A.J. McCarron and Katherine Webb get a reality show

Getty Images

Former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron recently proposed to Katherine Webb.  She accepted.  And you’ll eventually get to see that moment and everything leading up to the wedding.

Yes, McCarron and Webb have become the latest couple of land a reality TV series, a concept that results in anything but reality actually being televised.

“They’ve already started filming during the proposal,” Webb’s sister told ThePlainsman.com, via NFL.com. “From what I understood, it came from someone else.  I don’t think they were trying to get into a reality show, I think they just had the opportunity and decided to take it.”

That may not make it any better for McCarron, who’s trying to get selected as high as possible in next month’s draft.  How would teams and/or the media react if Johnny Manziel were embarking on a reality show?

For McCarron, maybe it won’t matter.  Since the show apparently will be about the planning of a wedding, his role may be the same as the average groom’s role is in the planning of the wedding:  (1) take the men in the wedding party to fitted for tuxedos; and (2) don’t get stranded on the roof of a hotel in Las Vegas.

Regardless, the decision definitely won’t help McCarron get drafted any higher.  For situations like this, the best-case scenario is that he’ll be drafted where he would have been drafted anyway.

Of course, good luck making that case to a bride whose 15 minutes of fame are dangerously close to expiring.