Packers’ Mike Daniels says Julius Peppers is still a freak at 34


In his prime, Julius Peppers was one of the most impressive physical specimens in football, a 290-pound defensive end who could run and jump like the basketball player he was at North Carolina. But at age 34, is Peppers still the same kind of player?

He is according to Packers defensive end Mike Daniels, who’s 10 years younger than Peppers and in awe of what his older teammate can do.

“You’re going to hear me talking about Julius Peppers all off-season,” Daniels told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Julius Peppers is by every means of the word a freak of nature. I don’t think age is going to affect him too much. And he’s got some pretty good players lined up with him. Our front seven is very good. When you add the element of Julius Peppers to that. The sky’s the limit in my opinion.”

Daniels says Peppers will be imposing both on the field and in the Packers’ locker room.

“When you’ve got Peppers, it’s hard to ignore him,” Daniels said. “I don’t know if you’ve had the opportunity to see him, to get on the field after a game or something. Oh my God. Wait until you see him in person when he comes in the locker room. It might scare you. That’s a big man. I can’t wait to get on the field with him. I can’t wait to learn from him professionally. He’s got it done. He knows what it takes. He’s done it the right way. I can’t wait to get working with him.”

In Daniels, Peppers has a teammate who’s also a big fan.

79 responses to “Packers’ Mike Daniels says Julius Peppers is still a freak at 34

  1. He should do better in a scheme that can utilize him in more creative ways. It will also help to not play with garbage next to him on the line like the Bears.

  2. He is definitely a freak – his freakiest attribute is how he can literally disappear from planet Earth from September through January.

    It’s amazing!!!!!

  3. As a Bears fan I’ll say Julius is still very dominant even at 34. Problem with him is he just looks like he lacks interest sometimes. Last year I thought for sure he’d step into more of a leader role with Urlacher gone and help keep the defense strong. He didn’t. He had games where it looked like he wasn’t even trying. Then there were times when he looked like he was unstoppable. I’m not sure why he played like that but I have no doubts he can still be very good in the league if he puts in effort and tries. Not sure what it takes to motivate him. Its not like the Bears were a bottom of the barrel team. They were playing for the division in week 17. Maybe he lost interest because Lovie was gone? Whatever the case I’m not convinced anyone can count on Peppers for 16 games.

  4. I remember Brian Urlacher said the same thing when he came to the Bears… The problem is, he is old and takes plays off. It was obvious if you were watching the Bears at all…..His sacks when down every year with Chicago…

  5. peppers was good back in 05-07. but now he’s too old and slow , not strong enough. why you think carolina got rid of him. and the bears.

  6. Peppers is getting the opportunity to create a legacy of being one of the all time greats. And he’s in the perfect place to do it.

    A NFL record 14th World Championship is all that’s needed.

  7. My neighbor is a 45 year body building freak. Peppers might he a freak just an old slow one! Julius, should have came to Minnesota, you would have made a great water boy or a practice squad player!

  8. Good luck Packers fans. Pep is chasing a paycheck. He took plays off with the Panthers and Bears. He left Charlotte cause it was too small – hope he likes the metropolis of Green Bay.

  9. The Bears let him go because couldn’t afford him anymore. Green Bay got him at the right price. Do opponents double team Matthews or Peppers? Pick your poison.

  10. I think he’s going to have good snaps to sacks this year. Making big plays in big games on third down. He’s not going to be an every down player. He’s going to be with Clay with the “blitz of the week” front 7, something different every week.

  11. So if Daniels patterns himself after Peppers, Packers fans apparently can then expect him to take off 50% of the plays as well.

  12. Falling off towards the middle and end of seasons now and dealing with constant joint pain at those times- that’s the evidence of his bodily breakdown. I’m sure he is awesome in April in shorts after a 3 month break, no doubt.

  13. I believe Peppers still has some juice to rush the passer, but GB really needs more tacklers and dback play than pass rush. Peppers skills aren’t going to translate to a better over all defense.

  14. I just can’t believe I live in a universe where a Jay Cutler lead football team could win a superbowl.

    But I’ve always liked Peppers, and wish him luck in Chicago

  15. It’s no surprise that Daniels was a Thompson pick. He’s an articulate, hard working, student of the game type who has really progressed into a very solid NFL D-lineman.

    He’s pretty much the opposite of the all hat and no cattle picks that the post-Bud Grant Vikings covet so dearly. For example, to bolster up the roster for their 51st consecutive pre-season championship, they drafted…

    A D-lineman in the first round that was physically gifted, but doesn’t like football, has questionable work ethic, and zero production at the collegiate level.

