Hue Jackson: Andy Dalton “on the cusp of something really good”

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Quarterback Andy Dalton has been a frequent topic of conversation around the Bengals this offseason.

Owner Mike Brown has openly mused about the wisdom of extending Dalton before his contract expires at the end of the 2014 season while others have argued about whether or not Dalton is capable of leading the Bengals beyond the first round playoff losses that have ended each of the last three seasons. Count offensive coordinator Hue Jackson among those who thinks that Dalton can get the job done.

During an appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio, Jackson said that he believes Dalton is “on the cusp of something really good,” although that isn’t going to stop Jackson from taking things back to square one with the quarterback this offseason.

“The first thing I want to do with him is go back to the fundamentals that you use playing the game. From how you get under center, how you take the snap, the sense of urgency in your drop, where you put your eyes, how we’re finishing our throws, our progression,” Jackson said. “I think Andy’s going to learn that there’s a time in the National Football League where you have to say uncle and just throw the ball away. The key to quarterbacking in the National Football League number one is winning and he has that trait. Number two is being able to win the big games and obviously that’s the hump we have to get over. I think the guy has the makeup to do it.”

Jackson also stressed the need to develop an effective running game and receiving corps around Dalton to put him in the best possible situation to succeed, something that is occasionally overlooked in criticisms of quarterbacks whose teams don’t win the Super Bowl. The good news for Dalton is they are also often overlooked when quarterbacks get fat new extensions for being at the helm of a winning team, so a deeper playoff run should benefit him even if it comes with a lot of help from other positions.

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  1. He’s following a HoF career. Manning has 8 1 & done’s. Dalton still has a few more years to break that record (unless Manning keeps playing & taking the record to new heights)

  2. Bengals fans should rally behind this guy instead of bashing him all the time. He may not be in the same class as Rodgers, Brady, Manning and Brees but he is good enough to be in Big Ben, Eli, Flacco.

  3. This will be the year we find out if the problem was Andy or Jay. If it was Jay, god help the skins.

  4. Agreed. I am a Dalton supporter and lifelong Bengals fan. Yes he needs to win in the playoffs, but three straight playoff appearances his first three years in the league is outstanding compared to where the team was. Hope he and the team can make the next step this year.

  5. Bengals fans should rally behind this guy instead of bashing him all the time. He may not be in the same class as Rodgers, Brady, Manning and Brees but he is good enough to be in Big Ben, Eli, Flacco.

    No he’s not and here’s why;

    Big Ben

    2 Super Bowls


    2 Super Bowls


    1 Super bowl

    Now put him with Romo and Palmer then I’d agree.

  6. His own words belie his belief in Dalton as a top QB. If he truly believed in the guy, wouldn’t he say that he’s on the verge of something great, and not just “something really good?”

  7. All those drinking the Dalton kool-aid are crazy. Yeah the kid does OK in regular season. He doesn’t do many things to hurt the team but he also isn’t the one winning games for them either. It helps he has one of the Top 3, probably Top 2 WR’s in the league. But in the post-season, he has single handedly lost those games for the Bengals. He makes awful decisions. Forces throws that result into INT’s. Now hopefully Hue will quit making Andy throw the ball all the time like he’s Peyton. That will help a lot. I see no reason whatsoever to give him a long contract right now. Make him prove himself this season that he can win when it matters. If he does, pay the man. If not, we’ll give you a small contract to stay and maybe improve a bit to be a good game manager or you can go. Easy enough.

  8. Hue….please??? I predict he’s riding the bench as a back up in a couple years….ask sanchez. and he WON 4 playoff games.

  9. I don’t hate Andy Dalton but until he wins 2 Super Bowls and two Super Bowl MVP trophies he isn’t fit to ride next to Eli on the Pro Bowl bus. He is a good QB though.

  10. Historically, this guy ranks as having one of the best starts to his career.
    Look where Drew Brees was early in his career. Sand Diego didn’t even want him, didn’t consider him starting caliber, now he is a lock for the HOF.

  11. dawgfan92 says:Apr 9, 2014 10:54 AM

    As a Browns fan,please mike brown sign Dalton long term.Joe Haden and browns fans everywhere will thank you.

    Says the guy whos team wins about 4 games every year and is an annual laughingstock of the whole league.

  12. Watching this guy in the playoffs the last two years was just plain scary if you love the Bengals. Dude looks/played like a scared schoolgirl.

  13. I would like to see what Andy does with Jackson at OC and not J-Gruden. I am not saying he will looker better or worse, but a new voice might be what he needs to hear. That and maybe Hue will not call more pass plays in the first half than Rivers threw in the whole game during a rainy playoff game.

  14. SuperDuper Big Ben threw 8 interceptions his first three career home playoff games. The Steelers managed to win one (against the Jets in OT in 2004) of those three games.
    I live in Pittsburgh.
    I follow the Steelers.
    And I’m here to tell ya that TEAMS, not quarterbacks, win postseason games and Super Bowls.
    Roethlisberger’s career Super Bowl numbers: 3 TD passes and 5 interceptions. Steelers record: 2-1.

  15. Andy Dalton isn’t throwing to Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Julius Thomas, and Eric Decker.

    Dalton has A.J. Green and a bunch of jokers (undependable and unexplosive Gresham, invisible Sanu, and good #3 quality wide receiver Jones playing at #2 wr).

    Get Dalton a REAL #2 wide receiver.

    Baltimore got flacco a REAL #2 wr in All-Pro Steve Smith… but… mike brown is too cheap.

  16. Andy Dalton’s rookie season wide receiving corps:

    A.J. Green = GREAT

    jerome simpson = SUCKS + weed arrest

    andre caldwell = SUCKS – can’t get on the field in Denver

  17. Hue’s just saying nice things for fear he’ll get beaned in the back of the head by Dalton during practice. Or in the bread-basket if he’s standing with the defense.

  18. IMO..most of Dalton’s issues were related to Jay Gruden and his, shall we say, non-existant and questionable play calling abilities. He ran away from the run game like a frightend school girl consistantly. I’m anxious to see what he’ll do under Hue Jackson. He’s going to demand a strong running game and that’s exactly what a young QB needs. Hell Joe Flacco’s a veteran and look what he did with no running game last year. Personally I believe he’ll improve, but only time will tell.

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