Brandon Spikes predicts two wins over Patriots in 2014

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Linebacker Brandon Spikes hasn’t been afraid to speak his mind since signing with the Bills this offseason.

He said that the Patriots provided false information about him on injury reports, which seemed to confirm reports that Spikes was put on injured reserve for reasons other than the stated knee injury, and said that he doesn’t see how anyone can respect Ravens running back Ray Rice after Rice’s arrest on charges he assaulted his fiancee (now wife) in Atlantic City.

Spikes was back on the subject of the Patriots on Twitter Tuesday. While looking ahead to the 2014 season, Spikes noted a few matchups he’s looking forward to, but none as much as Buffalo’s two games against the Patriots.

Lest anyone think Spikes was just playing to the crowd, he went a bit further with another tweet in reference to his years with New England. Spikes wrote “4 years a slave,” which doesn’t leave much ambiguity when it comes to his feelings about his former team. There won’t be any predictions about the results of games here, but it feels safe predicting there will be many rightful objections to Spikes comparing his paid work for the Patriots to slavery and plenty of references to Spikes’ comments before the first Bills-Patriots meeting next season.

86 responses to “Brandon Spikes predicts two wins over Patriots in 2014

  1. I’m mad. I just sprayed my laptop with beer from laughing so hard at this.
    What a crybabby.

  2. Bills fans must feel good about the bulletin board material Spikes created since the Bills have not beaten the Patriots two times in over a decade.

    Bills fans better hope it doesn’t snow the day of the game otherwise Spikes won’t be able to get to the stadium.

  3. As a Patriots fan his comments bother me but there’s really no need to pile on. Comparing his time with the Patriots to being a slave makes Spikes look bad enough all on his own.

    I will say that he’s a really good run defender Bills fans. But he can’t cover anything and if he’s on the field during passing downs he will get toasted. I’m happy the Patriots let him walk and are going to let Collins shine this year.

    The Patriots with Tom Brady are 22-2 against the Bills. I don’t see it changing anytime soon but Spikes has to give his team hope anyway he can.

  4. 3-25 = Bills record against the Pats since 2000.

    I’m sooooo sure that Mr Spikes and his Twitter account will make that 5-25 in the fall (eye roll).

    Enjoy this low-watt bulb Buffalo – especially when he tweets out that he cannot make out to practice because of the snow like he did in NE.

  5. Four years a slave? Really? Really?? You might want to consider the fact that slaves never get paid for their labors. The fact that you did, indeed, get paid, Mr. Spikes–and paid quite handsomely, we might add–automatically precludes you from the category of “slave.” It’s fine to dislike your previous employer, and things may not have been completely ideal for you while you were a Patriot, but it simply makes you look foolish to categorize your time with that employer as slavery. Slaves don’t get paid millions of dollars to play a game. Let’s get real here. We’re all happy that you ended up in Buffalo. Now let’s see you back up your talk with some results. Next season should be quite interesting.

  6. I like this. When players talk trash it makes watching the game, and that particular player during the game, even more interesting just to see the outcome, and what impact they had on the game. I like this.

  7. Take a team that can make bulletin board material out of anything and give them a legitimate beef? Great plan. My guess is that we see the Pats once again run the score up on the Bills well after there is no chance of a comeback…. again.

  8. with much pleasure i would watch the bills beat belicheat and his patsies. kraft and his dump in foxboro deserve a good kick in the mouth.

  9. I’m a pats fan and i’ll admit like the bills. While they did acquire a very good run stuffing linebacker he really offers nothing more positive tan that other than very little block shedding, sub par coverage and bulletin board material. All that being said shut up Spikes and for the bills sake let your play do the talking, not your mouth!

  10. The Bills will only win two versus the Patriots if they play each other 50-60 times this season.

    Get real.

  11. The Bills have been so bad the Patriots have a hard time getting up for those games, so thanks for providing some extra bulletin board material, Brandon. What an idiot!

  12. Spikes keeping it classy. This only provides the Pats with bulletin board material. Like they need it against the Bills.

  13. Yes… we get it. No player on the Bills has room to say anything. Our team sucks, no playoffs in 14 years, our city sucks blah blah. Nice to have a guy like this on our team.

  14. He should realize it’s not just the Pats bridge he is burning, there are a few other teams that will cross him off the future consideration list.

    It wasn’t just one late or one missed meeting while in NE it was several. Couple that with his mouthing off & not being useful in obvius passing downs & he’s gonna have limited interest when the Bills let him walk after the season.

