Khalil Mack visiting Jaguars, Rams this week


The team with the second overall pick in the draft and the team with the third overall pick in the draft are both taking a long look at former Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack.

Mack is visiting Jacksonville today and tomorrow and St. Louis Thursday and Friday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Although he didn’t play at a football powerhouse, Mack was an outstanding college player and is widely viewed as the second-best defensive player in the draft, after South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

In fact, some people think that while Mack lacks Clowney’s freakish athleticism, Mack’s work ethic and mental approach to the game make him better than Clowney. There hasn’t been much buzz of the Texans considering Mack with the first overall pick, but it doesn’t look like Mack will have to wait long to hear his name called on draft night.

28 responses to “Khalil Mack visiting Jaguars, Rams this week

  1. Return of the Mack. He’ll always have a fetching british hip-hop tune to walk out of the tunnel to..

  2. This guy is the next Patrick Willis. If your not sold on a qb, id take this guy easily in top 5.

  3. By playing in the MAC, the level of competition Mack faced has to be taken into account.

    Work ethic and mental approach can only get a player so far in the NFL, size, speed and, yes, freakish athleticism, are considerable tools for success in the league.

    Mack certainly will be a first-round (and most likely a top-five) pick this draft, but caveat emptor.

  4. Rams could conceivably snag both Mack and a top 3 OT. Khalil won’t make it to pick #13 so he would need to be the #2 pick.

  5. This kid may very well be the second coming of LT. But not being familiar with Buffalo or their schedule, before I drafted him, I’d want to take a good look at how many players from which he forced that record number of fumbles will be in an NFL camp this summer (much less playing next season).

  6. The Rams need O-line help no doubt about it but line coach Paul Boudreau is known for making average lineman better. They could wait until round 2 to draft O-line and draft Mack at 2 and Clinton-dix at 13. That would be a downright scary defense

  7. The sad part is that he’s a PERFECT fit for what the Texans need – an OLB in the 3-4 that not only can rush but can also drop in coverage.

  8. The “crap competition” guy obviously didn’t see Mack get 10 tackles, 2.5 sacks, and a pick 6 vs Ohio State.

  9. mack and dix have been my two for the rams for a few weeks, only if the rams cant trade down for more picks. but a front four that includes quinn and long with brockers et al a lb corp of laurinitis ogletree and mack and a secondary of jenkins johnson and dix would be not scary but hellishly scary GO RAMS!! oh and btw this defense would be in the capable hands of the nfls defensive mad scientist gregg williams thats scary at another level as well>!!

  10. There is so much talk of QB’s going to teams like the Jags but if Mack is sitting there it will damn hard for Browns/Jags/Raiders/Vikings to pass on him even though they need a QB.

  11. Mack won’t fall to #8. Maybe #5. The Vikings won’t get him. Possibly Barr will be around at #8, so the Vikings should grab him. However, Tampa Bay will most likely grab Barr. Which leaves them with either Mosely or a cornerback. No QB in the first round. Probably the 2nd.

  12. And the Ohio State team that beat up on a terrible conference, got dominated by Michigan in the Big Ten title game then embarrassed by Clemson?

  13. The Rams have to plan like they could be drafting anywhere from #2 to #8 so Mack may not be in the plans at 2, but bringing him in for a visit still makes a lot of sense.

  14. For this kids sake, let’s hope STL doesn’t draft him. We r desperate in 4 other areas. This kid plays a position that certainly we need help in…but we’re not as desperate at (see safety, WR, Cornerback, QB even). Over/under on games played by Bradford/Saffold is currently at 12. I’ll take the under…thank You.

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