Nate Burleson wants to be a mentor to Josh Gordon

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When wide receiver Nate Burleson signed with the Browns, he got a message from former Lions teammate Calvin Johnson.

Johnson told Burleson that Josh Gordon was a good receiver, which Burleson took as high praise from a player as talented and as quiet as Johnson. While Burleson plans to rebound after missing much of 2013 with a broken arm, saying he can “tap dance” to 1,000 receiving yards if healthy, he also thinks that he can help the team by mentoring Gordon off the field to help keep him out of the trouble that’s already led to a suspension.

“If I can take a guy out to dinner, hang out outside of the locker room, then I’m definitely going to do that because that’s one of the more important times when the lessons are learned, when you’ve got the jerseys off and you kind of unveil yourself and it’s not all football,” Burleson said, via the Akron Beacon Journal. “That’s how I got so close to the receiving corps in Detroit. That’s how I was able to really get to know Calvin on a personal level because we spent so much time with each other off the field. That’s the plan. I’m going to continue to do that. That’s part of my nature, though. That’s just who I am. I’m a social butterfly, and I feel like positive conversation, positive reinforcement is always going to supersede anything else.”

Running back Willis McGahee suggested Gordon needed a veteran receiver to mentor him last season, but the closest thing the Browns had was Davone Bess and his own off-field issues made him a poor choice for the role. Burleson has always been regarded as a strong locker room presence so he should be a better fit for that role as the Browns try to ensure Gordon is only a problem for the other 31 teams in the league.

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  1. Don’t be surprised if the Browns have a breakout season this year. Not saying that they’re playoff bound, but adding a rookie qb to the Gordon, Cameron, Tate, and Burleson offense is going to immediately improve them. Add in a proven defense, and this is a young team on the rise. Hooray for the Browns!

  2. Who’s going to be the mentor for Burleson? We need somebody with vast knowledge on how not to break an arm reaching for a pizza.

  3. joemammy says:
    Apr 8, 2014 8:43 AM
    Thank you, Detroit, for turning this guy loose! Go Browns!!
    Well, you’re welcome. Because, as you can see, Calvin Johnson is a grown man.

  4. Guys and gals, Browns can’t do well this season regardless of Burleson and others acquired via free agency…. Kevin Costner is the new GM! This team is dooooomed! Ahahah!

  5. I said it the day it happened and I’ll say it again: the Browns are going to the playoffs, and it won’t be because of Bureleson, or Gordon, or Hoyer, or anyone else not named Mike Pettine. He’s a good coach, and he will win more games than he will lose in Cleveland.

  6. donte whitner says he’s a 49er for life and he’ll wear his 49ers jersey underneath his browns jersey on gameday.

  7. Good. I like this. One thing we lacked last year was veteran leadership at the WR level. We had none. We had a guy who turned out to be a crazy weed head. I look forward to what the Browns are going to do this year.

    To quote Bart Scott, “CAN’T WAIT!”

  8. As a Lions fan, I think Burleson should be more concerned with earning his paycheck by being on the field catching passes instead of on the sideline in a cast. He’s so worried about mentoring everyone around him, maybe he should catch a pass or two.

  9. Costner got us three first round picks back, and a return man. He also got Mack and Jackson in the first round. Seattle should’ve never dealt with Sonny!

  10. See the mere mention of Kevin Costner creates controversy. Only 6 approvals… 1 by me BTW…lol … and 20 disapprovals. Wow!

    Truth is though, I’m rooting for Browns to do well in 2014. Glad they got their team back too. Organization has a lot of history & probably one of the best RB if not the best RB in history with Jim Brown.

  11. Cleveland is going to love this guy. He can still play but more importantly brings a positive voice to the Locker room. I don’t know a single Detroit fan who has a bad thing to say about him.

  12. the browns BETTER get Bridgewater if he’s there..they still have NO qb, and all the punks they’re considering not named TB to draft, are a joke.

  13. “Josh, Nathan was an excellent mentor to Titus Young.”

    Titus Young had a problem when he got to Detroit. Not even Nathan could help him.

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