NFLPA says “positive” discussions occurred on Tuesday

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The NFL and the NFLPA, with executive director DeMaurice Smith, a new president, and a dramatically reconfigured Executive Committee, got together on Tuesday to meet primarily about workplace behavior.

After the meeting ended, the union issued this statement:  “The discussions between owners and players about a professional workplace were positive.  We will continue to work together to set the highest workplace standards for everyone in the business of football.”

It’s unclear whether playoff expansion was discussed.  The NFLPA has been coy about the topic, given the realities of collective bargaining.  If the NFL wants it, the NFLPA will try to get something else in return.

The NFL clearly wants expanded playoffs.  The NFLPA should want it, too, because it means a lot more money for everyone in exchange for only two games per year.

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  1. This makes a good point about what;s important behind the scenes. The Seahawks are the best team on and off the field and it shows. Harmony abounds in the front office, locker room, and beyond. Such is the way of dynasties.

  2. I am totally opposed to expanded playoffs. Why reward mediocrity? 8-8 and 7-9 teams already have too much of a shot. And I’m a fan of an 8-8 team that could have gotten in this year had the playoffs been expanded…

  3. “The NFLPA should want it, too, because it means a lot more money for everyone in exchange for only two games per year.”

    And those extra two games, 87.5% of the players won’t even have to play in!

  4. If you don’t want to reward 8-8 teams, why are you letting them take a 10-6 team’s playoff spot just because they won a weak division?

    and the superfan meme needs to be taken out back and shot. It was funny when logicalvoice started it. All the mee-too’s have just killed it.

  5. Am surprised to hear myself say this….but I don’t want expanded playoffs. I don’t want an 18 game schedule either.

    Let the teams earn there way in….like they always have. Don’t water down the brand.

  6. I wonder how the HGH testing discussion went? I wonder how long it will be before congress steps in? You know if baseball has issues with it the NFL is 20x times worse.i

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