PFT Planet: Why has Bridgewater fallen from good graces?

Mike Florio answers tweets and calls from PFT Planet and dissects why he believes Teddy Bridgewater has fallen off as a top tier quarterback according to most experts, if he believes the Houston Texans will select Jadeveon Clowney with their No. 1 overall pick, who will eventually snap up Chris Johnson off the free agent ranks and more.

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  1. The reason he has fallen is simply that he has been the best guy at QB for too long. The masses want change and excitement and want to have storylines. Teddy Bridgewater came into the season the best guy on the radar and people know him already and his value has gotten stale in the public eye (aka Mock draft Value). We don’t like boring reports, we like to project and guess and over-analyze everything. Blake Bortles will be the consensus #1 guy by draft day, because, well nobody knows him and few fans have really watched him play enough to have an “informed” opinion. Then the draft will play out and all the experts will bemoan the teams for not picking talent based on the ESPN fed public perception.

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