free agent visit to Washington, and Gruden said the whole organization was committed to persuading Jackson not to make any other visits.

“That was tough,” Gruden said of getting Jackson signed on his visit. “Bruce did some work. [Jackson’s] agent [Joel Segal] and [Allen], they went at it. I’m sure there was some talk about him going to [visit] other teams, [but] Bruce and DeSean’s agent hashed out a deal and DeSean agreed to it.”

Now Gruden needs to hope Jackson will make plenty of plays in Washington’s offense that make everyone say, “Wow.”

91 responses to “Jay Gruden: We wanted to act fast when Eagles cut DeSean Jackson

  1. They responded with “wow”????

    It was the worst kept secret in the NFL, and had been speculated upon relentlessly over a number weeks – especially here.

    Does Jay follow football?

  2. The Redskins picked the wrong Bengals Coordinator to be their head coach.

    Mike Zimmer led the Bengals to a top 5 defense last year with mediocre talent.

    Jay Gruden has led his offense to 1 TD in 3 whole playoff games.

  3. Wow it sounds nobody else put up much of a competitive fight to recruit him. There’s your reason to skip the other visits, because we are the only team that is pleading for you to join us while everybody else doesn’t care enough to be chomping at the bit to sign you. What’s there to think about? Plus we have DeAngelo Hall, and I doubt you want to walk past him on the way out and tell him you’re not with the program, he’s not going to let you leave until you say yes so save yourself the aggravation.

  4. Yeah, let’s rush to sign a guy who was dumped by his current team unceremoniously and all of his former coaches declined to sign. When you are at the bottom, I guess you can take those chances.

  5. Simply an Awesome signing! 2 number 1 receivers on one team.
    And the Skins get him at only $8million a year during HIS PRIME AGE.
    Again, Simply Awesome.

  6. he’s already missing OTA’s what a waste of 16million wait till they ask him why he didn’t make it and he just blows them off and there stuck with him for 2 more yrs at least

  7. Good luck on this pick.
    Lots of up side, BUT he is on vacation.
    HE sure shows team has an “I” in its spelling, from his perspective

  8. Jay sounds like a star struck teenager. Then again that’s how his older brother always sounds when on TV as well now that he’s in the broadcast booth. He may want to take a look at what his brother was really like when he was a coach.

    Between his RGIII statement and this one it’s clear that he’ll be doing whatever the players tell him to do once training camp starts.

  9. This team is making news left and right–off the field. As a Skins fan I’ve seen this act before and I’m not sure I like where this heading.

  10. I love how everybody is defending desean based on meeting him once of twice.

    I met OJ Simpson once at a yogurt place. Awesome guy. Got sprinkles and everything. I met Ray Carruth at the grocery store. I asked him to hand me a pack of cookies. Just handed them to me without killing me. And finally, I once saw Aaron Hernandez at the park. I jogged right by him. Did he shoot me? Nope. All of these guys seem like great guys based on my encounter with them.

  11. Welcome to the NFL, Jay…I think it was Jerry Glanville who famously said that NFL means ‘Not For Long’!

  12. They certainly “acted fast.” Whether they acted wisely is another question, one that we’ll find out about starting next season. As for him missing OTAs, it’s only for the first week, the ‘Skins were notified in advance (before he even signed the contract), and OTAs are voluntary, anyway. No biggie.

  13. They were in competition with themselves for his services and are patting themselves on the back for pulling it off?
    No other team had serious interest.
    Ok. Good job, boys.

  14. The Redskins’ embarrassment of riches continues. One Hall of Fame, Super Bowl coach retires, and they get the next superstar coach in Jay Gruden. The best players in the NFL like DeSean Jackson all want to play for the Redskins. Bruce Allen is the best GM in pro sports today and he knows how to identify talent and character and figure out the right pay for each player. The Redskins don’t get disappointing players, they don’t overpay and players love wearing the burgundy and gold. #RG3plusGrudenplusJacksonmeansevenmoreSuperBowlsthanbefore

  15. mmmmmm………I dunno…….I’ll be sold when the kid plays well consistently for 16 games

  16. “Due Diligence” and “acting fast” are not usually used together. The first time he flashes gang signs, it’s going to be a show here in DC!