  15. the Bills could not garner two wins a season over the Pats if the Pats played with with only 6 guys! Bills do not have a QB and Manuel will probably have his first knee injury in training camp. just a joke

  16. why say this now? maybe wait until after that first win, or, here is a real thought: WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE ACTUALLY PRACTICED WITH THE TEAM!

    and to dump on the pats and your last job bringing in slavery? white athlete says this, he is this offseason’s Riley Cooper. just stop with that, you were paid well, you won a lot of games. move on.

  17. Taking shots at your old team is fine and all, but marginalizing the plight of a people, because you spent 4 years making 3.2 million dollars sounds a bit classless.

  18. Brandon Spikes was and with some Bills Fans still is disliked for his hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick a few years ago, but with his up front attitude and unmistakable ability to rile people up, he is winning over the fan-base at an alarming rate. It may be a bold prediction, but it is exactly what this team needs and has been missing for the past decade, players with nothing but a goal of winning. I am really starting to think that Russ Brandon and Doug Whaley are heading in the right direction with this team.

  19. What an a$$.

    Yes, getting paid millions to play a game is “slavery”.

    Too bad you were with a team that expects, you know, accountability and hard work from their players. Maybe if you were more concerned with actually making tackles and plays as opposed to making a big hit to get on the bspn highlights you’d still be a Patriot.

    Thanks for the laugh though Brandon. Wait till the Bills have lost more games in the first half of the season than the Pats have any time in the last 12 years and then lets see how you’re feeling.


  20. Come on Brandon. What do you have to base that on? I strongly dislike the Patriots, but I didn’t like Spikes when he played at Florida, and I like him less after these comments. I am an Eagles fan and could care less about the AFC, but this is an ignorant comment.

  21. The bills and pats always have great games I’m buffalo so a win for both teams at home wouldn’t be a surprise. I loved this signing and we needed a run stopper. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion if you’re a pats fan calm down. Attacking spikes is real classy.

  22. I love my Patriots but I can’t get mad at the Sandman. He is wrong about getting 2 wins but I wish him well. Like Welker you could tell he wanted to express himself more with the media but the “Patriot Way” wouldn’t allow that.

  23. Comparing his time with the patriots as slavery shows a lack of knowledge and empathy to the individuals who experienced it. I’m not a Pats, nor a Bills fan, but that was an extremely stupid comment. Good thing our schools are trying to phase out history, wouldn’t want idiots like spikes to know what slavery was all about.

  24. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all week and that includes Bills fans insisting that the team will stay in Buffalo.

  25. another piece of trash out of UF.. after the Hernandez debacle, they might as well just eliminate that school from their draft board entirely.. they’re not putting out good players anymore anyway

  26. Exactly what, is the hallucinogen that you use, Mr. Spikes? Does it violate the league’s substance abuse policy? Do you drive while under its effects?

  27. Hey spikes, you really want to poke the bear? When your QB is EJ Manual? And when you are on a 1 year deal?

    Gonna have to teach you and your squad a lesson.
    Its gonna get Ugly….

    Good luck with the contract next season

  28. Heck Being a Bills fan I have to lol at this . What the heck run the smack while he can I would be pleased as punch with a split . These guys are pros they do not need any buliiten board material no matter what they say .Heck I hope Marrone calls out Bellicheck that would be wild .

  29. Brandon spikes compares slavery to him making millions a year. Duck Dynasty says the slaves he knew were happy. One is ridiculed and made to be a racists the other gets a pat on the back for speaking up about the Pats. The media is sick!

  30. Yeah, he was a slave with the Pats. He couldn’t believe the Pats expected him to show up for meetings and not appear on the internet with his junk hangin out. Never forget him flailing away on the sideline in his last gm when he couldn’t run on that knee anymore. Look forward to seeing him in coverage this yr. As long as the Pats have Brady and the Bills have no QB and shaky ownership situation it ain’t gonna happen. You’re welcome for the Pats drafting you and giving you the opportunity to earn a 2nd contract, despite your limitations and BS.

  31. I couldn’t care less what he said about the Pats, he’s just trash talking. Big hairy deal. I’ll only say that at LEAST once over his Pats career he tweeted a pic of him and Bob Kraft with the caption “Best Owner”. Now that same guy was a slave master? Riiiiiight. Someone sounds like a spoiled brat.

    And how far up his keister does his head have to be to make a comment like that? Pretty insensitive.

    I’m glad Bills fans love the enthusiasm, they haven’t had much else to cheer for in years, so that’s great. And his predictions are amusing, we’ll see what happens.

