Petition started to keep Vick from attending Jets training camp at SUNY Cortland


The Jets are scheduled to head to SUNY Cortland for training camp again this summer, but more than 2,500 people have signed a petition in an attempt to keep quarterback Michael Vick from joining them.

Posted on, the petition calls on SUNY Cortland president Erik J. Bitterbaum to bar Vick from stepping foot on campus as a result of his conviction on charges related to dogfighting. Vick served 19 months in prison after the conviction in 2007, halting his playing career and eventually leading him to sign with the Eagles once he had completed his sentence.

“If we welcome Vick onto our campus, we are complicit in his crimes. We are sending the message that, for money and publicity, we will turn a blind eye to the horrors of dogfighting. I don’t want to be that person, and I don’t want SUNY Cortland to abandon its principles so easily,” the petition reads.

The Jets declined to comment when reached by the New York Daily News, although it is hard to imagine that they’d go up to Cortland to train with one of their players barred from participating in camp. The school did not respond to a request for comment.

73 responses to “Petition started to keep Vick from attending Jets training camp at SUNY Cortland

  1. get over it people, this may have worked when he made his comeback to NFL but seriously 6 years later?

    Little late to the show.

  2. People are so petty. Let it go. He’s served his time and went above and beyond to try to right a wrong.

    And I bet most of the idiots that signed this have no problem eating a big ole burger or steak, after the cows went through even worse abuse. Hypocrites.

  3. SUNY gets an influx of people and money and if they don’t want Vick, pull the whole training camp and move it to somewhere that they appreciate the money. Vick has done his time, has been a model citizen, has done work to raise funds for animal awareness and people need to get a life. Pull the money and the Jets from SUNY and you will hear a lot more from people who stand to lose big time. This is where the community needs to police itself and make those who complain suffer as well.

  4. Dog fighting is atrocious! … Continuing to badger someone years after he was both incarcerated and has re-entered into society is also atrocious!

    I’m not a Vick fan, but I do know several “Good-People” who have done “Bad-Things”. That happens!

    Ask for Vick to speak out against his past or leave the situation alone. Going beyond that is pure harassment!

  5. “If we welcome Vick onto our campus, we are complicit in his crimes. We are sending the message that, for money and publicity, we will turn a blind eye to the horrors of dogfighting. I don’t want to be that person, and I don’t want SUNY Cortland to abandon its principles so easily,” the petition reads.

    I wouldn’t want to be the person that cant see past a mans former mistakes. By all accounts, Vick genuinely appears to be a changed and remorseful man. This is the most important part of the story in my opinion. If he was just going through the motions and putting on a show for everyone, then I would understand not forgiving him.

    But if someone goes through all this and does his time and has become a better person because of it, then I do believe people should be able to forgive. I’m sure anyone who is still holding on to this would not want to be forever judged on some stupid actions you did while in your youth, so why do that to someone else?

  6. All of my dogs have been awesome pets. I have a soft spot for a pooch who just wants to do well by his/her Master. To protect the family, and to patiently wait for a chance to eat a morsel that falls from my plate. Mike Vick did his time. Mike Vick has shown remorse. Mike Vick has changed.

  7. The school will make its point whether the Jets and Vick like it or not. Simply by protesting Vick being there, they make it clear that they do not believe he was punished for the crimes he committed, but was never tried on due to a lame prosecutor.

  8. I like dogs and I hate what Mike Vick did. That said, he was punished. He served his time. The American Criminal Justice System is built around the idea that people can be “rehabilitated” and return as a functioning part of society. Let the man work.

  9. The man served his jail time. It was a horrible crime, but he’s done everything he can to repent and has been a good citizen and teammate since. Let him have his second chance.

  10. I’m not advocating what vick did at all but come on people,he did his time in jail and I highly doubt he’s done it since then. Let the guy play his football

  11. Anyone who’s ever been to Cortland, NY will understand. Doesn’t matter what it is.. natural gas drilling, Vick, you name it… they oppose it.

  12. while not doubting the sincerity of the effort, perhaps they should uphold cortland’s other principle that says when someone has been released after serving a prison sentence, they have paid for their crime and deserve another chance…

  13. This is utterly ridiculous. The man spent 19 months IN JAIL for his crime. Many people have been punished far less for far worse. He’s on the Jets now; if you choose to not support the team due to Vick’s past, that is your prerogative. But it doesn’t make anyone that wants to support Vick and the Jets “complicit” in any crime or viewed as accepting of dogfighting. SUNY Cortland should focus on educating its students and cashing those checks from the Jets.

  14. Vick has been a superb role model since returning to the league after his prison stint. These people need to get a life. They put more value on life of animals than humans.