  17. I love that NO ONE else was going to give him even $5 a year nor would guaranteed him more than one year, and Danny and the DC Morons gave him $16 M guaranteed two years!… Even if he doesn’t turn in to the massive cancer he is, the Me first player, in a locker room with little leadership, a new unproven coach, and RGME. Do the Skins Seriously think he’s the last piece in an SB puzzle?.. Cause if not you just locked down $8M to one player guaranteed for TWO seasons with a QB who’s sensitive, a corner that stinks but thinks he’s good, and a lockeroom full of potentially explosive guys. I don’t doubt the skins will be a bit better this year, but they have zero chance at an SB with this management style.

  18. Between the name and the fact that think they stole some sort of gem with Jackson, has me believing this is the worst run organization in sports, Classless

  19. fast acting was not necessary you were the only team that would offer more than a “show me” contract

  20. Skins will never have a top flight coach candidate or gm with Snyder as owner. Seriously, who would want to work for DS, knowing the track record of his disfunction as a business owner?

    Recent case in point, watch and read the Skins intro of the current HC – it was a grandstanding of Allen and his ego, not a courteous introduction of another HC. (Allen’s moment to pound his chest as sign of his competence and ‘stamp’ on the Skins). It was laughable and sad at the same time. I do not feel sorry or even truly care who the current HC is today. It all starts and ends with DS.

    The signing of morally questionable athletes is a sign of weakness and it never leads to solid foundation of team first mantra. Only weak ball clubs with weak ownership and weak history of success sink to this level.

    Final point, Skins do not know how to create good will with their players.

    This signing, bottom line, is a just a symptom of horrible ownership. It is about the $, not long term value or team.

  21. “Wow!” That’s also what MeSean said when he realized how easy it was to get the money. Washington, D.C. will remain a Fool’s Paradise as long as Dan Snyder is the owner. He thinks Gruden will fix the offense, just like he thought the Shanahans would too. The NFC East have two owners who think they’re GM’s. Too bad, too sad.

  22. Teams that sign their rivals players ALWAYS over value them because they have been burned by them. I have to think if the Eagles thought Jackson was willing to change the way he conducts himself, that he’d still be an Eagle. Buyer beware!

  23. Desean actually already had this vacation planned based on the Eagles schedule. He let the coaches know and the agreed he could still go. Keep on hating…you would be excited too if your team signed him. HTTR!

  24. Dear Eagle Fans,
    Why are ya’ll so upset with me? You all act like I quit the team, remember I got cut. I don’t understand where all the negativity is coming from, are ya’ll that really hurt that I’m now a Redskin? If you want to be mad at someone how about starting with Chip Kelly for TRYING to tarnish my name just because he didn’t want me on the team anymore. Anyway good luck this season and i’ll see ya’ll when I come visit with my new team. One last thing, best believe I’m going to torch ya’ll bitter assess when we play.

    Djax #HTTR

  25. For all of those criticizing DeSean for being on vacation: He probably already had it planned before he was released by the Eagles. Since the Eagles are not under a new Head Coach, they do not have the extra two weeks for Phase One of the workout program given to each team with a new coach. Therefore, his expectation was that he would not be in the facility for another week and a half. Please, don’t just jump in and say something that shows you know little to nothing about the issue.

  26. No draft picks, so they get one of the best receivers in the game instead. Sounds to me like a great move for the Skins. Time will tell, but Jackson vs. an unproven draft pick? I’ll take the All Pro and work on his attitude every time…. Good get….

  27. I’m loving all of the Washington enthusiasm over this whole situation. It’s gonna make it all the more sweet when Jackson keeps pulling the same antics he did in philly. The guy just got cut for character concerns and attitude issues and he’s already skipping Washingtonian first week of workouts. But hey it’s not like he needs to learn a new system or anything. Desean is stuck on stupid and the redskins fans and organization will learn the hard way.

