Chris Johnson won’t be trying out for any teams

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As the Chris Johnson watch continues with nothing really to watch, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports raises an intriguing point on the whole visit-workout dynamic.

For street free agents (i.e., guys who were cut by other teams with ongoing contracts), visits must be reported to the league office.  Tryouts, however, aren’t reported.

So it’s possible that, while Johnson has taken no visits, he could be engaging in private tryouts.

It’s possible, but it’s not happening.  Per a league source, Johnson will not be engaging in private tryouts for anyone.  The thinking is that he has generated six years of game film, and he’s a proven commodity.  Either a team wants him, or a team doesn’t.  There’s no need for Johnson to go run and cut and jump and do whatever a team may want to see him do before offering him a contract.

In fact, there’s a chance Johnson will sign a new contract without even taking a visit.  He can, in theory, be interviewed by phone, without the team having to report it.  Plus, after six years in the league, plenty of guys know him, either from playing with him or coaching him.  It’s possible he’ll be signed without any direct communication with him.

In the wake of the Brandon Thomas ACL tear (more on that later), some agents are concerned about exposing players to private workouts.  Johnson definitely won’t be doing one.

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  1. When the main problem with CJ2K is his work ethic, I think it may be preferred to workout…

  2. Someone will come calling once training camp hits and somebodys bread and butter RB goes down with an injury…

  3. 1742 carries is a lot of wear and tear. I don’t want to go as far to say say that the RB position has been completley diminishd, but its certainly not what it was. AP may be the only back playing that I’d build a team around; and he’s even getting old in the tooth.

  4. I hope he ego’s himself right out of the business and nobody wastes a dime on this guy.

    Any team willing to sign this guy without putting him through some type of physical tryout deserves everything they get when their investment is injured.

    The sure sign a guy is no longer at his physical peak is when he’s no longer willing to demonstrate that fact.

  5. Dude was cut for a reason, and that reason is plainly visible on the very film he’s talking about: he can’t get it done any more.

  6. I would pay him a lot more than 10 cents, chrgrz. A couple million more, in fact. Remember what Corey dikkion did for the pats?

  7. Football clearly is NOT something he is passionate about.

    He Had elite skill, and was special. Now he’s just another guy who got paid (Good for him, seriously).

    No way I am signing the guy unless I put a stop Watch on him at 20, 40 and 100 yards.

  8. He’s in NY right now. I guarantee he meets with the Jets at one point. But I agree, this isn’t the way an aging RB with a questionable work ethic should handle this situation.

  9. I’m not necessarily a Chris Johnson fan, however, I’m always amazed at how many commenters want to take this man’s livelihood away. The truth is, in the time it took you to drive to your $30k a year job, this guy made more in interest on his past earnings than you’ll earn in a month. Someone WILL sign this guy and pay him more in the 2014-2015 season (1 YEAR) than you and I will earn in our lifetime. Live with it! The haterism is unbecoming. Pay the man!

  10. If you don’t have it anymore, you wouldn’t want to put that on display for everyone to measure.

    Call Shaun Alexander….WWSD?

  11. Yeah but the NFL is a “what can you do for me now” league. Especaially for RBs; what you did at 22 doesnt mean a damn thing at 27.

    If he was smart he would hold tryouts. But, I’ve also read his tweets so who knows what will happen.

  12. Any team that gives money to this fruitcake deserves what they get, especially if they do it without working him out.

  13. Now that Chris Johnson is no longer a Titan, it’s interesting to see his former coaches and the team’s front office quietly leak what thousands of Titans fans were picking up on: CJ’s inferior work ethic, almost never taking responsibility for his own mistakes and pointing blame at others, repeatedly and futilely running between the tackles (in attempts to break off a long run) DURING plays his coaches designed to be sweeps around the outside … Man, I’m honestly not sure who was actually worse for the team—him or Kenny Britt (who never had the admiration of younger players and thus as much influence).

  14. Darren Sproles of the Seattle Seahawks, 1 year $2 Million and a SuperBowl. Course Seattle doesnt need/want him because you have to comPETE for your spot.

  15. How could you do a phone interview? I can’t understand the guy when I see him talking on camera.

    And to the guy that thinks Chris has earned more money than me in interest alone today? I say; zero money in the bank makes zero interest. Chris will be filing for bankruptcy within 3 years of retirement. Just because you make money, doesn’t mean you HAVE money.

  16. Hey CJ, this is Miami. Don’t visit, don’t even call.
    Now that’s saying something!

  17. Big Mistake for any team (esp my Jets) if they don’t kick the tires before making a purchase…. Buyer beware.. Kind of feeds into the whole primadonna things if you ask me…

  18. Could be another one year rental for the Patriots. Bill doesn’t let backs stick around very long.

  19. He will sign in the next week way below what he is expecting. Arian
    Foster will be the next high paid RB whose team cuts him. Dude is good, but hurt too often. He had better have a great year, or be taking notes on the fall of CJ1K.

  20. They should call him CJ Y2K because it seems like that long ago that he had a productive season.

  21. Not a packer fan but he would probably do well there as a change of pace for lacy. TT probably too cheap to pay him though.

  22. Johnson’s new team will be…The Winnipeg Blue Bombers! They’ll let him walk-on without a tryout but then again, they pay their players with beaver pelts!

  23. He’s still got something left and he will get signed and paid by somebody but seriously, over the phone? Chris: “Blah Blah Blah”. Team GM: “What the heck did he just say???”

  24. Anyone that signs this clown to anything but an incentive filled contract is seriously rolling the dice.
    Lets see…. your last team didn’t think you were worth the money or the attitude even considering they dont have a clear #1 rb and now you come out and tell teams you have no intention of working out for them that they should just sign you……..BILLIANT!

  25. I would take a chance on him for the right money… be greedy when others are fearful, be fearful when others are greedy.

  26. Chris Johnson is going to run the fastest 40 aisle dash in the history of Walmart.

  27. The longer he waits, the cheaper he gets. Which would make him cap friendly as part of a RB rotation for teams like NE, GB, or Denver..

  28. You can tell a lot more from 16 games worth of video (or however many games he played in last season) than from an hour or two running around in shorts and a t-shirt, anyway.

  29. Nobody has more rushing yards than CJ since 2008 besides AP, but according to the comments here he is a complete bum.

    He played the entire year last year with a significant knee injury, but apparently all he cares about is himself and his money.

    He has never missed a game in 6 years but he has no work ethic…

    Seriously…We all know he is a selfish guy but some of you are completely ridiculous. Last year which was his worst of his career he still have 1500 rushing/receiving yards with a horrible offense.

  30. So, he won’t do sprints in his shorts for a bunch of fat scouts. Nor should he have to. I know that railing on Chris Johnson is the thing to do now, but he has six years of film to watch.

  31. Adrian Peterson couldn’t run behind that horrific line in Tennessee and believe it when you watch the film

  32. On the flip side… Employers still like to do job interviews even after seeing your resume. For millions a year I would think you might be a little more motivated.

  33. He had a monster contract and was the only threat the titans had..

    The problem is they didn’t want to pay him knowing he can’t get anything done with a unproven quarter back and questionable receievers at best..

    If he were smart he’d realize he already got a boatload of cash and take a pay cut to play somewhere he’d not be the main focus so he can make plays

  34. It’s a real shame that the Raiders have already signed 2 washed up running backs. He would have fit in perfectly.

  35. He should still be productive behind a good O-line. Teams aren’t going to pay top dollar for a RB anymore. They’ll wait for the draft.

  36. Yeah, he is a legend in his own mind and above all that noise… You either want to pay for poor production with a huge mouth, or you don’t!

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