Vikings sign wide receiver Lestar Jean

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The Vikings added a little more pass catching depth on Tuesday, announcing the signing of former Texans wide receiver Lestar Jean.

The 26-year-old Jean appeared in 27 regular season games with Houston, catching 10 passes for 186 yards and one TD. He had received interest from Carolina and Miami in free agency.

Jean (6-3, 202) will compete for a reserve role in the Vikings’ receiving corps. Greg Jennings, Cordarrelle Patterson, Jerome Simpson and Jarius Wright are Minnesota’s top four wide receivers.

Jean was eligible for restricted free agency, but the Texans did not offer him a contract, leaving him an unrestricted free agent.

40 responses to “Vikings sign wide receiver Lestar Jean

  1. The vikings always have a solid recieving core.this guy has a chance to play against the laughable turd bay packer defense twice next year if he makes the roster.those two games will be easier than playing the practice squad defense.anyway,more depth,more talent.SKOL

  2. What a great pickup by the historic Minnesota Vikings.

    Has any other team dominated free agency like we have this year?

    Linval Joseph and Captain Munnerlyn are the future stars at their respective positions and we signed them for solid deals while they’re still in their prime.

    We also filled our backup roles with players like Corey Wooton, Lester Jean and Derek Cox for league minimum contracts while they also have very high upside and could turn out to helpful building blocks around the great coaching staff we hired this offseason.

    After we draft our franchise QB in this draft, we will have a top 5 defense under Zimmer and a top 5 offense under Norv Turner.

    I can already see the gold and purple confetti flying down.


  3. “The vikings always have a solid recieving core.”

    Uh, where were you from 2005-2008? It was brutal watching the “solid receiving core” of bernard berrian, bobby wade, koren robinson, Marcus Robinson, Robert ferguson, Troy Williamson….

  4. “Solid” Vikes’ record vs. “laughable” Packer defense for the past four years: 1-7-1.

  5. if he was a packer he would easily be their number one receiver! Then again we are talking about green bay which plays clown music at their practices!

  6. Why are we bothering with receivers? Other than backups I guess. I think we’ve got one of the top overall corps in the league. I’d take all 4 of those guys in fantasy, assuming we finally have a quarterback and a passing scheme that can go down the field.

    Down with West Coast Offense!!!

  7. Remember, he’s been coached (if that’s the word) by that bunch in Houston that’s wasted an entire decade trying to get some help for Andre Johnson.
    Hard to say what he can really do.

  8. Vikings pay Greg Jennings $9 million per year. His production? 68 receptions for 804 yards and 4 TDs, in 15 starts.

    Packers pay Jarrett Boykin less than $600,000 per year. His production? 49 catches, for 681 yards, and 3 TDS. In 8 starts.

    Tell me more about this “solid” Vikings WR corps.


  9. Skololvikings… do I need to point out to you who the quarterbacks were for those 2 players. Of course your a packer fan and would leave that out of this argument. Are you rly comparing greg jennings to boykin?

    Packer fan logic when brett left: ypure overrated our wr core made you who u are.
    Packerfanlogic when greg left: youre overrated or hall of famer quarterbacks made you are.

  10. I don’t even know the contract details but I am still willing to bet that he will outperform Craig Jennings on a dollar per catch basis. Jennings is a lot of salary invested in a receiver on the decline unless you are of the opinion that the QB situation is so bad in Minnesota that its tough to judge any WR, I will give you that one.

    Last place for 2 out of the previous 3 years, 3 out of 4 years is looking like another good bet.

  11. Wiggins….do I need to point out Rodgers was gone for half the season? Quit making excuses the queens were fleeced by Jennings!

  12. West Coast isn’t a bad scheme. It’s actually really useful. The problem is the lack of a play book and an even bigger lack of creative play calling. Everybody knew we’re a run run pass punt team. 3rd and 17? Better run that Draw that’s so effective for us. Even if we didn’t get any body in free agency but we fired our coordinators of yesteryear we would be a markedly improved team.

  13. The hapless and tasteless Vikings have cornered the market on NFC North incompetence by finishing last in 3 of the past 4 years.

    This signing fits perfectly into their bottom dwelling strategy.

  14. Lol we still had ponder and boykin had to play bc of injury, therefore he had to put up some sort of numbers.

    Fleeced? You guys were also trying to sign him but he signed a deal with us before he could leave mn. Packer fans love the man but he signs with a rival and now hes trash and you guys dodnt want him. Shows how much class that fanbase has.

  15. with mike zimmer the future outlook for opponents with-in the divsion looks dimmer.

    decent signing, we needed somebody to take greg childs’ roster spot at wr #7, keep an eye on rodney smith in training camp if he’s still with the team

  16. Texan fan here and this guy has been quality special teams player and good route runner. However he seems to drop a lot of passes when he is wide open. I do not see him making the starting roster probably end up cut or on the practice squad.

  17. What about Joe Webb? I like his ability on special teams, and has potential to be the man when it comes down to it whether it be a Qab fake or a WR.

  18. Personally, I was hoping the Vikings would nab stud WR Danario Alexander from the San Diego Chargers.
    He had season ending injury last year… however the year prior, check out his stats. Very impressive!

  19. Jennings gets what he should, it takes a little time to get going with three different QB’s, he will get his numbers and when picking him up, I think the vikings were also planning on his leadership to a young receiving corp, besides Simpson who was leaving the wrong impression

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