Jimmy Haslam hints he’ll match any offer sheet to Alex Mack

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Owner Jimmy Haslam seems pretty confident that center Alex Mack will remain with the Cleveland Browns next season even if he’s signed to an offer sheet by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Haslam seemed to indicate the Browns are prepared to match any offer sheet given to Mack by the Jaguars.

“We remain optimistic that Alex Mack will be a Cleveland Brown for a long time,” Haslam said. “”We want him to be. I think we’ve made it very clear that he’s the kind of person, the kind of player we want in our organization.”

When asked if he’d match any offer from Jacksonville, Haslam just smiled and said, “We want Alex to be a Cleveland Brown.”

The Browns placed the transition tag on Mack in March. Mack would make $10.039 million with Cleveland this season if he were to sign the tender. The Jaguars – or any other interested teams – have until July 22 to sign tagged players to an offer sheet. The Browns would then have five days in which to watch the offer. If no offer sheet is signed and Mack still hasn’t signed his tender with Cleveland by that point, his rights would still revert exclusively to the Browns.

A source told PFT the Browns would match an offer sheet with $22 million guaranteed to Mack “in a second.” It indicates the importance Cleveland feels in keeping one of the league’s best centers in town.

39 responses to “Jimmy Haslam hints he’ll match any offer sheet to Alex Mack

  1. Hey Jags, sign him to a sheet with $30M guaranteed. Either you make Haslam eat his words and land one of the best centers at the game (at a high price), or you make him spend some of that cap room and make your own lives a little easier in free agency next year.

  2. “We remain optimistic that Alex Mack will be a Cleveland Brown for a long time,”

    Yup. Alex Mack has shown this offseason that he really wants to be a Brown. Lol. Hows the long term contract negotiations goin? All we are going to do is overpay the guy for one 8-8 year if were lucky, and lose him to the Pats in free agency next year. If the guy doesnt want to be here, let him go. Recind the offer, tell him 7 mill a year for 5 years or hit the door. We have plenty of draft picks to draft his replacement.

  3. This is the first and only time the Browns have used a transition designation on a player. If Mack walks, they get nothing for him.

    I think this is what they’re saying: they won’t let him go, even if his agent is wetting himself to get Mack out of there. Maybe Alex will feel different this time next year and maybe he’ll still walk, but in the meantime, he’s going to become the best compensated center in the history of the nfl. Is he really going to hate the Browns for that?

  4. Will be hard to keep him if he decides to wait till next year when he’ll again be a free agent, again.

  5. If the Browns match the offer sheet to Mack, they also need 4 other OLineman that can run block. They havent been able to run block for at least 2 years. Please draft some quality run blocking OLineman in rounds 3 and after. Get your playmakers early in the draft and OLineman from 3rd round on

  6. Why?

    Mack’s a whiner and got his feelings hurt when George Warhop the O-line coach got fired.

    If Warhop was so good why was Mack exposed in double A gap blitzes?

    Jimmy? Save your money, a 3rd round center can perform well in the new Shanahan zone block scheme!

  7. Please don’t do it Jimmy, from a life long Browns Fan. Mack does not want to be in Cleveland. Let him leave. He’s a center, for crying out loud. He’s important, but not 10-12 million bucks important. Besides, like I said, he wants out. I don’t want anyone who does not want to be here and is only about money, although with that last sentence, I just fingered 98% of football players…….

  8. If they would match any offer, how come they haven’t “matched” Mack’s offer? They’ve been negotiating for a while now and they’ve failed to reach an agreement. If Mack says he wants $x, and Cleveland says no, then Jacksonville signs Mack for $x, Cleveland would match that? That doesn’t make any sense. I think they’re bluffing, and Jacksonville should call their bluff.

  9. Nice quote..
    You’re about to have the rest of the league drain your cap space Jimmy…

  10. Interesting to note that this comment was made by the owner not the new GM Ray Farmer. If Mack received a ridiculous offer, does that mean Jimmy will immediately match it? Sounds like Jimmy enjoys making the key personnel calls reminiscent of Jerry Jones’ “hands on” ownership style. We don’t hear Paul Allen in Seattle making these sort of statements, or Mara, or Rooney or many other owners.

  11. Browns handled this only way they could with Transition tag. Mack’s agent overplayed his hand, but got a big payday for himself – which is what this was really all about.

  12. The Browns hold all the cards here. If they want Mack to remain a Brown, at least this year, he will be.

  13. Unless Jacksonville is going to offer him a one year deal for $10 mil that guarantees he won’t get the franchise tag, there’s really no other option than to just sign the tender and be the highest paid center of all time for one season.

  14. We are on the RISE. Ya’ll keep laughing at us as an organization all you want. Then when we come to your field and kick in your teeth, we will have the last laugh!!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  15. I said it before, Jaguars and Browns, two cellar dwellers trying to waste money so they can hit the league minimum on the salary cap since it went up. Both have no desire to pay 15 mil for a center but both want to raise their cap so they aren’t fined for not hitting the minimum. It makes no sense for either to try to get the best players in free agency but overpaying for one of the least expensive positions on the field is sheer genius if you choose to lose. Clearly that’s the case.

  16. Way to negotiate against yourself! “I, Jimmy Haslam, invite any team to negotiate the worst contract imaginable because I’ll sign it no matter what.” Truly destined to be doormats forever…

  17. Why pay this kind of money to protect Hoyer or some other rookie scrub? Haslam and the turds will always be the laughingstock of the league.

  18. Not for nothin’ but shouldn’t the GM be the one to say/not say this type of thing? Does anyone see a Little Jerry in Jimmy? This is what I find concerning… for Browns fans, that is.

  19. All you people who say the Jags should sign Mack to a ridiculous offer so the Browns have to match it; How freakin funny would it be if Jacksonville made that “ridiculous” offer and the Browns DID NOT match it? The Jags would be on the hook and THAT would be seriously funny!

  20. It’s nice to know that the Browns have the most cap money, of any team in the NFL.

    In fact, Haslam has more change under his couch cushions than Rooney’s Steelers have in cap room.

  21. The only reason Mack and his agent don’t sign the tender is that there going to atleast get as much publicity out of this thing as they can.
    The league will shoot down any rediculous posin pill/illegal contract his agent tries to make. The gottem dead to rights!!!! booyah!!!

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