No visits yet for Chris Johnson

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Free agent running back Chris Johnson isn’t visiting anyone just yet.

Johnson, who officially became an unrestricted free agent when his release from the Titans went over the NFL transactions wire on Monday, wrote on Twitter that he was at the airport today. That led to some speculation that he was traveling for an official free agency visit that could result in Johnson landing with a new team.

However, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Johnson isn’t visiting any teams today. Whatever Johnson is doing at the airport, it’s not related to his plans in free agency.

Although he’s hitting free agency almost a month later than most of the league, Johnson will be one of the most-watched players in free agency this offseason. But right now, there are no visits to track.

46 responses to “No visits yet for Chris Johnson

  1. We, the New Orleans Saints, have no need for your services, as we are still 4 deep at tailback. But if your only goal is a championship and you will put forth sincere effort on special teams, we will take you.

  2. CJ used to have an unbelievable burst. I haven’t really seen it since he held out and received a huge contract. Any team that signs him will be signing him at way below what he wants and feels he deserves. Just not worth the risk. Draft a rookie in the 3rd round.

  3. Chris, maybe you can tell me why my Chevy Tahoe for sale at 100k is not selling. It’s durable, serviceable and gets the job done.

    I don’t understand why no one is interested in paying 100k for it.

  4. It’s obvious NFL teams don’t over-value the RB position any more. They value locker room headaches even less. Good luck CJNT. (no team)!

  5. Maybe he lost some burst and yardage cause his coaches were yelling at him to focus on ball security this year, which he did and proved he could do better. If you want burst then just let him feel comfortable playing the way he wants to play, otherwise he’ll just do his best according to your instructions.

  6. The guy is built like the singer Prince. He goes down easily by one-armed tackles by linemen.

    He’s a track guy pretending to be a runningback.

  7. Someone is goin to get a STEAL. he’s been running vs 8-9 in the box for years now. Hopefully he goes to the jags, so we can see him light up Tenn. For 200 and 3tds lol . I say jags, jets, or cardinals .

  8. I don’t get the big deal here. “Oooh which team will he go to so we can watch them lose to the Seahawks Dynasty?” That sounds great to me and the rest of the 12th Man Legion, but the rest of you poor souls are just going to be disappointed.

  9. The draft is loaded with so many competent RB’s, that if I were a GM, I would wait till after the draft to decide whether I need to add a veteran like CJ (depending on the contract he’s wanting).

  10. It’s business, don’t take it personal. Then everyone wonders why these guys feel unappreciated and treated like a piece of meat. Talk about needing to “stay in your own lane”.

  11. He would have gotten his money if he’d been the playmaker he claimed to be and played like it.

    Playa’s MAKE PLAYS no matter what the Oline does.

  12. Denver needs an RB, especially after the pathetic 27 total rushing yards they had in SB48!

  13. I always get a kick out of people leaving comments on behalf of their team as if the teams management is actually using their same moronic thought process. “Oh yeah we’ll sign Chris Johnson as a special teamer!” His head is already so big. To suggest he would sign with a team as just a special teamer is completely laughable.

  14. Don’t really know about this dude’s ethic but he reminds me a bit of Haynesworth. Once he got the big contract he stopped being dominant.

  15. Keim needs to bring him to AZ on a 1 yr deal. We get a veteran beast for a decent amount and he can bust his hump to get a better deal next year. Come on Cards!!

  16. Chris still has a lot in the tank,i hope the Jets sign him he is still a home run hitter on any play and the Jets are dedicated to the run which is the key.If you are going to pay for him focus and run plays for him.Seattle does that for Lynch.

  17. Us Titans fans have watched this guy week in, and week out, and to whomever acquires his services, you will be disappointed.

    On more than one occasion last year (i.e. Every game) I watched him stink it up & fall flat at the line of scrimmage repeatedly. He cannot get the tough yardage that the modern NFL requires of it’s backs. Please, remind me of how many successful teams rely solely on a “homerun” hitting RB? I’ll wait…

  18. I love how everyone thinks the NFL is a passing league but doesn’t understand that the key to championship football is defense and running the ball well in the post season. The two best teams in the NFL, the Seahawks and the 49ers are RUN FIRST teams.

    That aside, CJ has played for the Titans his whole career, it’s not like Kendall Wright or Nate Washington were drawing additional players out of the box lmao. He could benefit from playing with a running QB like when he was successful teaming with Vince Young, unfortunately, the best running QBs right now already have stacked backfields, Lynch, Gore, $$$ RB contracts in Carolina, etc.

  19. I will say it’s pretty weak for a team like the Titans to hang onto a guy that did a lot of damage for them and then dump him when most teams have spent most of their FA money.

  20. No visits because he’s an overpaid, overrated, lazy malcontent on the downside of his career that only cares about money. He’s an older RB version of Desean Jackson

  21. rascalmanny says: Apr 8, 2014 6:45 PM

    He would have gotten his money if he’d been the playmaker he claimed to be and played like it.

    Playa’s MAKE PLAYS no matter what the Oline does.

    Spoken like an individual who has never played a down of football in their life.

    That being said, CJ hit the free agent market at the worst possible time. After the majority of teams had filled their positions of need, spent their money, and turned their focus towards the draft. It would not shock me if Johnson doesn’t find a team until once training camp begins, and you start to get some injuries accruing.

  22. He would be a great fit either in Denver or Atlanta, but his asking price is way too high. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t picked up until after training camp.

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