  28. Dear Djax,

    We are upset with you BECAUSE you got cut, and it’s not becasue the Eagles don’t like yards and Tds. It’s your attitude. It’s upsetting. Luckily, it seems early like you aren’t taking resonsibility for it, so change is unlikely.

    Good luck, and I still have your jersey and will always be cool with you. But you go to far with the complaining about money and using on field slacking as leverage. Not professional or cool.


  29. For all those defending Desean being on vacation instead of postponing it upon learning of his chance to be with his new team in it’s first team activities with the new coach- you guys’ and desean will be good friends (insert pic of you and him gang signing).

  30. The issue for Washinton isn’t whether DeSean will make enough great plays that will make everyone say “wow”, it’s whether he does enough things to undermine Gruden to make him say “I can’t take this guy anymore.”

  31. Had to act quick plane was leaving for vacation. OTAs? Who needs them, rg me and his logo are representing. See you on payday. Lol.

  32. Jay gruden is a horrible offensive coordinator neither he nor zimmer will be missed both were useless coaches who were dragging player progress down

  33. BTW to answer your question of who would want to work for Daniel Snyder? I can name you 3 Hall of Fame coaches, & a worthy Hall of Fame caliber offensive coordinator in Norv. Ohhhh what have they won? Nothing significant, thus the hiring of a modern football mind needing a chance and talent to coach up.

  34. One of the few signing that makes all the sense in the World.

    As to why the Eagles handled the release so poorly we will never know other than egos.

  35. They say jealousy is a sickness. Foles(Folds) completed an NFL high 71% of his passes to that man. We will take that. Thanks bridesmaids of the NFC East.

  36. Its so funny how many Philly fans post here being “homers” and hating that their division rival signed DJ and desperately trying to find every negative angle they can. This will go down as the worst release in NFL history. Do you remember the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Do you remember Forest Wittaker DESTROYING that offense when he thought they vandalized his awesome Trans Am? Thats gonna be how DJ responds to the dumb Eagles.
    Twice a year!! You guys blew it BIG TIME.

  37. DeSean is in for a rude awakening when he’s wide open, and RG3, can’t see him over his offensive line and says, “Nah, I’ll just tuck and run instead”.

  38. 1. “The Skins got him for only 8M a year–IN HIS PRIME!!” Yes, now ask yourselves why. He gave up 10.5M this year being a major headache in Philly. Why would ANYONE take a 2.5M paycut???

    2. The next BRILLIANT NFL coach?? Hardly. The Eagles, under a coach that NEVER coached in the NFL put 3 TDs up against a defense in his first NFL playoff game–how many TDs have Gruden’s Bengals sscored in 3 playoff games??

    3. 3 HOF coaches?? He practically had to beg Gibbs to come back and coach and he didn’t last long because he didn’t agree with Danny the Fan; you saw what happened to Shanahan–he had one playoff year in 4 years. Who’s the other HOF coach? Schottenheimer?? Don’t know when he got into the Hall. And he lasted all of one season.

    No, when Jackson starts waving his arms in disgust when he isn’t thrown the ball, or him and RG3 have an animated discussion on the sideline because he didn’t get enough passes thrown to him, or when he disappears in games because of coverage, then the Skins and their fans know what they’ve bought. In 6 playoff games, he has averaged 3 catches and 45 yards. And he also has 2 TD catches–in 6 games.

  39. all coaches more interested in cashing big checks and not win want to work for danny boy, thats who.

    and to andre bad moon rison; we heard the same stuff when mcnabb arrived there too. wait til dsean quits for a season because he doesn’t want to get hit till he gets a new deal. wait til the cornerbacks punk him out and knock him off his route.. has no heart and makes no blocks..

    and even if dsean turns out to actually play hard for d.c., he can’t play defense so they will still suck…

  40. DJAX lights up the highlight reel, but disappears in big games.

    But that’s OK, because when you are the Redskins, there haven’t been many big games since the 1980s.