  15. I don’t even understand why he was incarcerated. Sorry to say but a dogs life is less valued than a humans life. He wasn’t staging toddler fight clubs. Animal abuse is awful but what if he was making Iguanas fight to the death? A very small segment of the population own reptiles, and a lot of people own and cherish dogs. It just depends on the animal. Got ya.

  16. He paid his debt. This is an example of when is enough punishment enough. This is America and he has the right of any human to be employed. You may not like him or what he did but he’s piad for it under the law.

  17. This is sad. How do they expect people to change if they keep treating them like a criminal. And wasn’t the government at one time trying to extinct pit bull? Either way the man did his time. Now let him do his job.

  18. I started a petition too. No more idiots allowed in decision making positions….

  19. They can hold camp in my backyard. For the money the Jets are paying, I’ll turn a blind eye to whatever the players want to do.

  20. I can’t believe they found 2500 narrow-minded little people to sign that petition. Since his arrest and release from jail, Michael has performed PSA’s for the ASPCA, has been allowed, by the court, to own dogs again, speaks out at events against the things he did, helps educate children about his misdeeds. This was almost 8 years ago – don’t you think it’s about time to let the anger go?

  21. No one is saying he didn’t serve his time they just don’t want to be associated with him as many of you don’t want to associate yourself with an ex convict. So tell me people just because someone serves their time for rape, aggravated assault, robbery, child abuse, etc you would just as easily forgive and forget and you would befriend him or just accept them living next door? I imagine PETA is behind this but what he did was heinous and it was all for fun. Someone like that is not normal. Lastly I do not condone the other crimes players have committed and are in the league playing. I wouldn’t mind seeing the NFL clean itself up a bit.

  22. The pettition coming from a Campus who riots after a DIII football win over Ithaca college, probably one of the biggest drug and party schools in the northeast? Clean up your own issues before you judge the past of a person who has done everything and anything he can to make good on the mistakes he has made in the past. I gurantee you a lot worse things happen at SUNY Cortland on a weekly basis. Get over it people.

  23. I’m sure not one of the residents of SUNY have a child who’s committed a crime and not been welcome back into the community.

    Dog fighting is atrocious, but Vick served his time, he actually rehabilitated. Give the man a chance!

  24. Apparently these people have never done wrong in their life, people need to move on from his past and recognize him as their quarterback. I guarantee if the Jets score those people will be sitting in their pressboxes cheering for him. To hold a grudge almost ten years afterwards…people move on! Its in the past if you don’t want him to practice with his teammates at Suny Cortland then don’t watch football because thats what this is all about and if you don’t want him there then why should they want you to watch. Get over yourself and watch your own bobber! SKOL VIKES!

  25. Seriously? The guy lost millions, spent time in prison, and had to work his way back to where he is. He speaks out against what he did and truly seems remorseful. I hate what he did, but I forgive him (like he needs my forgiveness). And honestly, I was indifferent towards Vick before, but people still going after him for this makes me cheer for him. Let sleeping dogs lie. Pun intended.

  26. Do these people also throw rocks at people in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse?

    I read, there are 2500 people in SUNY or friends of residents who don’t believe in our justice system. Conviction of a crime, served his sentance, cleaned up his life and got back in the game with nominal success.

    Get Over Yourselves.

  27. I sincerely doubt he is rehabilitated. He would do it again if he thought he would not be caught.

  28. I doubt PETA is involved at all. Vick has been a spokesperson for them and they have supported his rehab. Just a bunch of PC indoctrinated immature useful idiots protesting.
    Concentrate on your studdies so you can make your way in the real world after you leave the Ivory Tower…………………..

  29. good to see the responses here – the only rational idea is that he paid his debt, and he deserves and has earned a second chance.

    I don’t like dogs, I love dogs…but he learned his lesson and has done a lot of good for animals and animal lovers since his transgressions –
    he was also brought up in that filthy world.

    i never liked him as a player before, I’ll never forget when he had won one playoff game and went on TV and said I’m as good as brady and manning.

    I think he’s changed, he was a good man in Philly.

    go vick…go jets

  30. Okay, I’m certainly no Vick fan, but this is ridiculous. It’s not only a violation of his rights, but where do you stop with this? Are all other visitors, students and faculty with convictions barred from SUNY? Do you draw the line at misdemeanors being okay, or is it a blanket ban? I’m pretty sure there are members of the Jets with drug-related records, are they allowed in? Clearly no-one thought this through.

  31. These people are ridiculous. They are judging someone when nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. The conduct Vick showed in Philadelphia was great and he’s gained my respect for how much he’s changed.

  32. He only stopped cause he got busted.. Simple as that… He’s just doing what he has to do to continue to get paid. He has no conscience, just a bank account…

  33. I can’t wait until Vick retires and he does it again. Then we can say Told Ya So.

  34. Read a newspaper or check the internet folks, the man did his time, its over. Stop wasting everybodies time and get on with your life, the past is the past. Im telling the enviromentalist, you guys are wasting paper.

