Mike Glennon’s going to keep competing for starting job


New Bucs coach Lovie Smith made it clear the first time he was asked that Josh McCown was his starting quarterback.

But the guy he replaced said he still thinks he has a chance to compete.

Last year’s starter, Mike Glennon, said he appreciates Smith being up-front but isn’t going to back down.

“He just said, ‘to start out, there’s got to be a person to start that goes out with the first group first and that person is Josh,”’ Glennon said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “Lovie said to me and to the team yesterday the best players are going to play. And I don’t think that’s any different for the quarterback position.”

They’re so adorable when they’re young.

McCown was given a $10 million contract for a reason, and it wasn’t to push the third-round pick who posted a 4-9 record playing for a shipwreck of a team.

The 34-year-old McCown is a proven commodity to Smith, and will be able to help him stabilize one position while he brings a new philosophy to Tampa.

Glennon’s not without promise, as he played acceptably well at times last year. But he hasn’t played well enough or long enough to convince many that he should be starting over McCown.


17 responses to “Mike Glennon’s going to keep competing for starting job

  1. I hope Glennon goes after it. Considering the coaching staff around him last year, and the bad vibes in the team around him, he did a damned good job. Josh is OK, but can be very inconsistent. I think Glennon proved last year that he will be an amazing quarterback in the future.

  2. This kid got some valuable experience last season. Had pretty damn good numbers with basically only Vjax and a rookie TE to throw to.

    McCown is good but id like to see Glennon start week 1 this year.

    GO BUCS!

  3. Mccown was a 2nd string QB at best for 10 years. He struck gold throwing to Marshall and Jeffries for 6 games, and good for him. But if Glennon has a better camp and looks great in the preseason, I’m not sure why you would be so locked into Mccown that you overlook a younger option with more upside. Obviously you paid the man, but the better QB should start, or the younger QB if both are seen as equals.

  4. McCown hasn’t played well enough FOR long enough to convince me that he should be starting over Glennon. That was an impressive 5 games you had last year, Josh…but I’ve seen the rest of your career. While we did need a veteran QB on the roster, this one shouldn’t have been handed a starting job over Glennon out of the blue.

  5. Aren’t Glennon’s numbers and McCown’s career numbers pretty much the same? Its just that McCown has a 20 year head start.

    Glennon should start, McCown should be mentoring. (Actually McCown should be in Chicago and Grossman should be mentoring but that’s a whole other problem).

    Go Bucs?

  6. McCown was coaching high school a few years ago, and a half-season of good play with a killer WR corps has not changed who he is. As a Bucs fan, I’d much rather see Glennon get a shot; he’s raw, had a tendency to fade late in games, and needs plenty of work, but he’s at least got the possibility of being something. We know who Josh McCown is, and that’s all he’s going to be.

    Of course, if Teddy Bridgewater is magically available at #7, everything is moot.

  7. Glennon has something almost every Bucs QB ever hasn’t: A very bright mind. He’s probably the smartest QB the Bucs have ever had, by far. If nothing else Buc fans know he’s gonna work hard and always be ready. Can’t ask for much more than that.

  8. I also hope that Glennon becomes the starter. McCown’s upside potential is known. Nothing against him, but he is basically average.

    Glennon was thrown into a fairly messed up situation last year with Schiano / Freeman break-up and performed probably better than expected. He is a feel-good story and easy to root for. I hope Glennon plays in the league for a long time.

  9. Mike, Lovie said “Josh is my Quarterback”, although the question was phrased differently but that’s what he said and that was the title of the PFT story when he declared who his QB is. He was VERY clear and didn’t say anything with a cool vibe to you or other QBs that want that job. It’s not about being the best player at all, it’s about Josh already being chosen to be your Head Coach’s QB. Don’t be disillusioned, instead you should complain to your GM and the Owner if you think you are better than Josh. Don’t bother trying to explain it to the Coach, you’re wasting your breath and he doesn’t care what you think about your own skills and abilities, that is not the kind of coach he has set out to be.

  10. only lovie would declare a journeyman qb with 5 good games last season his starter. that is because he loves his veterans and trust them to hand the ball off except on third down when it’s time to throw the old wide receiver screen that nobody will see coming. as a bears fan have fun with the josh is my qb and the whole get off the bus running offense. sorry Mike but you have zero chance at being the starter since you are not his kind of qb. young full of promise and willing to take a chance down field. you are doomed especially if he follows through on his threat to draft a qb in round 1. your best bet is either demand a trade or play so lousy he cuts you.

  11. I thought Glennon looked good last year for a rookie, probably the best of any of last year’s rookie QB class, not saying much compared to the prior year, but I don’t get Smith anointing a aging backup, no matter how well he played last year.

  12. Smith seems to want Glennon out of Tampa Bay – bringing in McCown is one thing but having all these rookie QBs come in is another. Glennon showed a ton of promise last year – he played on a dysfunctional team without the benefit of being anointed the starter from day 1 due to the headcase that was Josh Freeman. Glennon came in and looked so much better than Freeman had in a few seasons.

    Glennon totally outperformed both other rookie QBs – Geno Smith and EJ Manuel last year and he seems to be the only one who not guaranteed a starting job.

  13. One would hope, that if Lovie had it to do over again, he’d be a little more diplomatic than what has been reported in the press. I don’t give a damn about philosophy, I want double digit wins and I’d like them all to act professional.

  14. McCown vs glennon should be one of the best QB competitions this year hopefully lovie hasnt completely made his mind up about who his QB is gonna be.

  15. Was I the only person online who saw what happened to Glennon after everyone in the NFL figured him out? That is QB rating and performance dropped like a rock? Against Buffalo, he completed 9 of 25, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, and got a rating of 40. Then he got a 75.5 against the 49ers. Add to that a 78.7 against the Rams and a 75 against the Saints – and you have a rookie QB who is struggling to get things going. Early on his QB rating was well above 100 for three games.

    Glennon MAY become a starting QB. What he showed last year is that he has a head on his shoulders, the only question is he really consistant enough to become a full-time starter. Time will tell, but McCown is an insurance policy for the short term if Glennon never amounts to anything. That is how this has to be looked at.

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