  41. Honest question Eagles fans. If the Eagles kept Desean Jackson would you all be bashing him? Raiders fans if he left Washington with no deal and the Raiders signed him would you be bashing the move? If no then you are an obvious hater right? Thus why I said jealousy is a sickness. BTW what have the Eagles ever won? Rocky Balboa a fictional character in Philly. Not Julius Serving, Joe Frazier, Allen Iverson, Reggie White, Donovan McNabb, or even Brian Dawkins. The Redskins have more prestige and fans in Pennsylvania than the Eagles ever will. You know this.

  42. $16 million for a wide receiver when you have no offensive line, and a QB with rubber bands holding his knees together. This is why the Skins are mired in mediocrity.

  43. Kool… Did u just say there’s more redskins fans in PA then eagles fans….Last game against the cowgirls last year in Washington… tell me how many cowgirl fans did u let into YOUR stadium???? Embarrassing

  44. I’m just wondering, both sides were so impressed with what they saw and heard that he didn’t even bother visiting any other team. Yeah right, a supposedly talented and game changing receiver not getting any other looks and offer from any other team?

    I’m just waiting for this whole circus to implode, AGAIN!

    Washington Redskins, a dependable source of laughter and amusement since…. well…..

  45. I don’t know which is better, signing Jackson because he wouldn’t be Kelly’s wittle bittle student, or getting to read all these crybaby Philly fan comments now that he is a Redskin. Keep the stories coming footballtalk.

    Cry on beagles, cry on.

  46. Oh, the Redskins will be better than your team this year probably. Unless your team is the World Champion, at least. If you’d like to avoid heartache this year, the 12th man will take you in, provided you buy a BMode or DangeRuss jersey, and burn the ugly rags of your current, inferior team. The time to join is now, we’ve just started the dynasty!!

  47. Yes I sure did say that. Again, the Redskins have more fans in the state of Pennsylvania than the Eagles do. They also have more fans in both Carolinas than the Panthers do. Slammed81 how’d that NFC East championship turn out with something on the line in Fed Ex? What have the Eagles ever won in your lifetime? Huh? Like I thought. Riley Cooper caught how many passes and he got paid what? Man hush.

  48. DeSean is a nice piece to the puzzle for what Gruden likes to do people….admit it. Jay likes to spread the field, and who are you going to double on the outside, you double DeSean and Garcon goes off, you double Garcon and DeSean goes off.

    Cut it out with all this hate, and stop believing everything you read and hear.


  49. I have been a DALLAS COWBOY fan since 1970 and I can honestly say the only reason MY team has remained the least bit relevant in the division this past 17 years is because of other teams making moves as bad as Jerry Jones. Dream team in Philly what a joke. The skins riding with the only worse QB in the division than we have Griffin. And the giants just self destructing under. They get rid of the players who get them to the super bowl and win it and keep the losers. As a Cowboys fan all I can hope is that it continues, Thank you Washington for keeping this guy in our division He is one of the only guys carr can SHUT down lol Washington losers and always will be change coaches change players you will always be losers.

  50. Nice piece of the puzzle lol yeah it helps keep carr on the Cowboys another year because is one of the 2 carr can shut down along with the loser on the giants lol 55 mil to shut down 2 guys not bad for carr

  51. I didn’t see where Kool said he was a Cowboys fan. But I am . I have lived just north of Pittsburgh my entire life. Living here I can tell you steeler fans don’t think they have ever lost a game honestly . They always make excuses the refs Jerry Paid Neil. What ever it is. But as much as I hate to say It I call things as it really is. The skins have No fans in Pa. If Philly people go for any team other than the eagles its not the skins that’s for sure its the steelers. By the way they both suck lol keep making moves to keep my team relevant until Jerry dies and what has the skins won ? Give me a break and with the only qb worse than the one we have in the division we look good lol

  52. Does anyone else get the feeling that a lot of Eagles fans are very, very anxious about facing DeSean twice a year for some time? That’s my take from all the rants about him failing in Washington. Don’t kid yourselves. Your incompetent front office just made a division rival a very dangerous team. Deep in your gut you know it. You couldn’t have watched him for 6 seasons and not realize what a home run hitter he is any time he touches the ball.

