Johnny Manziel, Derek Carr and others en route to Jacksonville


The Jaguars obviously need a quarterback. But they need other stuff too, which is why they’re casting a wide net this week.

In addition to having Buffalo outside linebacker Khalil Mack in yesterday, the Jaguars are busy this week with other guests.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Jags are also hosting Auburn tackle Greg Robinson and Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, who’ll be followed by Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr and UCLA linebacker Antony Barr.

It’s the season for smokescreens and deception, but also due diligence.

The Jaguars have to be prepared to make their quarterback call based on what happens in front of them, but can’t be blinded to other needs. Though they’ve had an active and productive offseason, finding a pass-rusher is still a need, and a gifted protector such as Robinson is always going to be good value.


8 responses to “Johnny Manziel, Derek Carr and others en route to Jacksonville

  1. I really see both Manziel and Bridgewater being successful QB’s. I would personally rather Manziel b/c our line is atrocious and I think he is more likely to make something out of nothing when things break down. I doubt we get either. because jaguars.

  2. I’d like to see them trade back, & grab another 2nd rounder. The 1st round pick goes to UNC TE. With their 1st 2nd round pick QB, & the other pick interior line. It’ll completely remake their O. Improved line, QB to groom, WR’s & their FA HB.

    Rounds 3-7 work on the D side.

  3. you make it sound like they are shopping. “2 for 1 special on quarterbacks today, I have my coupon”

  4. My heart wants Manziel to succeed because he is a polarizing figure (different type, but not unlike Sherman) and the NFL could always use another superstar….

    But my brain says Manziel is too concerned with being that “celebrity man guy.” He has always been king in texas and i feel like he wouldn’t be able to handle all the negative press that will come his way if he is asked to start this year…

    Hoping for a Star, expecting a bust….

  5. regardless of whom they choose.. I see thee Jags as maybe being one of the surprise most improved teams this coming season.

    What Gus Bradley was able to do and get from that talent base towards the end of the season and with all the right/better pieces in place…

  6. Take Clowney or trade back! Henne will be fine this year, draft a QB later(3rd-5th). The talent in most other positions is high, this years qb class isn’t “strong”.

  7. Here is where we see the differences between offensive and defensive coaches. Top three pick and I guarantee they go defense. Sucks because Johnny Jaguar would roll off the tongue nicely.

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