Jags think it’s a 50-50 shot that they’ll end up with Alex Mack

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Some of the details regarding the tentative terms of the five-year offer sheet that center Alex Mack will sign with the Jaguars are beginning to trickle out. Per a league source, it’s a fairly straightforward contract.

Despite speculation that the deal will include a 2015 balloon payment requiring a restructuring that Mack would do in Jacksonville but refuse to do in Cleveland, the offer sheet as currently constructed doesn’t put the Browns in a bind of that nature. It does, however, include a provision that can void the deal at the player’s election to as little as two years.

According to the source, the deal pays out roughly $18 million to $20 million over the first two years, fully guaranteed. Over three, it’s in the ballpark of $27 million, guaranteed.

The Jaguars don’t view the contract as a good deal for the team, but since the franchise currently doesn’t have many young players in which to make a major investment, they see the opportunity to lure Mack to town as a way to secure a Pro Bowl talent at an underrated position of importance to the success of an offense, and as a way to change the franchise’s perception. Whether they get Mack or not, Mack is choosing Jacksonville over Cleveland, after five seasons with the Browns.

Still, the Jaguars view their chances of ultimately getting Mack at 50-50. On one hand, the Browns could immediately match the offer, because the last thing the Browns need is another embarrassment. And if the contract pays out a full $20 million over two years and then he voids the deal and signs elsewhere, that’s still more than $5 million less that the Browns would have paid Mack for two more years under the franchise tag.

On the other hand, the Browns may decide they don’t want to overpay a guy who doesn’t want to be there. By giving that kind of deal to Mack, what will the players who want to be there expect when it’s time to get their own contracts negotiated? Moreover, with $12.1 million being paid this year to left tackle Joe Thomas, plunking down $20 million over two years to the center could skew the team’s budget on the offensive line.

The knee-jerk reaction for owner Jimmy Haslam and company surely will be to match the offer, especially since fans already are up in arms over the decision not to use the franchise tag on Mack, which would have ensured he can’t be pilfered this year. But if the Browns take the full five days to think it through, maybe they’ll decide that long-term best interests of the team are served by not breaking the bank for a guy who can’t wait to bust out.

20 responses to “Jags think it’s a 50-50 shot that they’ll end up with Alex Mack

  1. Should have added an extra $2MM, cause Haslam would have matched that too. They hit the warning track; a valiant effort. It’s still an out. At least it still provided a chance to advance a runner.

  2. Browns should match. Then ask Jacksonville for picks in a trade for Mack. Or just keep him for the two years while grooming a replacement. Cap space sure isn’t going to block a nose tackle.

  3. Browns match. Tagged he gets $10.4M this year. If they tag him next year $14M or more. Basically they come out slightley cheaper for a 2 year deal. Mack’s agent knows the Browns will match is why he added the parachute after year two and void year 3 through 5. His agent had been eyeing Rams or Colts for instance as free agency team prospects in week one when the dump truck of cash arrives. Browns foiled that by tagging. Now he ensures the Browns or Jags make that up to Mack. Browns got exactly what they wanted, someone to negotiate a cheaper deal than either transition or franchise tags in 2014 and 2015 season. Pure and simple as the math shows.

  4. Mack is very open about not wanting to be back in Cleveland. Why would they want him back? He will play at whatever level he feels for the next 5 years and still get paid.

  5. He doesn’t want to be in Cleveland. New front office, kinda promoted within maybe that’s an issue, but I can’t understand why he wants to leave with like I said new GM, and coaching staff. Cleveland’s malfunctions are magnified year after year and this year is no different but this new leadership should be given a chance. I could see him wanting to go to a winner like the Ravens, Steelers or NE in the AFC, but the Jags are rebuilding and have been dysfunctional for some time too. Makes no sense why he wants to leave so much unless he sees dysfunction again in the new leadership. What he may see is Haslem is sticking his beak into to much of operations aka, Big Jerry, Irsay, Snyder. To listen to him interviewing more then the GM is telling. You never hear the great owners that consistently win giving so much air time then these guys.

  6. This makes me feel even more sure that we wont draft a QB in the first. Henne is going to need a very, very, very good line in order for him to even be as good as an average NFL QB, and that is what they are doing.

  7. The opposite can be said that by getting Alex Mack, we WILL draft a QB in the first round. Because once the new QB starts, he will need a solid line in front of him.

  8. Let him go Jimmy. When did you ever hear of a team winning or losing because of a center ?

    His ego is as big as his head. Mack is trying to pull a Lebron -type action. If he doesn’t want to be here, fine. Let him go. I’ve followed the Browns since 1948 and saw them defeat Philadelphia in the NFL title game their first year in 1950.

    If the Browns do get him, you can bet he’ll dog it for the time he’s here.

    Yeah, he hasn’t missed a game in 5 years. Big deal. You don’t get injured if you don’t do anything but push a defender a little. I’ve watched his play for years, and am not impressed at all. We don’t need someone who doesn’t want to be with the Browns.

    Mack disgusts me. Let him try getting a real job, and see if could make all these millions being thrown at him.

    Be careful what you wish for Jags. You just may get him. If so, he won’t help your team one iota.

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