Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson out looking for work


With the draft still a month away, most of the news is of prospects visiting teams.

But the free agents who are still looking for work are in the same frame of mind, as they’re scrambling to find employers.

According to John Keim of, former Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson is visiting the Falcons today after dropping by to see the Lions yesterday.

Wilson started every game for the Redskins last year, but they haven’t shown any indication they want him back.

The 29-year-old has some experience playing the slot, which could help him find work, before the cheaper, younger models hit the showroom floor in a month.

18 responses to “Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson out looking for work

  1. would anyone be upset if there was an NFL team call the n word or the blackskins? and replace the native american face with a black mans face. if redskins is ok then blackskins is ok too , right?

  2. You know he should’ve been looking for work 2 years ago, he has to be one of THE worst corners.

    Whenever a team needed a big play they’d look to the side of the field Wilson was on and in more times than not they were successful.

    Can’t say that’ll i’ll miss him…but whomever signs him be prepared to curse him like never before as he’ll frustrate the crap out of you!

  3. Please don’t dirty birds. Missed our chance with a free agent safety. Just wait till the draft and get someone in the second round. No point in wasting money

  4. ‘Plankton’ as we used to call him with the Hawks ; some unfair criticisms here me thinks . No , he shouldn’t be a starter , the guy’s like 5 foot 2 or something ( thus the Plankton monicker ) , but he played well as a nickelback AND he’s a decent returner or used to be .

    If you have tall receivers at flanker in your division , he’ll get eaten alive . But in nickel defenses against the slot and on special teams , he can help ..

  5. He does leave something to be desired as a CB, but the guy has an uncanny knack for the ball. He does get his picks. It surprises me that he is having trouble getting a job, although if he wants more than vet minimum he’s whistling Dixie. I can understand the DC Eleven trying to completely change the awful defense from last year.

  6. Josh Wilson was great for the Ravens. Then be followed his childhood dream to play for the Skins… But that defense was destroyed by shanahan and made everyone look bad.

    Skins fans are sour on Wilson, but honestly… Who ARENT you disappointed in besides Fletcher? Even orakpo underperformed according to expectations. It’s the whole defense.

    Don’t be surprised to see Wilson do just fine this year.

  7. You can say it’s the system but when a guy routinely isn’t in the picture when the receiver catches the ball and gets torched by some of the taller receivers in the league, the system can only take so much of the blame. I will say this, he had no issues supporting the run defense but most of the time, he was supporting the other team’s pass offense with lax coverage.

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