John Fox didn’t want to go through another lame-duck year


John Fox didn’t want to go through a 2010 again.

Of course, things are a little different now for the Broncos coach, who avoided another lame-duck season with last week’s contract extension.

Fox told Mike Klis of the Denver Post that having gone through the same process with the Panthers prior to his final season there, he was bracing for the worst.

“That’s never easy,” Fox said. “I’ve done it before. I was prepared, but that’s not something you’d like to do. This is the ultimate good thing to happen. I think it’s a good deal all the way around.

“There’s a personal side to this, too. My wife and I love it here. Shoot, my boys don’t even live here and they love it here. We’ve got great fans. I love working for Pat Bowlen. John Elway is a great boss. It’s a great organization. All of that plays a part in it.

“Now, that’s all good and dandy but, shoot, we’ve still got work to do. We’ve made some progress but we haven’t reached our ultimate goal yet and that’s a world championship.”

Of course, he’s trying to win a championship with Peyton Manning under center, which is a little different than when he was staring down the barrel of Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen in 2010. That had more to do with the Panthers bottoming out (and getting their own franchise quarterback) than Fox’s contract situation. Still, it was an ugly divorce with plenty of collateral damage, both personal and professional.

But with his status taken care of in Denver and Manning back after a record-setting year, Fox also knows there’s a target that comes with it.

“Sure the expectations are high,” Fox said. “That comes with the territory. You understand the criticism. There’s three sets of hats. We’ve won the division hat every year for three. We’ve won one conference hat. Now we want to win the world championship hat. We haven’t done that yet. That’s our goal.”

Fox is a very good coach, and the new deal he got last week which goes through 2016 pays him as such. He’s won playoff games with far lesser quarterbacks than Manning, but he knows this is his best chance, with the Broncos going all-in for players such as DeMarcus Ware this offseason.

9 responses to “John Fox didn’t want to go through another lame-duck year

  1. Defense wins championships. But we don’t know what kind of shape Ware is in and whether he’ll last all season.

    Manning himself is not and never has been the answer. Give him a defense and we might be able to talk.

  2. Everybody see’s Fox as just an average head coach. Love the guy as a person, but I feel like he just doesn’t have what it takes to win the big one as a head coach…

  3. So what happened on Feb 2, 2014?
    Why were you not prepared? Why did your team look like a bunch of 50 year old bums? You had everything but you never showed anything!
    What happened, Joh

  4. I know everyone is going to thumbs down this comment but doesnt John Fox come across as a confused old man, I mean obviously he has been a pretty successful coach but even when I have heard him wired up he sound like he is just guessing at what his team should do and just acting on a whim. I mean he seems like a nice guy but more like a dude that would be working as a mall Santa or maybe a high school P.E. teacher. It just seems like these NFL coaches have infinite football knowledge, where as Fox may have gotten the job by winning some radio contest and on top of everything they hand him Peyton Manning.

  5. Fox has quite a supporting cast with Manning and the offensive coordinator running a offense that scores every possession and Elway as GM.

    When Fox went out with his heart, the Broncos didn’t seem to notice he was gone. Fox made sure he got back in time for the SB run before they realized they didn’t really need him.

    “is what it is” as he would say.

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