A.J. McCarron: Reality show is Katherine Webb’s thing, not mine

Former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron took some criticism when news surfaced that he and his fiancee, Katherine Webb, are filming a reality show. It didn’t take long for McCarron to say that news was misconstrued.

McCarron went on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to say that his focus is only on football, and that the reality show is his future wife’s project, not his own.

[tweet https://twitter.com/10AJMcCarron/status/453972174173655041%5D

Webb is a former Miss Alabama who became famous when Brent Musburger slobbered all over the announcer’s booth while gushing about her beauty during last year’s BCS National Championship game. She has parlayed that fame into appearances on shows like Inside Edition and the celebrity diving competition Splash.

But while reality TV may be the logical next step in Webb’s career, NFL teams will want McCarron to focus on nothing but football. His tweet on Wednesday was an attempt to make sure NFL teams realize that he wants to be a quarterback, not a TV star.

15 responses to “A.J. McCarron: Reality show is Katherine Webb’s thing, not mine

  1. But they advertised this as having the engagement filmed and she supposedly didn’t know about it because he set up the whole surprise. How did that all happen without her knowing about it if it was her project?

    I still think it sounds like he is doing a TV show.

    I do.

  2. If he’s going to be on the show, then it is his project. And who on earth would let their proposal be filmed for a TV show without being fully on board?

  3. A show completely about a girl who an old guy thought was hot. Sounds like a winner. This girl has no personality, what could possibly be so interesting about her life that it needs to be filmed? Besides AJ, who claims to have no part of it.

    One thing that struck me as odd: he said that whatever she does is her business. Not anymore dude, it’s your business too. Marriage.

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