Jimmy Garoppolo visits with Bucs

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Mike Glennon said Tuesday that he still thinks he has a shot at winning the starting quarterback job in Tampa this season despite the addition of Josh McCown in free agency.

The Buccaneers, meanwhile, continue to meet with some of the top quarterback prospects in this year’s draft. Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater visited with the team on Monday and Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune reports that Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo met with the team on Tuesday.

At this point, it’s impossible for anyone but the Bucs to know if they’re meeting with the quarterbacks to keep other teams guessing or if they’re planning to pick a quarterback to move ahead of Glennon as a potential future starter. Garoppolo is likely to come off the board on the second day of the draft while Bridgewater is expected to go in the first round, so the Bucs could go in just about any direction. That will keep other teams on their toes and, potentially, lead someone to jump ahead of the Bucs if they feel there’s a chance of their desired player landing in Tampa.

Both Bridgewater and Garoppolo, who has also visited with the Browns, are slated to visit with the Jaguars on Wednesday.

11 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo visits with Bucs

  1. He’s probably just checking the team out in case he wants to sign with them for his second contract which is when Josh McCown will be coming up to retirement and there will be a job to campaign for.

  2. Do yourself a favor Jimmy and do a TERRIBLE job in Tampa, jah forbid you get stuck with the Offense Killer Lovie Smith.

  3. Glennon beat out Wilson? Lmfao. Once again a genius shows his intelligence.

    Bridgewater and Garoppolo will be the two best QB’s out of this draft. Book it.

  4. they can have all the praise and awards they want until they play for lovie smith. the guy has no clue what offense is. kick a field and have the lead? count on running every play until 2 min. warning and wonder your qb could not pull the game out when everyone knows you have to pass. tampa will be improved and win more games but it will be all defense all the time. here is your offense tampa fans,run on first and second down then throw a wide receiver screen on third. on the rare occasions you throw the ball to the tight end and he catches and gains 20 yards make sure you do not throw to him the rest of the game. go ahead and look at bears game tape while he was there if you don’t believe me. the fact he signed a journeyman qb and named him the starter based on 5 games out of his time in the league should tell you all you need to know. I pity whoever they draft or sign. doomed to fail under lovie.

  5. I think garrapolo will be one of the better qb’s n this draft but I think that success will only come if he sits behind a vet for a couple years which he can do in tampa, also as a bucs fan I think glennon would give us a better chance to win now but being that he came from the previus regime he will become trade fodder for the draft or maybe a later time if we dont draft a qb he will stay if we do hes gone…. Oh and glennon did beat russel wilson out of the qb1 job at nc state leading to wilsons transfer thats a fact.

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