    A corner in the first round who is physically gifted, but can’t play zone and notched 0 interceptions, which tied Chris Cook’s career…their other “gifted” corner.

    Then traded the rest of their draft for a “freak” wideout. His only concerns were his hands, his route running, his production, and his ability to read at a 1st grade level. He notched an astounding 400 or so receiving yards.

  16. The things Peppers has going for in Green Bay are 1) He doesn’t have to be THE guy the in Chicago. Briggs being hurt put a lot of attention on Peppers. That won’t be the case in Green Bay.

    2) He’s excited to play in this scheme. He’s been wanting to play in the 3-4 since before going to Chicago. Moving him around and allowing him to do what he is best at will keep him motivated.

    3) If he is motivated by money, he should have a freak year because he really won’t get paid big money unless the Packers keep him on the roster for 2015.

  17. Julius Peppers is the freak that caused the Rodgers fumble that Boykin scooped up for a TD while the bewildered Bears and their fans wondered what was happening.

    That was funny.

  18. Our dline depth is deep. If anyone thinks Peppers is going to stay on the field the whole game, you got another thing coming. With a good draft our linebacker core will be deep too . We can afford to keep Peppers off the field on first downs or for series. He will be motivated because he is finally on a championship calibur team that isn’t led by a whinning quiter. I have no doubt this is going to he Peppers best season in 6 years.

  19. All the haters act like this wasn’t a good signing, ignorance and jealousy at its finest. Peppers was the ONLY pass-rushing threat on Chicago last season, the Packers have Clay Matthews, Mike Neal, Mike Daniels, Nick Perry, and now Julius Peppers. Peppers had 7.5 sacks last season (age 33), Reggie White had 8 sacks when he was 33. Datone Jones should be improved as well, especially under the guidance of Peppers. This signing gives GB’s defense more versatility and unpredictability.

  20. Bears fan here- Peppers will have a good year in Green Bay. Simply a financial move by the Bears and a smart one at that. I do not like the Pack but respect the heck out of their organization and think it was a good move on their part because their defense was easily as bad as ours last year.

    Essentially the Bears upgraded with Jared Allen who is younger and plays every single down, Lamaar Houston (great run stuffer) and Willie Young who has some serious potential. All for dumping a 34 year old best years behind him Peppers. Three players for the price of one and if you asked me if you could have one over the other in Allen or Peppers I would take Jared Allen and it wouldn’t even be close.

  21. One of the criticisms of Peppers coming out of UNC was that he took plays off. When Mike Rucker retired from the Panthers Jerry Richardson publicly called upon him to step up and be a leader. It seemed to me that he was really upset about that, and responded with a 2 sack season. I would say he probably has a lot left in the tank since he has been conserving himself for years.

  22. What’s really funny is that Peppers counts more against the Bears salary cap this year than the Packers. Oh yeah, Emery really schooled Packers management, all right…

  23. LOL @ Bear Fans who are all bitter about losing Peppers to the Pack and increasing the probability that their team will once again be playing in the shadow of Green Bay’s greatness. We all know how the story goes. Somehow, someway, Julius Peppers will ruin the Bears’ season this year.

  24. Were not worried about Allen or Pepper they ain’t going to jack against the vikings kuz neither are going to the SB

  25. Allen has played 93% of defenses plays in his 6yrs with Mn how has Matthews done in comparison ?

  26. He will fit right in and look good with all the other Packers watching Kaepernick sprint to the endzone in those highlight videos.

  27. Two comments came to mind after reading the article:

    1) Why does Peppers look like he’s around 64 in the picture?

    2) as long as cutler is at QB, the Bears will be a middle of the pack playoff contender, at best.

  28. Bears are building a deep TEAM that will be set up for sustainable success.

    The Packers live and die by ONE player who deodorizes everything about an average roster after him.

    Had to be said with all the vitriol being spewed about the Bears. I mean, come on, some of you need to lay the Cutler thing to rest. It’s all been said! Nothing original being said. Now go look up vitriol in the dictionary beause I realize some of you are proly confused at this point.

  29. There is a clear cut difference to “losing” a player in free agency and “cutting” a player due to significant under performing, which is the case with Peppers.
    The money doesn’t mean anything if Allen performs better than Peppers and it favors he will. Green Bay fans are very slow just like Peppers.

