Redskins DE Brandon Moore suspended

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Brandon Moore, a defensive end who was undrafted out Texas in 2013 and recently claimed on waivers by the Redskins, has been suspended for the first four games of the 2014 regular season, per a league source.

The reason for the suspension isn’t known.  It was communicated to the various NFL teams on Tuesday’s personnel report.

Typically, four-game suspensions are meted out under the substance-abuse policy or the policy regarding performance-enhancing drugs.

Moore spent most of the 2013 season on the Chargers’ practice squad.  He also spent time with the Broncos and Chiefs, who released him in March.

UPDATE 5:59 p.m. ET:  The NFL has announced the suspension, explaining that it arises under the substance-abuse policy.

23 responses to “Redskins DE Brandon Moore suspended

  1. And truth is the redskins have had more suspensions than the Seahawks but I’m sure more than one ignorant fan will make a snide remark about the hawks . It’s bad that even through the rough patch Seattle had they barely surpassed the redskins and were quickly caught by them later and no one cared . Why ? Because the redskins suck the suspensions and cheating excuses only emphasize the mediocrity of your team .

    Thanks for all the stone from those glass houses . He’s a borderline pro who took a few chances and risks to extend his career . Don’t crucify the guy but also realize this happens on many teams .

  2. DeSean Jackson has already started to have an effect on young Redskins players. Just the first suspension of many more to come.

    Oh my the circus has come back to DC!

  3. “Several weeks ago, I was shocked to learn that I tested positive for a stimulant that is banned by the NFL. I have never knowingly ingested a banned substance, but like most players, I take nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, I now know that supplements are not regulated and thus may contain things that are not listed on the label.”

  4. That’s a shame. With the Reds undoubtedly getting a soft schedule this year, after their sterling 3-13, 2013 effort, this should’ve been a cakewalk for him.

  5. The real story here is how much better the Seahawks Dynasty is than the Redskins. Our QB is the best in the biz, and didn’t cost multiple 1st rounders. Kiss the ring skins fans, cause your team will never win anything.

  6. Wow some of my fellow hawkers sound stupid and make my comment sound as such . To be clear I like rg3 and the skins just don’t like the media announcing Seattle as cheaters and ignoring other teams who are going tit for tat with them .

  7. Your right SeattleJones, your team is much better than ours right now but check the arrogance. Just because your franchise is on a good run right now does not mean they always will.

  8. One Super Bowl does not even match up to the definition of the word “dynasty”…seattlejones needs to settle down and learn the word “humility”

    Seahawks+1 Lombardi trophy= no dynasty

    Redskins+3 Lombardi trophies=dynasty

  9. Before there was this thing called a Super Bowl, there was this thing called a NFL Championship…I think we have 2 of those also.

  10. Lol cperiodj, now I like the Seahawks and I wanted the skins to draft Russell during that draft. But some of your fans are ridiculous. Your right about te championship games before the superbowl but the skins have to of those also under Sammy Baugh so that makes 5 for us. Btw in one season Sammy Baugh led the league in passing yards thrown on offense, interceptions on defense and punt avg on teams. That being said our players in this era really need to be smarter and stop with all the damned suspensions.

  11. Moore spent most of the 2013 season on the Chargers’ practice squad. He also spent time with the Broncos and Chiefs, who released him in March

    Does anybody know when he was tested? Can the Redskins void his contract if he knew about getting suspended?

  12. skinsfansince71 says: Apr 9, 2014 10:12 AM

    Does anybody know when he was tested? Can the Redskins void his contract if he knew about getting suspended?
    No, they can’t– that’s a rule the NFL should look into. However, his contract wouldn’t kick in unless he made the 53 or the practice squad in September, and even still, as a practice squad player acquired on waivers his salary is essentially the NFL equivalent of an unpaid intern.

  13. First of all thus guy was claimed off waivers and just is subject to being cut before the season starts. He was a practice squad player for other teams. So what is he getting paid and how many other teams claim players off waivers.

    This is not a Dan Snyder thing, but an NFL thing. The Redskins have had our share of junk, no good players and scheming thieves.

    Without knowing what the Redskins are proposing to do with this guy or what they see in him what is there to judge except that he is an idiot if he knew that what he was taking was a banned substance.

    It doesn’t matter how many times, who it is or what team, the one who does it and the one who allows it to go on are plain stupid.

    I’m a REDSKINS fan to the core and nothing that haters say will change that, but you haters need to give your lips and brain a rest because the arrogance behind some of the stupid things that you say show that you must be taking performance enhancing drugs and forgot to use them beforehand.

    Either that or you have gotten immuned to your regular dose and need to increase it to the next level.

    Dan Snyder is not an owner that advocates the use of performance enhancing drugs and neither has he tried to excuse his team from the consequences.

    Redskins fans have nothing to be ashamed of especially when attacked by the ignorance of ill will haters that just want to run their mouths with foolish jibberish.

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