  32. 30 seconds on twitter results in 30 hours of overreaction. He isn’t the first past Pats player to leave and feel relieved that he is no longer constrained by Billy B’s regime (Wes Welker?).

    Pats definitely have had the Bills number for quite some time but the NFL is cyclic. 31 teams are counting down the days Brady has left in New England.

  33. Why is he still obsessed with New England? I would understand if he tweeted this when he signed with Buffalo, but weeks later he still seems preoccupied with a different football team.

    I’m sure Buffalo will benefit from his addition, but why not focus on that instead of wasting time and energy on New England.

    So odd.

  34. 2-22 vs the Brady led patriots. Highly doubt adding Spikes somehow gets the Bills 2 more wins. Brady will toast him, and losing Byrd makes me even more confident Brady has his best games of the season vs the Bills.

  35. Would that be the Lawyer Milloy that went up to Kraft’s suite with TLaw during the AFC Championship gm against the Ravens, shook Kraft’s hand and said he’d always be a Patriot?

  36. “4 years a slave” unbelievable Spikes. And wanting to walk around calling yourselves the N word….Im sure your ancestors are turning over in their graves with shame at today’s minority youth…such ignorance and ridiculous rationalization of entitlement…”keeping it real” and “staying true to the game”…all this BS. I am in a mixed marriage. I am white male, so I assume my opinion doesnt count, doesnt matter, is inapporpriate or something else ridiculous. But Ill be damned if I let my sons walk around referring to themselves or their friends with the N word. Such self disrespect and suggesting that it is “ok”.

  37. I love my Patriots but I can’t get mad at the Sandman.

    Who, in Patriots Nation, called/calls Spikes Sandman?

    Scott Zolak the radio commentator for Patriot games

  38. “Four Years a Slave”


    You know, the American public just LOVES it when young millionaires compare themselves to slaves!

  39. A Slave. This guy probably made more money playing football then many of you will make in a lifetime. A Slave?

  40. Slave??? Seriously??? Man, you just dissed millions of people. If that’s slavery, making big bucks, sign me up! Another example of “more money than brains.”

  41. Oh baby! I can’t wait for those two games. Pats will hang 40-50 points on the Bills (in EACH game)

  42. Gonna love watching Spikes 4 yards behind Gronk when he tries to cover him coming off the line. Spikes big mouth is writing checks he nor any other Bills player will be able to cash.

    And Brandon, poor enslaved Brandon… you were paid millions to be a slave. You were suspended for PED use. You embarassed yourself and your team making that idiotic porn video. You love smoking pot. You are the worst coverage ILB in the league. You really should talk less and work on improving your craft more.




    I haven’t had a good laugh in a while. Thanks, Brandon!


  44. I dislike the Patriots just as much as the next guy outside of New England, but even I know that was a dumb thing to tweet. He of all people should know better than to give Brady and Bellichik any extra motivation.

  45. 4 years a slave? hmmmm u lost me there….i think spikes is hurt because he lost money ….he is clearly unstable…..looking forward to seeing you in coverage always wanted to exploit that weakness ur the worst there

  46. Normally I’d laugh this off but the Bills have shown up from time to time against the Pats the last couple seasons. I doubt we’ll see two Bills wins over them this year but a Bills win at home isn’t out of the question.

  47. The bigger the man the bigger the hurt feelings. The Patriots will miss Spikes’ hard hits. I expect Spikes will make more big plays in Buffalo but he will give up more big plays as well. Alas, Spikes is a guy that cares more about being a star than he does about winning.

  48. im all for it brandon…now go out and help make it happen

    isn’t it funny most people who have to deal w old belli end up hating the guy? must always be them, not him

  49. Yep, Patriots…the 2nd best team in the AFC. But would be the 4th best team in the NFC West…maybe.

  50. One thing for sure is that spikes is going to have to learn the rules again. Rules in new england are obviously different than anywhere else…esp pass interference. Amazing how they always benefit the patriots though

  51. Of course the Bills think they will beat the Patriots twice next season. If they don’t think that then why even get up in the morning. The odds are that they will lose though. They had their chances over the last 2 years, now the Patriots are better again.

  52. 4 years a slave… If you’re a Patriot you work real hard. They’re known for that. Spikes can’t haul his sorry arse out of snow to report for work while most workers making much, much less do so. The slaves have more dignity than you do and it’s a disgrace to equal yourself to them. Entitlement. That’s your mentality. The real slaves worked hard and you think you don’t have to because they already did the work for you. You expect the Pats to give you a pass while the rest work hard? Sad…

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