  30. When Peppers left Carolina their fans were all saying he took plays off as well. I am a Bears fan and I agree he was off the radar last year. With a new team and motivation he will be a beast for a year or two. Bears fans who say it doesn’t matter that he went to Green Bay are smokin’ some good stuff.

  31. Why are Minnesota posters even involved you don’t even have a horse in the race. What will you rely on the 19 million dollar guaranteed money player that is a career backup? The guy who has averaged 20 tackles and 4 sacks for 4 seasons? Its hard to believe but with all that money your defense got even weaker than being the NFL worst last year. The team is laughable.

  32. Building a deep team LOL The Bears are rank 28th in average age while the Packers are 6th. The 1985er’s have no chance of sustaining anything with this current group. Keep dreaming Chicago….when it comes to the NFL your are still a Second City town. No match for Title Town!

  33. A freak in that he likes dressing in women’s clothes maybe . That guy is a shell of who he used be .

  34. Quitler takes plays off. Usually half a seasons worth or so.

    In fact one time Quitler even sat himself out of the 2nd half of the NFC Championship game, as the Packers humiliated the Bears on their way to a NFL record 13th World Championship.

  35. 28th in average age is skewed by a few players. Top to bottom we have built a much better roster. Who cares if you are 6th in age? What does that even mean when you can’t honestly say you can win anything, at all, period without AR.

    One man team.

  36. Bears are just like the Cubs, they never play in January! I hear this every off season about the GREAT BEARS and they are NEVER there in the end. You sound like Cubs fans ….”this is the year BABY!!!!
    You have never had a QB in Chicago worth a nickle….how would you know what it is like to be without one. Cutler is a born loser….where has he won anything??????? Name it, where? High School, Vandy? NFL? Zip zilch nadda NOTHING! He Peeeeee UUUUUU stinks.

    How were your Bulls without M.J.? I guess their titles are meaningless because he was the best player in the NBA huh?

    The Bears could use you Dougie….MD Jennings is worse than Conte!

  37. One man team that is 9-3 against the Bears. That’s pretty sad your 53 man roster cant measure up?

  38. Is Peppers the same player he was five years ago? No. Is he better than the options the Packers had at that position last year? Hell yes. You’ll see the difference in the defense this year.

    And please Viking fans…stop spouting off about how terrible the Packers defense is. Remember…it’s better than the Vikings D. The Packers own the Vikings.

  39. Peppers is quite an athlete, he does things most 34 year olds can’t.

    I look forward to him releasing his freak all over Cutler, Stafford, and whoever the dart lands on the board in Minnesota.

  40. Peppers wants a chance to win a Super Bowl. He is darn happy is has gotten away from the dysfunctional Chicago Bears. Now he is with a professional organization!

  41. Read some of the comments posted. Aaron Rodgers 1man team(he could be)? But what other team can take an average at best Qb like Matt Flynn and make him look good? Yes Aaron Rodgers dominates but the Packers coaches can plug in a guy like Flynn and still content.

  42. Here is a simple way to look at this,

    Is Peppers one of the better pass rushers on the Packers? Yes.

    Did they pay a lot of guaranteed money or face a lot of dead cap money if they cut him after one season? No.

    Will the Packers continue to rotate lineman so Peppers doesn’t have to play a high percentage of downs? Yes.

    Did the Vikings finish in last place and look to repeat that again in 2014. Hell Yes.

    See, other posters make it more complicated than it needs to be.

  43. The comparisons to Reggie White really need to stop. Reggie White is the greatest Defensive End in the history of the game. Peppers isn’t even the best of his era (Demarcus Ware and Jared Allen). If you truly believe he is going to be Reggie White I feel bad for you because you are in for a rude awakening.

  44. I’ll take Lamar Houston and the nonstop motor of the aging yet durable J Allen every day of the week.. Too much to pay for a guy who decides he may or may not give it 100% on any particular Sunday.

  45. Ah the mighty packers fans still thinking they’re a good team. Almost as amusing as the great Seahawk fans that come out of the mountains after a fluke season under cheat Carroll

  46. @mousebagg, You are CRAZY if you think that overrated DeMarcus Ware and Jared Allen are anywhere near as dominant as Julius Peppers. Peppers is WAY MORE dominant than those two chumps combined, Peppers not not only gets sacks but forces fumbles, gets interceptions, touchdowns, knocks down passes and blocks kicks, sets the edge against the run, etc. Those two can’t hold Peppers jock strap lol. Peppers is this generations Reggie White or Lawrence Taylor.

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