  53. ” have been a DALLAS COWBOY fan since 1970 and I can honestly say the only reason MY team has remained the least bit relevant in the division this past 17 years ”

    dude there is NOTHING relevant about that team. 3 straight years the chance to win the division during the last game, at home no less, and 3 straight chokes. And those 8-8 seasons were an improvement over what came before. If that’s relevant that’s a pretty low bar you set.

  54. Janvan you just proved my point . 3 years in a row my team could have won the division with Jerry and a 8-8 record. Why is that ? Because the other teams in the division keep making the same mistakes as Jerry and I hope it continues until Jerry is gone. Phillys dream team the skins with the worst QB in Football and the giants cutting players who won them super bowls. Keep it up and maybe next year my Cowboys will win with a 8-8 record. Skins are losers and always will be. What have they ever one a super bowl once upon a time and the eagles have NEVER won anything and never will. chip or not they will always lose and the skins will as long as they have the worst qb in the NFL and let him run your team. Keep signing cast offs and Dallas will always play for the division with 8-8 record. Jerry will only live so long lol

  55. I’m really only concerned with DeSean as a punt returner.. As a reciever just put a jam on him and force him to go over the middle.. He wont.

  56. I love when super Bowl winning coaches go to other teams and lose. Fans say he sucks cant coach game has passed him by. They never think it is the players. Just like a lot of Cowboys fans will make excuses for Ware the fact is he is 32 has played a lot of games and is done. The coaches don’t forget how to coach. I remember Giants fans about to run Tom out of the city then the next year he wins a super Bowl and they love him again. lol The coaches coach the players play if your team sucks its because your players suck

  57. Even in college players are the only thing that matters. Look at Ohio state. They win every yr. They are in the top 5 in the polls every year. Changed coaches nothing changed. They just kept rolling on. But what happens when they face teams not ranked as high but have better players ? Ill tell you they lose. Exception when Jim won them the title playing Tressel ball Just saying.

  58. I get why Gruden was excited to add a offensive weapon like Jackson. What he can bring on the field is obvious however what he can do to your locker room isn’t so obvious. We will see how this one plays out. Another T.O. maybe?

  59. Without a pass rush who is slow Brandon Carr gonna shut down? LOL. That defense was burned all year even with Hatcher & the “threat” of Ware. Imagine now without them. Melton? Ok. I guess we know the 1st round pick is a RDE right? Those mediocre safeties have no range or ball hawking ability. Remember how RG3 did yaw on Thanksgiving? It will be like that from here on out. Redskins will dominate the NFC East. Claiborne is a bust. Scandrick who got all that money but has been torched actually starts? LOL. He finally had a decent season but still got torched. You all actually gave the Chiefs 2nd best CB 55 million? That’s comedy. How about the contract & production you all got out of WR Miles Austin? LOL. What did Austin make per hamstring injury? The Star means nothing now.

  60. Again, the Redskins have more fans in the state of Pennsylvania than the Eagles. You do know steelpalace that the Redskins have been on the Eastern Seaboard since 1932? Do the math, that’s 82 years this year. Thousands of Redskins fans have been driving from Pennsylvania to Fed EX & RFK Stadium for decades. The Redskins season ticket waiting list has been full for over 30 years or so. RFK Stadium only fit 55k at capacity, which is why Fed Ex Stadium was built to hold 90k. Even with the extra 35k seats the ticket waiting list is still full for another 20 years. Here it is a dude from Steeler country became a Cowboys fan. Go figure.

  61. Another T.O. maybe? Isn’t that your very own Dez Bryant? Hold your breath for Desean going off on Sean McVay, Jay Gruden, or RG3. Didn’t Dez disrespect Team Captain Jason Witten & Team Captain DeMarcus Ware had to yoke him by the collar & calm him down?

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