  35. NFL the only place convicted felons are embraced.
    Vick should not be allowed back in the NFL because this sets an example for the youth.
    Bottom line Vick is dumb as a doornail and has been a failure everywhere.

  36. I love dogs, I have two. I don’t like Mike Vick and he’s a terrible, overrated QB (is he really an upgrade over Sanchez?)…but went through due process and served his time. Let the man live.

  37. My thoughts on this are that everyone keeps saying he’s served his time…. I just wonder, if that was your child, your mother, someone you loved very much that he did those horrible things to, would you still feel the same way? I understand that people should forgive, but I also know that some people are saying that these petitioners are putting the lives of animals before the lives of people, and as well they should! Dogs are truly loving souls who love unconditionally, no matter what kind of person you are, sometimes to their own detriment. People definitely are not, and yet many believe that people are above animals.

  38. Do any of you comprehend dog fighting Vs. how he and others executed these dogs? Dog fighting is one thing but hanging and electrocuting animals takes a certain type of human being who isn’t quite wired correctly. Did he pay his dues? Yes! Is he a model citizen or reformed? Who knows! I don’t know the guy personally, only how he portrays himself in front of a camera. I hope he is a better man but thats not my concern. People judge people every day on their actions so I cannot do the same with Michael Vick. Lord knows I am not perfect so I wish the man the best, however, don’t judge others for how they interpret their freedom to justify what they believe in. Let me ask everyone this: Do you people care about the other ex-cons that did either equal to or more than heinous crimes who get out of prison and cannot make a dime because their course of action prohibits them otherwise? Michael Vick did a crime, paid for it financially and lost his freedom for almost two years, however, my only conundrum is this – Michael Vick was given the opportunity to come back to the NFL, make millions of dollars again (knowing to pay back debts and legal fees) and get his life squared away to only make more millions on top of that. Why is this not good or the same protocol for others who paid their dues? If I get arrested today for doing the same crime that Michael Vick did, my company is not going to hire me back after I paid my dues. Lets be honest. I would most likely be flipping burgers at McDonald’s because no one is going to hire an ex-convict especially to the degree of the crimes committed. Other than that issue, I agree with most of you. He did his time, let the man be a better product of society and live his life!

  39. Wow, lot of support for a despicable felon. Con
    Vick only paid his debt to the government, not society, let’s not let the two get intertwined.

  40. id just like to point out the difference in treatment that mike vick got for dogfighting and donte stallworth got for actually killing a man while driving drunk

    and if SUNY doesn’t want the Jets to come, don’t invite them, and then see how many local business owners flip out at the lost revenue the Jets training camp brings during the summer

  41. Forgive. Don’t forget. This is a country of second chances, but the slate does not get wiped clean. He has to carry this baggage with him the rest of his life and deservedly so. He is a total piece of human garbage. Should he be allowed a second chance, absolutely. But he has zero slack and needs to accept that people will always hate him for what he has done.

    There is a registered sex offender convicted of crimes against children now living relatively close in my area. Should his slate be wiped clean as well or should he have to carry the burden of his past with him always. Should his second chance come with a ton of restrictions? Of course. Same goes (to a lesser degree obviously) for Vick.

  42. Some of you don’t remember this but I do. He got benched last year…Not for one, two or three games, but for the ENTIRE season.

    Mike Vick SUCKS!

  43. At what point does a person’s time served come in to play. We are talking over 7 years ago? How long is he going to be judged on his past actions? What’s the point of the prison system if you go and rehabilitate yourself but yet you’re still judged? Get over it

  44. ……and another thing! I am a proud owner of two Michael Vick jerseys and my dog loves them!!!

  45. The jets should take a strong position against this asinine petition and immediately cancel the proposed training camp. Period. Make these 2500 people responsible to their peers…. make them put there money where their mouths are.

  46. Nobody who’d be influenced by the petition would have attended training camp any way. I’m not even clear on who exactly the petition is supposed to be to. Nobody could legally keep him from attending. The idea is the Jets would bar him from camp? And then there’d have to be a petition to keep him from playing in preseason, I suppose?

  47. Look , I understand this is football and that is all that most of you care about. But if you read the account, the trial account, of what he did to each of these dogs you will be horrified. Paid his time? Sorry, but 19 months is not enough and, and, while he was killing these dogs he raked in a hefty profit.

    I only watch the Eagles play so that I can see him get pounded into the ground. Now I hope the Jets throw him out there and he gets pounded again and again.

    Pay back is a….well you know.

  48. Good on Cortland for taking a stand. Vick is neither a good human being nor a good football player, so this idiotic defense of him is mindboggling to me. Anyone that can inflict that degree of pain, suffering, and terror on another living thing, regardless of species, has something deeply wrong with them that a short stint in prison can’t fix. You can’t rehabilitate a sociopath.

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